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Interview Break the Mold with WEGIRLS

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WEGIRLS is an upcoming Korean girl group under Aftermoon Entertainment. They recently gained attention with their debut album campaign on Makestar, which allowed the group's fans to select the concept for their album as well as their leader and center.

The group will function as rotating units, the first of which will be debuting in April or May of this year. The five members of this first unit were interviewed for this article: HaL, Hyeni, and Yehana, who were featured in the Makestar campaign, and new members Cindy and E.you. Two other members of WEGIRLS will be debuting in the group's second unit sometime in the future.

I was but a baby OHpressor when I suggested that we reach out to WEGIRLS for an interview — not more than a couple days into the job. I was fascinated with how their Makestar functioned and how the group was composed as a whole (largely of girls from disparate interests in the entertainment industry, like modeling or DJing, with the odd singer-songwriter thrown in). To my surprise, they actually responded!

Though the group's lineup has changed from the initial nine (some have left, a couple are holding off and debuting with the group later) I'm still a big fan of the group and what they're trying to achieve. Their personalities made for a fun interview, so I promise it's a good read!

You can check out the interview here.

Thank you to Ana (j_ana) for translating all of my correspondence with the group and making this interview possible (you're the best, and you work way too hard!) and Nope (Léaf) for making the graphics for this article.

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You guys did an amazing job as expected! It was my pleasure to help with the graphics <3 ThrOHback when it was 2 am when we finished the first versions and i was finally able to sleep ahaha

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