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[Mini Game] Guess The Idol Blob starts xx:00 [Plat + 1.3million won]

Shiny AID

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i maketh a smol mini game for some friends but since not many are awake i post here to let others know if they wanna play but its nothing special just some blobs i make with paint tool while watching lecturessss


Basically just i will post a blob emoji that is meant to look like an idol blob and people guess who it is supposed to beeeee






1st person who guesses who it is gets 2 points

2nd gets 1 point


if no one guesses it within 2 min i will give a clue cos maybe some of them are badddd


prize pot: 1,299,226 won + 1 plat


1st place: 500k won + 1 plat


2nd place: 400k won


3rd place: 300k won


4th place: 100k won


Bonus: 10k won

- if you do not win any prize but still get at least 1 blob first i will give you 10k won for the effort





Darkchao: 1million won


Shiny AID: +150k won + 1 plat


Taelent: 113, 793 won


Johnnyrose: 30k won


Toreshii: 5,432 won


9jiHJ_nooh9: 1 won



Play In This Thread



just go to most recent post at xx:00




in memorium of SSL aka superstarlight





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