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Velvet Queen

Official Lin Yanjun Thread - Nine Percents Visual

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new OP looks great! Thanks for compiling all the info like his photoshoots and fansites so neatly, it's super useful and organized :) ♥

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Yanjun is so thoughtful (and sneaky) rlytearpls.png He was still filming but it was getting late so he pretended he had finished and went outside waving and posing to all the fans. He was still wearing the mic, but he got into the van and they circled around til the fans started going home.



In the video, you can see the little black mic clipped in the v of his shirt

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^ YOU can now be streamed at Netease Music.


Banana Team has subbed an extra clip from Guten Guten Banana:



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Mango TV Wild Kitchen ep 1 with Lin Yanjun as a member of the main cast has premiered;There is the director's cut, plus the

that has nearly 45 extra minutes of footage:






Highlights from this episode include:

  • Yanjun thinking the tiny bar of soap one of the other men brought was for showering...then when told no, he guessed the soap was for washing vegetables.
  • Yanjun packing a blender in his backpack
  • Yanjun getting anxious and asking what boiled water looks like. This trended on weibo.










Lin Yanjun x Bazaar Men video bts


Lin Yanjun x SE Weekly



Lin Yanjun x Elle Idol



Yanjun in the Studio


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