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1.7Million Won [CLOSED] - Distribution In Final Post

Shiny AID


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  1. 1. do you love DIA

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I want to have x000,000 won so i can see how much won i am earning, so im giving away ~700k won


no rules, just say why you think i should give it to you and ill give it to someone or pick a few people


ill leave this open for 24 hours or a little more if i dont get up in time




the only tip i have is to maybe also include some do it amazing




also no editing posts but you can post more than once if you want




vote for me in this poll too



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because I'm the owner of the superior giveaway thread


if you give me the 700k I'll meet everyone expectations. you'll save so many lives who believed on me and continuously posted on that thread


I'm not asking for wons for me, but for the poor souls who count on it


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