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TvN Drama ‘Lawless Lawyer' Lee Joong-Gi & Seo Ye-Ji. *Finale Episodes!!!*

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TvN Presents...   Lawless Lawyer... (화유기)            Profile  Drama: Lawless Lawyer (literal title) Revised romanization:Moobeob Byeonhosa Hangul: ë¬´ë²• 변호사 Director: K

Script Reading            












Seo Ye Ji Reaches Out To Her Fans And Shares Her Impressions Of Current Co-Star Lee Joon Gi




On April 6, actress Seo Ye Ji held a V Live broadcast to communicate with her fans and celebrate her birthday.


She had originally planned an in-person fan meeting but was unable to follow through because of her filming schedule that lasted until dawn.






During the broadcast, she updated fans on her status, answered fan questions, and talked about her new hairstyle and upcoming drama. “I was concerned whether it would look good or not, but I’m glad that people are saying it suits me,†she said of her new short hair.


When asked what she did for her birthday, she said, “I went home and cried yesterday. I’d come home to an empty house, but when I opened the fridge, I realized my mother had made seaweed soup.†Seaweed soup is traditionally eaten on birthdays in South Korea.


Seo Ye Ji is currently filming a legal drama with Lee Joon Gi. About her co-star she had nothing but praise, saying, “I like [working with him] a lot. He’s really good at action scenes. He respects and takes care of the people around him.â€



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“Lawless Coupleâ€, Lee Joon-Gi and Seo Ye-Ji caught in crisis from day one





The first couple stills of Lee Joon-gi and Seo Ye-ji for “Lawless Lawyer†have been unveiled. On their first day on set, ‘Lawless Lawyer’ Lee Joon-gi and ‘Hotheaded Lawyer’ Seo Ye-ji showed signs of great chemistry as they go through a series of crises together.



Having already generated hype for the reunion of “Time Between Dog and Wolf†director Kim Jin-min and Lee Joon-gi, tvN’s new weekend drama “Lawless Lawyer†released the first on-set photos of Bong Sang-pil (Lee Joon-gi) and Ha Jae-yi (Seo Ye-ji) together on the 9th (Monday).


Legal/action drama “Lawless Lawyer†tells the story of a lawless lawyer who initially uses his fists rather than the law but grows into a true lawyer who will go to any length to fight injustice.  


Lee Joon-gi plays Bong Sang-pil, a gangster-turned-lawless lawyer expert in both law and violence, while Seo Yea-ji plays Ha Jae-yi, a hotheaded lawyer who just seems unable to control her anger. As the duo is expected to turn the entire lawless city of ‘Giseong’ upside down, where lies and injustice prevail, their first day on set was filled with tension and excitement.  


In these first on-set photos, Lee Joon-gi and Seo Ye-ji, lawless lawyer and hotheaded lawyer respectively, find themselves in a critical situation. Tension mounts, along with some mysterious vibes coming from Lee Joon-gi’s furious Bong Sang-pil and Seo Ye-ji’s Ha Jae-yi who’s in panic.


Lee Joon-gi captivates us by unleashing his wild side as befits his nickname ‘lawless lawyer.’ In the photos, his fierce stare and seething rage could make anyone in his way freeze up. On the other hand, Seo Ye-ji seems taken aback to see something, making us wonder what kind of situation they are in. These four photos will suffice to make us look forward to the drama, as well as the chemistry our lawless couple Lee Joon-gi and Seo Ye-ji are expected to generate.


From day one, Lee Joon-gi and Seo Ye-ji helped create a set charged with tension and energy. Their first shoot together began in March, in Namdong-gu, Incheon, and the actors brought their passion to the set by incessantly discussing with the director how to film tension-filled scenes, such as chases and action scenes.


As soon as the shoot began, that atmosphere changed completely. At the sound ‘Action,’ Lee Joon-gi and Seo Ye-ji instantly immersed themselves in the scene they were playing and focused on finding the right emotion. Their acting was so intense as to make the crew watching them tense up. The actors demonstrated professionalism by delivering every single line of the dialog to create truly unforgettable scenes.


The producers behind “Lawless Lawyer†revealed, “Lee Joon-gi and Seo Ye-ji did their own stunts without stunt doubles when filming really demanding car chase scenes on their first day on set. The actors were so committed that they even coordinated and blocked (*working out the details of actors’ movements) the action scenes with the fight director and rehearsed those scenes with other extras. As soon as the filming began, Lee and Seo disappeared into Bong Sang-pil and Ha Jae-yi, creating a perfect scene.  Just as their ‘lawless’ chemistry surprised everyone on set, it will equally fascinate the viewers from the beginning of the drama.



tvN’s new weekend drama “Lawless Lawyer†is one of the most anticipated dramas of 2018, as it marks a first-time collaboration between Kim Jin-min, who directed “Time Between Dog and Wolf,†and Yoon Hyun-ho, who wrote hugely popular movies “The Attorney†and “Confidential Assignment.†It will premiere on May 12, at 9 p.m. as the follow-up to “Live.â€




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Article Translation:


“Lawless Lawyer†Lee Joon-Gi exudes charm with a different character from his previous characters (featuring Seo Yea-ji)




The first behind-the-scenes look of Lee Joon-gi and Seo Yea-ji has been unveiled.

The producers behind tvN’s upcoming weekend drama “Lawless Lawyer†(directed by Kim Jin-min, written by Yoon Hyun-ho) released the first on-set behind-the-scenes of Lee Joon-gi and Seo Yea-ji through Naver TV.


Legal/action drama “Lawless Lawyer†tells the story of a lawless lawyer who initially uses his fists rather than the law but evolves into a true lawyer who uses the law to fight unchecked power. Lee Joon-gi plays ‘Bong Sang-pil,’ a gangster-turned-lawyer and expert in both law and violence, while Seo Yea-ji plays ‘Ha Jae-yi,’ a hotheaded lawyer who seems unable to control her aggressive impulses. 


The unveiled behind-the-scenes video shows Lee Joon-gi and Seo Yea-ji preparing for the shoot in a tense atmosphere while generating strong chemistry and sweetness and having much fun on the set.

In the video, Lee Joon-gi displays his character as a truly lawless layer. He pulls off extremely difficult action scenes like jumping over a moving car without the help of a stunt double. He makes the rehearsal look like actual filming, grabbing viewer’s attention. Only when the cinematographer shouts ‘O.K.’ does Lee Joon-gi finally flash a smile; he gives off an aura as a professional and demonstrates his commitment to creating a perfect scene.


He shares his determination and passion about the drama: “Through Bong Sang-pil, I prepared a lot and am working hard to show a different character from the characters I played before. I’m giving a lot of thought [about how to play it] and feeling worried too, but I will do my best until the very last day and work hard to make a fun, exciting drama for viewers.†His remarks make us look forward to how Bong Sang-pil will be portrayed in “Lawless Lawyer.â€


Meanwhile, Seo Yea-ji’s ‘hotheaded lawyer’ Ha Jae-yi is overflowing with girl crush vibes. Despite the minor ankle and wrist injuries she got when bursting open the car door, she kept her bright smile on and seemed more concerned about co-star Lee Joon-gi.

The video shows how committed she is to building a partnership with Lee Joon-gi and focusing on every detail in the scene. It also hints at how deeply she is already immersed in her own character, raising our expectations for ‘Seo Yea-ji’s own Hae Jae-yi.’ With her eyes smiling directly at the camera, she helps lighten up the mood on set, indicating her easygoing personality.


“Lawless Lawyer†is a much-anticipated production and collaboration between Kim Jin-min, who boasted visual mastery in “Time Between Dog and Wolf,†“Pride and Prejudice,†and “Marriage Contract,†and Yoon Hyun-ho, who wrote movies “The Attorney†and “Confidential Assignment†and dramas “Remember – War of the Son.†It will premiere on May 12 (Saturday), 9 p.m. as the follow-up to “Live.â€


Source: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=382&aid=0000638406&l


Translated by: https://allaboutjoongi.tumblr.com/







Lee Joon Gi And Seo Ye Ji Nail Action Scenes As They Film Upcoming Drama “Lawless Lawyerâ€




On April 13, tvN’s upcoming drama “Lawless Lawyer†released a behind-the-scenes video of Lee Joon Gi and Seo Ye Ji.

“Lawless Lawyer†is a legal drama that follows the events a lawyer goes through as he attempts to fight against corrupt authorities. Lee Joon Gi plays the role of Bong Sang Pil, a lawyer who was formerly part of a gang, while Seo Ye Ji takes on the part of bold and somewhat reckless lawyer Ha Jae Yi.

In the released clip, Lee Joon Gi is filming action scenes that include difficult moves such as leaping over a car. Even though it’s early in the morning, the actor is full of energy and doesn’t lose his smile throughout the filming.

Seo Ye Ji is shown shooting a scene where she drives rapidly through a narrow alley. “I’m here for the first filming as Ha Jae Yi in ‘Lawless Lawyer’,†she says. “It’s so much fun.â€

In the next scene, Seo Ye Ji is trying to get off her car while Lee Joon Gi is struggling in a fight against the car door. As she gets off, she falls and scratches her arms and legs. Lee Joon Gi immediately runs to her and asks her if she’s okay. Even as the staff tends to her, Ha Jae Yi laughs it off and turns her attention to Lee Joon Gi’s scene.

Lee Joon Gi then spends time jumping around on top of cars in a fierce chase. When the director gives him the okay, he breaks into a relieved smile. “I’ve been trying and preparing hard to show you the character of Bong Sang Pil, who’s different from other characters I’ve done so far,†he said. “I’m concerned and worry about it a lot. But I’ll do my best to make you enjoy it until the end, so it would be great if you would give me lots of support and look forward to the drama.â€

“Lawless Lawyer†premieres on May 12 at 9 p.m. KST as a follow-up to “Live.â€


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'I do not know what to do ...' "I always thank you for your love. I will wait for another meeting"





[biz Tribune] Actor Lee Joon-ki appears in the drama 'lawless lawyer'.  


Among them, Lee Jun Ki is celebrating his birthday with his fans, leaving 'spring, picnic'.  


Joon Ki is holding fan meeting and birthday party 'Joongi's Day' at the request of fans every April. 


The theme of this birthday fan meeting is 'spring, picnic'. Lee Jun Ki's desire to make a comfortable and warm time was included.    


The '2018 Joongi's Day Spring, Excursion' held at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park on the 7th was always pleasant and pleasant, making fans happy.     


After completing the fan meeting, Lee Jun Ki said, "I will cheer you on the fans, and I will do my best and shoot hard lawyers. I am always happy with the love you have sent me. I will wait for another day. "     


Meanwhile, the TVN new Saturday drama 'lawyer lawyer' can watch the first broadcast on Saturday, May 12 at 9 pm,  








From Lee Rowoon who plays younger Bong Sang-pil:

“Two Lawyer Bongs met at the dinner after the first Lawless Lawyer script reading~ Super awesome brother #LeeJoongi^^
I will show great action like him~

Hopefully #Rowoon will become a more mature actor by working with him!
Joon-gi’s fans sent this coffee truck for us to have on set~â€




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From @joonyjjun -

“Actor Lee Joon-gi is undoubtedly a great actor and a very funny person with a great personality~^^ I’m sure Lawless Lawyer will be a great success!!^^ Fun-loving actor Lee Joon-gi plus reliable writer Yoon Hyun-ho.









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‘Lawless Lawyer’ Lee Joon-gi x Seo Yea-ji captured on scene of their first investigation together showing ‘collaborative chemistry’


New stills of “Lawless Lawyer†reveal the beginnings of the great ‘collaborative chemistry’ between ‘Lawless Lawyer’ Lee Joon-gi and ‘hotheaded lawyer’ Seo Yea-ji, showing the two lawyers captured on the scene of their first investigation together.


Having already generated hype for the “Time Between Dog and Wolf†reunion of Kim Jin-min and Lee Joon-gi, tvN’s upcoming weekend drama “Lawless Lawyer†released on April 19 (Thurs) more on-set stills of Lee Joon-gi (Bong Sang-pil) and Seo Yea-ji (Ha Jae-yi) embarking on their investigation together.


Legal/action drama “Lawless Lawyer†tells the story of a lawless lawyer who initially uses his firsts but later grows into a true lawyer who uses the law and risks his life to fight unchecked power.

The unveiled stills capture Lee Joon-gi as lawless lawyer who’s expert in both law and gang violence and Seo Yea-ji as hotheaded lawyer who’s unable to control her aggressive impulses working on their first investigation together. Lee Joon-gi performs a lawless lawyer who uses all available means to win cases for his beloved clients. One minute he shows the fun-loving, easygoing side of his, regardless of whom he deals with, and then the next he turns into a meticulous and reckless hustler at a moment of crisis.


Running fingers through her hair, Seo Yea-ji gives off girl crush vibes and powerful energy as a hotheaded lawyer. She serves as an anchor for Lee Joon-gi’s unpredictable character and, upon entering a crime scene, instantly turns into someone else. These two constantly bicker but work hard together day in and day out to find truth piece by piece.


The new stills of Lee Joon-gi and Seo Yea-ji working together indicate what collaborative chemistry truly and make us wonder how they will work together to deliver excitement and exhilaration to viewers.


Meanwhile, sources say that Lee Joon-gi and Seo Yea-ji have already built strong chemistry on set as ‘lawless lawyers.’ As its title ‘Lawless Lawyer’ suggests, the drama is packed with physically demanding action scenes, but these two actors do their own stunts even for extremely challenging action scenes, and the massive outpouring of energy they produce together is taking all the crew members by surprise.


On this chemistry, Lee Joon-gi offered praise for Seo Yea-ji’s commitment to acting: “I’ve prided myself on being the most energetic person in the world, but since I started working with Yea-ji, I thought ‘It’s possible there is a more energetic person than myself’. She may look fragile on the outside but in fact is strong on the inside. Filming the action scenes must have been tough and exhausting, but Yea-ji takes the initiative and offers to plan how to shoot the action with me. For that I’m always grateful.â€


Seo Yea-ji also shares her admiration for Lee Joon-gi and his energy and strength: “On set, Joon-gi always runs around without even taking a moment to sit down. Sometimes I ask him, ‘Where does that physical strength come from?’ then he answers ‘The source of my strength is red ginseng.’ That’s how much he loves red ginseng. Joon-gi’s passion and energy always surprise me so much that it almost makes me crave some red ginseng.

tvN’s upcoming weekend drama “Lawless Lawyer†premieres on May 12, at 9 p.m. as the follow-up to “Live.â€


Original Source: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003244223


Translation: https://allaboutjoongi.tumblr.com/

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