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✰The Official Lu Xiao Yu of PD101 China Thread✰

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Official Weibo: https://weibo.com/u/5347125317


Second Evaluation: Bruno Mar's Marry You


Group Performance


Individual FANCAM


Introduction Video (Subbed): https://youtu.be/tM5ytt2Jpws

First Evaluation: Jay Chou's Grandpa's Tea

Group Performance

Individual FANCAM




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Xiao Yu replying to online comments (credits to grainy from the main produce 101 china thread)




Comment A: Lv Xiaoyu, did you grow up on a diet of cuteness? When you smile, you're so sweet and cute. 

LXY: I'm a bit shy reading it out myself, I think I'm alright, maybe I inherited eye smiles from dad and mom... because my eyes are small, so they disappear when I smile and everyone says that looks sweet... yeah... 

B: Ten years of work off stage for one minute on stage, Xiaoyu's Zhaji (traditional Chinese acrobatics) skill is so professional and awesome. She can enter A with it? 

LXY: I think Zhaji... learning it for 8 years from my childhood was hard, but without it I would never be here, it's my personal skill now, so I have to be grateful for working hard throughout my childhood and it's been rewarded on this programme, which I'm happy about. But I can't just rely on my Zhaji skill, I will work hard on dancing and singing to show you the best version of me. 

C: When the mentors offered water to LXY at the same time, she took Tao's, I feel bad for Show and Zhang Jie hahaha. 

LXY: This... actually I have to say, I was especially grateful to the three mentors for offering me water, but back then why I chose Tao's is that his hand, he was closest to me, and he even opened the bottle for me, he was closest to me. But when I think back I regret, why did I not take all three of the offered bottles... okay next question.

D: Doing flips, then singing and dancing without panting, LXY is really too awesome! How did she do it, it's so hard it's unbelievable. 

LXY: Maybe it's because of my Zhaji training, when I was young the teachers would let us work on stamina and form, such as doing morning exercise where the teacher rode on a bike or drove a car and we would all follow behind, every morning from this street to that street. This probably... even though I haven't practised for 2 years, my lung capacity probably benefited a lot from my practice back then... but it's still very tiring, it's not easy. 

F: LXY's smile is so healing, this can't be argued, especially her eyesmile, it makes people want to smile too. 

LXY: wow, I'm really thankful for such high praise... actually... is my smile really that nice to see...? I'm the kind of person who smiles whenever, wherever, no matter how I'm feeling... smiling really brings good fortune, so everyone can smile with me!

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