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Velvet Queen

Official Wang Ziyi Thread | Nine Percent/BBT

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I'm here in here and happy that he has his own thread now!! Thank you so much for this!! Hmm suggestions in adding to the first wo post... Him reading letters or thanking the fans for letting him receive the first gift? I dunno may just be me. Lol thanks again!!

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done, let me know if you come across any other videos to add in

Hehe awesome and will do!! ^^ thanks.

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i'm still not sure if i get it, but what's the difference between this thread and the appreciation thread though? ^^

like do we still share the same info or... like no?

(lol i do the sharing in CXK thread, but that's because i feel like it's not active. lol)


still gotta say though that WZY is serving looks.

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an artist official thread is just that it's an official thread for either a specific person/group/show etc. official threads are sort of like the home for all fans of that specific artist where we talk about everything and anything regarding that person. so yeah posting the photos of him that you did makes sense, you can use this thread to share whatever you want about ziyi. other examples of official threads are lay/zhang yixing (individual) or the idol producer thread (tv show).


appreciation threads are different in that anyone can post as many appreciation threads for that person as they like, you could post an overall thread appreciating an artist or you could just post a thread appreciating what they wore/did on a specific day. appreciation threads tend to only last a few pages as well and are typically only posted on for a few days whereas official artist threads go on forever and users are encouraged to continue to post for as long as they like.


so to summarise an official artist thread is one thread which is the source for all information regarding that one person (plus an artist can only have one official thread) whereas there can be multiple appreciation threads.

i hope all of this made sense

okok, yeah this makes so much sense because i'll be seeing a lot of appreciation threads for the same people and wonder what is up with that. lol and hopefully either thread continue to last forever for WZY. hehe thanks again!!

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yeah so basically anything you would post in any appreciation thread about ziyi you can post in here

will definitely do and i will try not to spam the same content on both. ^^

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i just discovered these very important videos and it would be rude to keep them to myself so here you all go



o.o seeing these makes me question what the other boys look like with guns like those. XD

they're always covered in the skechers shirts so y'know. XD

anyways, i hope things go well or BBT with their exposure on the show, but especially with WZY showcasing a lot of positivity and what not.


btw, does anyone know his personal fanclub name or the group (is there a group? lol)

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i've read on twitter that his fans are called ISEE

ahh thank you! is there a special meaning behind it that you know of?



Ziyi Walking:




Ziyi Praying:




Ziyi Smiling:




Ziyi Bowing:




Image Cred. 


i love that you can tell his expressions with his eyes. :D












love it. he looks so good and such.



~Made me love Ziyi more < this moment <3

omg, i can't wait to watch this. he really is... such a sweetheart.




Guys, I really love 1stofAugust. <3



PS: Thank you OP for adding to the links and sprucing up this thread! :D

1stofAugust is great! love their photos.













he's seriously so good looking. and i love the quiet attraction that he is. not sure if that makes sense? lol





i wish i coul take pictures as good as these. what they be using? other than that, he looks great in every shot!


Interview with some of the BBT boys in this Twitter thread.



The interview explains why their group name is Boom Boom Taker lol

i like the meaning of their group name now and it makes sense. lol

and omg... LHK is only 18?! or was that a while ago? lol

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i finally looked at the first two post and it's amazing.

thank you for also including the fansites as i was about to ask for that. lol

but not like i can watch the weibo one though. D;

but happy for the twitter one!

and found this with him and Jeffrey!! haha



oh and wanted to know if his name has like a meaning?

i remember my friend telling me that a lot of Chinese names are always thought long and hard and all that good luck stuff. lol

i just know "wang" is "king" bwhaha

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I just looked it up and this is what i found,

wang: king, ruler, royal

zi: offspring, child

yi: different, unusual, strange


i've seen his name translated into english as Prince Different so i guess it makes sense going off the meanings for each character 

oh yeah i remember seeing a Prince Different. makes sense and thanks for looking it up! =] appreciat it.

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haha his own style is good.

just sucks with the stylist for performances. XD


other than that, i really happy that WZY was able to showcase himself in IWAR and that vocally with coaching from the others and even Li Ronghao, he can potentially improve further.


also, happy that someone made this gif~ lol


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watching the paopao time rn so here's my unnecessary commentary+feeble attempt at translating little snippets I found interesting for people visiting this thread who may be interested:


- it's quite touching actually and there's this sense of elegance in his words that gets emphasized by the (placid?) way he talks until he throws in something like "I'm actually a very CHILL (in English) person" or "cool de"/"cool de bro" and I can't help cracking up his tryhardness is the cutest thing I can't. breathe

- duck QUACK

- the awkward "thank you"s and "I remember"s interjected in between his letter-reading is so cute

- I think he has a pretty profound understanding of his own passions; he's really self-aware and mature about his feelings

- looks like iSEE is his (unofficial) fandom name, damn I didn't know about that until now, I saw it around but it was kinda low key

thank you for this!

and i love your sig. lol

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for anyone interested in BBT i just updated the OP with spotify and apple music/itunes links to their music. these may or may not work in your country unfortunately but i can say for certain they work in the uk

omg thank you and i hope they work for me!

but first gotta ask my bro to let me back on his spotify account. XD


Him today





king of fashion using different color of shoes!

i didn't notice the shoes until you mentioned it!

he looks so good in casual wear.


Here are some translated parts of Ziyi's second Paopao interview! It's a thread, so click and scroll down)



He is so eloquent, and his fanbase is too (that first letter is so poetic!). And I'm glad at how down-to-earth he is, and how passionate he is about performing. He really has a good head on his shoulders, and I'm so proud of him. :')


(credits to @simplywenwen on Twitter)

he has soooo much letters! love it and gosh he's sooo... real. in terms of being himself and just no bullshit.

anyways, he was a dance instructor! and now a student. hope all goes well for him.

plus he needs to showcase his bboy skills some more on IP.


idk why iSEE specifically but I'm guessing part of it probably has to do with it rhyming with Wang Ziyi & Bee-Oh-Oh-Gee-Aye-Ee & BeeBeeTee

it was apparently established before Idol Producer, though (like it's a BBT fandom thing maybe?) but it's kinda cute how it coincidentally twins with iKun

honestly it's a cute fandom name along with it coinciding with everything about it.

and ofc it fitting along with iKun as well`

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he does have great fashion sense!

also it's funny the others tease them.

but yeah about hoping the friendship stays and it doesn't get awkward. lol

which made me come in here because Ziyi is a cutie, but it's cuter when there's the whole ZiKun thing. xD



same ziyi, same.

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he's so handsome.

which reminds me though...

i remember they brought luggage and stuff got confiscated.

i'm curious if they went back home, back new clothes and stuff and none of it got confiscated this time around. xD

like they're spending 4 months away... so they must packed a lot compare to what was shown. haha



anyways, anyone else like this when WZY does his hand sign? XD


expectation vs. reality
: mubo trying to do ziyi’s hand sign


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Not sure hahaha. I guess we will see? I wonder what they confiscated from Ziyi though. 8D


Mubo! <3 Hahahah. I tried and failed so hard. I'll leave the hand signs to Ziyi hahaha

haha ikr! we shall see.

they didn't confiscate his accessories though! lol

i remember in the other they did that along with candy and snacks. xD


and forreals, let's leave it to Ziyi. he makes it look so easy!

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and sharing this here~ :D



ziyi and xukun, two supportive bros



honestly speaking... i really love this friendship and glad it grew and was made. lol

at first, i wasn't thinking that any of them would form actual friendship and just be with their own companies or whatever.

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i've put it in the spoiler below but here's ziyis ranking for the latest episode of ip




i'm so happy that he's moved up even if it's just a ranking or two but hes finally made the top 5, hopefully this doesn't stop people from thinking hes safe and everyone will continue to vote for him



i'm highkey happy he made it, but i was lowkey worried that he wouldve dropped. D;

anyways, yes hopefully his fans and others don't think he's safe and will continue to vote!but

let's pray he stays as he's an all rounder!


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so looks like the ghost prank didn't work on ziyi then

lol he was cute nevertheless. still would hope for a full version.


I'm so proud that our boy ranked 5th, and so proud of all his fans for voting.



Keep voting guys! We need to debut this boy! 

yes super happy and yes need to vote!

hoping for the best!! forget that voting is open again~


anyways... that ZiKun love. lol



100% in sync

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So cute omg my OTP/brOTP ;_____; I swear, Ziyi just keeps looking at Xukun in that way lol


haha he does!

he has such a gentle way of looking at others in general.

but KunKun is a bit special XD


anyways, eng sub for this video!!

i remember watching this and knew that he could sing, but rap is what he preferred.

he's so adorable honestly.

i just wanna know the song he's singing is a BBT one or a cover of another one. lol

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