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Shiny AID

[Mini Game] ZooPop Starts XX:00 [+1 Million Won]

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hosted in this thread!!




mini game






Nation's worst snack WaCheeseLuigi has rampaged through the zoo and scared/angered all the animals to the point where they broke out of their homes and ran away!!





Please help Keeper Nelkah and Keeper Lovesound identify where these animals live so they can return home and be safe from people like WaCheeseLuigi







I will post an animal from a kpop MV and basically you have to guess the group and song it's from


1st person to guess = 2 points


2nd person to guess = 1 point


if no one guesses after 3min i will mention the name of the group but not the song


not shortened group/song names unless it is stylised like that


e.g. BTS = ok

RV, OMG, 17, W1 = no




1st: 400k won


2nd: 300k won


3rd: 200k won


bonus prizes:


if you get any points you automatically win 25k won





Keeper Nelkah: 500k


Keeper Lovesound: 100k


Me: whatever



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Now I don't know if I should sleep of If I should flop in this game

come play 


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I'll try ohbi.png


i’ll try smile.png(



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