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FLASH THREAD FROM OH! PRESS: Post your messages to ELRIS!

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Just tell them I love them and Sohee looks great with red hair

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From your interviewer! :)


Sohee, thank you for gifting us with your beautiful voice. I hope to hear more solo music from you soon, and I hope you prosper with Elris as well!


Bella, thank you for taking care of the others. You are a wonderful talent, and I'm jealous of your sense of style!


Hyesung, thank you for being silly and easy-going. I only wish for you to be able to entertain people for years to come!


Yukyung, thank you for your amazing dancing skills. You come alive on stage and I am grateful to be able to see it!


Karin, thank you for being a responsible, dedicated maknae. May you eat all the delicious food your heart desires and receive back all the support you have given the other girls!


Elris hwaiting!





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