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What's your favorite manga?

Dandelion Wine

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Either Akumetsu or Kimi no Iru Machi. Why? Too much time spent on them, and I ended up loving them more than other manga I've read. Akumetsu is a dark and epic manga about the injustice of the world. Death Note basically took inspiration from Akumetsu. Kimi no Iru Machi is a nicely done shoujo manga with a story starting act high school and expanding to college and beyond. As a college student I appreciate the author detailing the character's college life and work life. Lost of emotions with KNIM...

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One Piece, FMA and Death Note. D.Gray-Man gets an honourable mention.

One Piece is my ultimate favourite, though. It starts off slow, with introducing characters and a few crew members join the crew. But once it gets good, it gets good... and then it gets better. It really caught my attention during Nami's arc, and imo it got really epic in Alabasta and just continued to get better and better with each saga. The current arc is proof of that. Oda is a genius when it comes to character development and back stories. And the fact that there are 9 members in the crew, yet every single one of them have a unique relationship with the other crew members. Not to mention how, despite the sheer length of the manga (and it's still ongoing), he still manages to tie in things from hundreds of chapters ago to current chapters. I'm kind of amazed at his memory at times. Don't even get me started on how amazing the build up to the time-skip was. I used to get put off by the art style, and just assumed it was a really silly manga, but despite it being really hilarious at times, it actually touches upon a lot of serious issues and handles them well. The characters are relatable, too, and their relationships seem believable. I could go on forever about One Piece, though, so I'll just leave it there.

FMA and Death Note because I feel like they were excellent manga that had good pacing, great plot and interesting characters.

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My two current favorites are Natsume Yuujin-chou and Hotaru no Hikari.  I don't know if you'd classify N.Y.C. as josei the way HnH definitely is, but I think it's too slow/thoughtful to be considered shounen manga..


Natsume Yuujin-chou is about a high-school age boy who has the ability to see and interact with youkai (demons?) and had a very traumatic childhood as a result of it.  However, he's a very kind-hearted guy who ends up befriending a lot of the strange and often hostile youkai he meets, but ends up in a lot of trouble and personal problems as a result of it.  While the pace is slower than most (think Mushi-shi) it's a beautiful manga and I love all the human and non-human characters in, even the villains.


Hotaru no Hikari is about a "dried-fish" office lady's (Amemiya Hotaru) daily life and her desire to have a beautiful romantic relationship with someone despite being, in reality, a girl who prefers to wear messy sweats and drink beer / eat dried squid at home (not exactly "beautiful lady" girlfriend material, according to her).  She tries to pretend to be a "beautiful lady" type of woman when at work and in her social life, and runs into all sorts of funny issues.  She has an interesting relationship/friendship with her boss, Takano (aka "Buchou"), who is a very suave and mature kind of guy (clean living, very strict with himself and his workers).  Really lovely josei <3

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