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Which male idols do you think are gay?

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I'm not sure how it looks on your browser, but on mine you will see a green down arrow next to the link like this:

(just click on the green down arrow and select "cached")



Thaaank you. <3



Also, I feel some people are gonna bitch because the thread's title is "Which male idol IS gay", and not "do you THINK is gay".

Like "you can't know for sure that they're gay blabla". Anyway...

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Somebody post something so I can comment on it lol. 



You sound so excited xD



I finally can follow this thread!

Yay :)



Thaaank you. <3



Also, I feel some people are gonna bitch because the thread's title is "Which male idol IS gay", and not "do you THINK is gay".

Like "you can't know for sure that they're gay blabla". Anyway...

I'll change it soon. No worries ^_^

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You sound so excited xD





Yay :)

I am lol. 

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I am lol.


You're not normal xD


ANNNNND the op has reached its final form  ^_^

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You're not normal xD


ANNNNND the op has reached its final form  ^_^

How mean lol. 

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How mean lol. 


*gasp* I'm offended  :(



130503 MyungJong








lol a girl saw MS & SJ went eating together at a restaurant today (Cr: qhuong & S_Son)


Many Thanks to qhuong’s translation XD i’m gonna translate some more details about Myungjong’s dating according to that girl’s tweets.

- Myungjong went to a restaurant named “SongRim (Pine Forest) Restaurant†

- The dish they ate: Broiled (sliced and seasoned) Pork with Steamed Rice (Dweji Bulbaek)

- It seemed like they went with some other people, but it’s not INFINITE members.

(LOL) and the girl (she’s not a fan) after that she kept tweeting about Myungsoo is really handsome XD

Trans by: MelJlow @tumblr.com

(pics i took from searching the restaurant on internet XD not from any fanaccount)




Stalkers much? I mean they even know what they ate xD

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I'm copying over my analysis of Key again...this will take up 7 posts (15 image limit on this forum)...


*It's been updated with new stuff since I last posted too (and I'll probably keep it updated whenever I find something interesting to add).

* Also, check out my analysis for Jaejoong once you finish reading the one for Key below.



Okay, before I begin, the first thing you have to know about Key is that he's a very honest and blunt person. He constantly mentions how he values honesty in a person and if he was caught lying, he would admit the truth. So chances are, most of the things he says/does represents what he truly feels (unless he said it jokingly or clarifies later on that it was not truthful). Also, it's been said that "Key's personality on and off camera is quite the same."


I broke up my analysis into 4 parts (Click the statements for a link to their source):

(I also want to mention that I didn't intentionally leave anything out of this analysis...).


1. Statements that show non-interest in girls

The 1st thing that caught my attention was how he is reluctant to answer Ideal girl/relationship questions. And when he does, his answers could always apply to any gender:




These ideals aren't specific to girls. (BTW, Park Hyeong Seop matches everything Key has said about his Ideal Type -- in both appearance and personality [1] [2] ).


Key's latest comment about his Dream Girl (Stuff after April 2013):



From April 9, 2013:


(Hmm...does the short hair, ears sticking out and sharp nose resemble someone)


Compare Key's drawing to the other members (Key's was the most generic and least feminine):



"Shinee's Dream Girls"




...which is interesting, because on Ep. 1 of WGM, Key was teasing Taemin about his drawing, and how after Key asked him to draw his ideal wife again, "we could tell that she's a woman now". So I guess he purposely drew a non-feminine person above.





From April 24, 2013:






"good fashion sense...like me"

It was only a week before that they were both spotted wearing the same fashion:

(denim jacket and similar striped shirt, and PHS is also wearing the Cheap Monday necklace Key got while he was in London)




Also, after their shopping trip on June 12, PHS uploads of photo on June 15 of him wearing a shirt that Key has (and new shoes he got while shopping).



Key has previously mentioned wanting to go shopping with his g/f and buy clothes for her:


Q. All of the members have different interests and likes. Everyone’s ideal types seem to differ as well. If you had a girlfriend, what would you do?
Onew: (claps) I want to play the piano and sing for her.
Jonghyun: I want to exchange photos, and then she would always carry around my photo. I usually don’t really take pictures, so she would have the only pictures of me. (laughs)
Key: I want to go shopping.

Q. Shopping?
Key: To look at clothes…because I really like choosing and buying clothes. I can’t really play piano for her. (laughs)


Q: If you have a girlfriend, what gifts will you give her? Flowers, clothes, or ring?
: I will personally choose/buy a clothes for her







There are also times when Key is asked to specifically name who his ideal girl is. I will share his answers to that question:


* Key gives a “dissatisfied face†when talking about his Ideal type being nude? If he was seriously attracted to her, that sure is an odd reaction.


* The MC took his answer as a joke. And Big Mama Lee Hyejung is a 55 y/o chef. :P


Some other names Key has mentioned for his Ideal Girl are: a member of SNSD, Kaya Scodelario,

, Kim Jung Eun. However, in his other interviews, Key clarifies that he dislikes being asked the Ideal Girl question (because he seriously doesn't have one):




Many people don't have ideal types, so that might not be suspicious to some people. But even for general relationship questions Key shows no interest in girls:



Compare Key's answer here to the other members:

The DJ just got finished talking about their ideal girl, and then continued on asking about a first kiss...


DJ: So what kind of expectations or ideals do the others have toward their first kiss?

* Key's answer is so different from the other members, lol. 



This next interview actually makes me angry. Shindong put Key in a lie detector test and of course, Key being an honest person, will answer the questions truthfully (but he was very uncomfortable with answering this question). I'm just glad Shindong didn't ask if he had interest in guys, because Key may have been outed there.



*NOTE: At first Key says he doesn't have any girl he likes...among the idols. Shindong noticed Key snuck in the word “idolsâ€, so he changed the question to if he had interest in any girl at all.




Even Jjong acknowledges that Key hasn't had any girls he likes:


Most of your songs directly confess one's love, so who do you think would be the member who would convey his feelings enthusiastically?




Key is “curious†about married life though (no gender specified here):


(090804 Doogeun Doogeun Live Chat)



. I assume Key was chosen as the "member most likely to get married first" because of his statement on the Doogeun Live Chat.


When they were asked that question again on 4/26/2013 Sukira radio, about who among SHINee members was "most likely to get married", Taemin was chosen this time. I think this may be because he was recording for "We Got Married" during that time:


"Minho said Taemin was most likely to get married first among shinee members if he suddenly met a girl he really liked..but Taemin said Onew should get married first as he is the oldest member.."


*Also, thinking about marriage to a woman and wanting kids does not imply anything about someone's sexuality, esp. in a conservative environment like Korea where heterosexual relationships and traditional families are expected.



So Key was "curious" about marriage, but he has also mentioned being

. lol. Notice how he looks at Jjong when answering that question)


Key and Jjong asking to marry eachother (for fun) xD ...






Start @

As part of the GAME:



At a 130505 fan-signing, a fan asked Key who he'd want to do WGM with from this list. Key picked Jonghyun, and even wrote the answer (4) when signing their CD.



From: https://twitter.com/_almightyblings
[Fanaccount] 130505 WSS 4th Fansign @ Artreon Concert Hall, Sinchon

We know Key really wants to be on 'We Got Married', so today we got the opportunity to ask him who he wants to be with on it? ã…Žã…Žã…Ž

We gave a few options, of course, we would already know the answer but we really want him to say it out himself. ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ And he didnt disappoint us... He chose Jonghyun! ^^ #JONGKEY

ã… ã… ã…  He tease us by writing the answer above the signature

[Fanaccount2] 130505 WSS 4th Fansign @ Artreon Concert Hall, Sinchon

We have also asked if we will see Jonghyun joining the WSS promotion in the later half of the month, he answered 'No, most likely not before Japan Arena Tour.' TT

Keybum was in really good mood today, though tired, he continues to put on a wide smile! TAT Even if he spelled our name wrongly, his handwritting is still so cute






Most recently, and more seriously, Key even brought up something alluding to same-sex marriage:




So same-sex marriage must have been something on Key's mind for him to bring it up on his own (perhaps it's his new relationship with PHS). Also, look at how serious Key was compared to everyone else joking/laughing. Key's sudden awkwardness at the very end (0:45) also indicates that there's something more to the statement he made (like it was something he hoped for himself).


This is also not the first time the possibility of a same-sex relationship was alluded to in passing by a SHINee member:


One time was during Jungyeop’s 푸룸밤 [130302]. The ‘topic’ of the day was “trying to appeal to fanboys†but taem picked the song “marry u†as a recommendation song to play, before knowing what the topic was loll. So they were all laughing about it, but someone (i think it was jjong?) was like ‘it’s not possible here, /yet/ taeminâ€.




And this may be just a coincidence, but an interesting one:


May 13, 2013 news about the gay director announcing marriage with his gay lover was published. About 3 hours after this news was published on Korean sites, Key uploads a keyseop photo where they were at a restuarant in Itaewon (this restuarant is either very close to homo hill, or actually part of homo hill).


Now, if you look back at the timeline of public KeySeop interactions, you'll notice it's odd how KeySeop interactions went from a daily thing 3 month straight... abruptly stopped for a month and a half...then all of a sudden, on May 13, Key uploads a keyseop pic again out of nowhere. It's also an old photo he uploaded. So he was looking through old photos to upload for some reason.


A possible theory is that the news gave key confidence to bring his own relationship with hyeongseop out of hiding and back into the open as well. ...And maybe to also show support/solidarity to the news of the director being public with his gay relationship (by being public about KeySeop himself). Of course, this theory is pure speculation. But considering he previously hinted at gay marriage before, he probably keeps up with new regarding it. 3 hours is enogh time for the news to spread and for him to browse photo and decide to upload one, so it's likely he was aware of the news while uploading the photo.



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2. Interactions that show serious attraction to men

Before I get into the fanservice and Key's attraction to males. I just want to point out that I am having a difficult time finding any videos/gifs/pics of him being anything more of a friend towards a female. I mean,

, but he shows no attraction to it.


People might bring up the Osaka fanaccount, where Key was translated as saying "Yo, I'm straight" as evidence of his interest in girls....but there are other more detailed fanaccounts that indicate the first fanaccount was possibly misheard and incorrect:



"121220 Osaka fanmeet"

The first fanaccount stated that Key said "Yo, I'm straight" in response to the question: "If they were a girl, what member would you date?":


"If they were a girl, what member would you date?" Key kept saying throughout this segment, "Yo, I'm straight." At one point he said something about these kinds of things always showing up on the Internet and being misunderstood.


However, another fanaccount gave a more detailed translation. Key does say something about "straight", but it was in response to something right before the question about "which member would you date?" :


-Oshiete(Tell Us), SHINee-

(A segment where they ask SHINee the question they received from fans)

Key : The title Is straight.

SHINee: (They wanted to say it together) Oshiete!!

Fans : SHINee-!!!!!

Jonghyun : One more time! Oshiete!!!

Fans : SHINee!!!!!!


Q1: If you were a girl, which member would you date? (It was the most asked question..)

Onew: That can’t happen.

Jonghyun: I like girls

Key: This question is always in magazine interviews and stuff..

As a guy, this is always awkward. What do we do...


Another fanaccount translation also agree with the one above (that Key's statement about "straight" had nothing to do with his sexuality):


The next part is "Please (Onegai) SHINee"

Key: This is an unbelievably straight title..

Onew: Is the next part Onigiri (Rice balls)?

MC: Not Onigiri, Onegai! It's not rice balls!

Members: Onigiri~ SHINee~ kekekekekekeke


* So the segment of that show was titled "Osheite, SHINee" or "Tell Us, SHINee" (where the members had to answer fan questions). Key may have been referring to how straight-forward and direct the title of the segment was (basically it's a segment where shinee 'tells them' something...can't get more straight-forward and clear than that).




People might also bring up his Sukira KTR interview, where he talked about past love with a girl, but his statements would not make sense if he really had a girl in mind:



20130426 Sukira KTR interview:

· Key said he fell in love at first sight before. He often talks on the phone until very late at night with the girl he likes.

· Key said he has his ways to make the girl talk so they can talk non stop.

· Key once missed a family gathering because of a girl. He said he likes her a lot and wants to see her so what can he do at the time, right?

cr: keykrisyeol


Alternative translation:

· Key said he has experienced love at first sight before, used to talk on the phone till late at night, Key said he could talk for a long time with anyone, leading them to talk more, Dana said he talks a lot, Key even missed a family gathering because of a girl he liked...he continued saying that at that time, his lover was first in his heart, and he wanted to meet her.

Kor-Chi Translation: human-lockChi-Eng Translation: shuwen94

If "her" is replaced with "him" and "girl" with "boy" then it makes sense. Because otherwise, it doesn't fit:


From what was already written above in Part 1:

2008: Key said truthfully, he has never dated a girl before (so that means he hasn't dated a girl pre-debut either)

2009: Key mentioned not having a g/f, and the thought of having a first kiss with an ideal girl never came to his mind before

2010: He looked too depressed to be in love with anybody during this period (particularly the end of 2010)

2011: Alot of talk about him and Woohyun, but no mention of a g/f. I guess it could be Nicole? but then...

Mar. 2012: Key admitted he was not fond of any girls lately, and there wasn't one he liked recently

Nov. 2012: Jjong mentioned that Key hasn't found any girl he likes yet (so that means even his members haven't noticed him in love with a girl in the years before that; however they have noticed his relationship with Woohyun)

2013: All about KeySeop


I don't think he'll say he fell in love with a guy (even though that's what I think he had in mind). But he could easily be talking about either Woohyun or PHS:










And since he was talking about past love, it might be Woohyun (even though I just think it's a friendship, but a

and loving friendship).



This is what he said about future plans on 20130422 Sukira KTR:


I could believe that he wants kids (but I don't know what he means by "try his best to have kids." That makes it sound like work for him, lol). Him marrying a girl to have kids is a possibility. It could be that he's just having fun now, and in the future he plans to settle down with a girl in a traditional familiy. However, there is also a possibility that he's planning to move overseas after SHINee, and live in a country with more LGBT acceptance.


Either is a possibility really, since he has both mentioned traditional values (marriage, kids, family) which were most likely influenced by his grandmother who raised him, and also the different lifestyle he encountered while studying abroad in America (which he said was a turning point in his life):


"Key says the first time he went overseas in 2000 was a turning point in his life. He realized he can have a different lifestyle after seeing how is it overseas."


During YIN's Volume Up radio, he even brought up the possibility of having a choice on who to marry (girl or guy). This was during the period when we started seeing PHS alot. So it makes me believe he has considered moving to a country with gay marriage now that he found someone he loves. And he could still adopt a kid. ...but that's me being hopeful. The other possibility (of him preparing himself to marry a girl in the future and to have kids in order to keep with traditional values) is also realistically there, which I haven't completely eliminated either. And again, thinking about marriage to a female and wanting kids indicates nothing about one's sexuality.




Okay, now on to Key's reaction to same-sex fanservice/skinship....


A lot of Idols do fanservice, but Key's response is so suspect, like it's not just fanservice to him. To him (being a person who values honesty and detesting people who are two-faced), he probably views some of the fanservice as the person expressing genuine interest in him. His reaction is similar to how a straight person would respond when doing heterosexual fanservice.


During 2009-2010, jjong did a lot of teasing with Key, and I think Key took it as genuine attraction (while jjong saw it as fanservice). If you watch JongKey moments, most of them were initiated by jjong. Key rarely initiated fanservice (maybe because he doesn't want to seem obvious), but he never backed away when jjong would start it.


JongKey moments:





tumblr_m2xwmrrv3n1qihji8o2_250.gif tumblr_m5d9noIjdx1qaj0qbo4_250.giftumblr_l0i0r5NSrz1qzkhz8.giftumblr_m3ucr3CfaP1qihji8o2_r1_250.gif







So Key probably fell in love with all the attention and affection Jjong was showering him with (just look at how he smiles in the gifs above). But in the few times that Key does initiate fanservice, it seems more like genuine attraction on his part (which makes me believe he is not thinking of it as fanservice). Look at the 1st gif below, it totally looks like JongKey is a real couple, not fanservice:



9APIt.gif tumblr_m6cvxaKpX51r2q2v5o1_250.giftumblr_mcbitvo47N1qbn7nk.gif

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But I don't think Jonghyun saw it as anything serious like Key did* (Jjong might have felt some affection in a caring way though, but not romantic attraction). To Jjong, he was just fooling around like close friends, and doing fanservice for the fans. He probably didn't realize that Key actually had some genuine romantic feelings for him, and Key perhaps was misled into believing jjong liked him back in the same way. You can tell Key took the JongKey moments to heart, because when Jjong started dating Shin Se Kyung in Sept. 2010 (whether real or staged), Key looked very hurt during that period. Like someone truly broke his heart. In alot of fancams and interviews since Jjong/SSK started dating, you can clearly tell Key is hurt over something.


(* There is a possibility that maybe Jjong experimented with Key, and that it's not all completely fanservice. But whatever the relationship was between JongKey, Key seemed to feel more serious about it because he wasn't able to move past their relationship as quickly as Jjong was able to.)


Sept 2010

This GQ interview is from the end of Sept. 2010 (Jjong started seeing SSK sometime in Sept, so something was probably happening during that time). I know Key is usually an honest and blunt person, but he seemed exceptionally pissed in this interview:



"GQ Interview"

Jonghyun sings the most, right?

It’s because it is his most charming feature. When I see someone who was bad at singing become good at it, that’s when I want to become like that the most. The fragments of us that you see in the media is not everything. (I love Key’s backhanded compliments.)


Because you’re at this teenage age, I’m sure that there has been some instances where SHINee has fought and been jealous.

Over time because of jealousy, you do come to hate that person. There are situations that I don’t like. A tame example would be if someone has prettier clothes? But I can’t hate the member because of that. It’s only, a “Oh, I want to wear pretty clothes too†kind of level.

*I think the non-tame example he may have wanted to give was that "someone(Jjong) is able to be open about his relationship with SSK" And so he felt like: "Oh, I wanted to be open about our relationship when I was with Jjong too."


Isn’t it like a brotherly feeling now?

They are not family and they are not my closest friends. There’s no way I could explain them. “Member†is the best word for them.


That’s why I am getting this cool and distanced feeling.

If we become too close like family, I feel like there will be a problem. You will begin to think about your relationship instead of the person. We only meet for work so the we have only a work relationship is the best description. I’m not being cool and distant.


*The reason he may have thought of SHINee as just 'members' who he only has a work relationship with, might be due to the sudden realization he had that JongKey was just fanservice. So he felt fooled that he developed a close bond with jjong only to have those affectionate moments considered part of the 'job description' (aka fanservice).







Oct. 2010

Oct 2010 is when it was officially confirmed in the media that jjong and ssk were dating. You can see Key looked really heartbroken and began to distance himself from jjong.


He remains emotionless thoughout the whole thing, but some times to notice:

@1:37 Key scoots away from Jjong

@1:52 Key looks down and sad when jjong started singing

@2:25, @3:25, @3:44, @4:14 Key remains emotionless and ignores when Jjong stares at him


Nov. 2010

Even the cover song he chooses during that period, you can feel the emotion and sadness in which he sings it:

Rihanna - Take a Bow

"But you put on quite a show, really had me going

But now it’s time to go, curtain’s finally closing

That was quite a show, very entertaining

But it’s over now"


The lyrics definitely sound like something he can relate to: "It's over now" and "But you put on quite a show, really had me going" referring to the fanservice being a "show" and how it "really had [him] going" like he believed the fanservice was real. At the very end of the song (3:45), you can see how hurt he was.


Dec. 2010

Key continued to look depressed in many of the fancams at the end of 2010. Here is a video from Dec. 2010:



And this video summarizes what I've just wrote above about the "One-sided love" and shows different fancams during each period:


Starting @0:00 are clips of Key showing genuine attraction to Jjong

Starting @2:10 are clips of Jjong teasing Key

Starting @3:55 are clips of Jjong flirting with others too, not only Key (this shows that Jjong sees JongKey as fanservice only);

but Key is looking at Jjong like he is jealous (because he sees JongKey as real)

Starting @6:05 are fancams from after sept. 2010 (during the time jjong is dating SSK)

Starting at @9:10 are clips of Key moving on


There are also other theories on why Key was depressed during this period:



  • The "one-sided love" theory in the video above, where Key fell in love with Jjong, but Jjong never felt similarly and just teased him with the fanservice. Then Jjong dating SSK just sealed it for Key and broke his heart.
  • JongKey was real, and Key got upset that Jjong left him for a woman.
  • JongKey was becoming too real, and SSK was used to cover-up JongKey. Key became devastated that Jjong would actually go along with it (Key once said he detest two-faced people, and he even mentioned in the GQ interview that "The public are not fools.")
  • JongKey may or may not be real, but Key was just envious of the fact that Jjong (being bi or straight) is able to go public about his relationship, while Key (being gay) could never do such a thing
  • Key could also have been depressed for other reasons unrelated to Jjong dating SSK
  • Jjong getting a g/f may have forced Key to confront his own sexuality. He may have once believed Jjong could be gay too, but when he realized Jjong was acting out of fanservice and not genuine interest, it made Key question himself and his relationships with his 'members' (see the GQ interview above). Like he suddenly had a depressing realization that his sexuality was treated as just stage entertainment when, in fact, he was being genuine.
  • A combination of the things above




So July 2011, Jjong and SSK break up and Jjong returns to Key. But Key has said in the past that he detest 'two-faced' people (Jjong was someone who played with his heart). I think Jjong realized something was upsetting Key and he tried to make things less awkward between them, but

(he's made other friends already, as we will soon see):


(130131 Seoul Music Awards)


I do think they have patched things up between them eventually, and love each other as just friends now.




When Key realized JongKey was not real anymore (when jjong started dating SSK), Key began to move on. Key befriended alot of '91ers and got especially close with Woohyun. It was to the point that Leeteuk and even some members of SHINee/Infinite mistaken their relationship for something more:





It's probably just a close friendship between them, but in that circle of people he befriended, there is also Park Hyeong Seop:



"Key with Park Hyeong Seop and Woohyun"


@sc1676: Happy birthday!!! Woohyun keke

@sc1676: Only the main keke can do the V




According to PHS, Key and him have known each other since childhood:


Park Hyoung Seop: Kibum and I were very close from childhood because he's also from Daegu. We often meet when we are both free. We just do what common men do, such as going to restaurant, talking about what happened around us and drinking coffee.



@sc1676: After finishing each of our schedules, I met with Kibum and had a cup of coffee~!

@sc1676: I have another shoot~~ And Kibum has to go back to the recording studio~

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However, it was only in the beginning of 2013 that we began to hear alot about him. So I am guessing sometime near the end of 2012, Key reconnected with Park Hyeong Seop again (possibly at the 20121022 Seoul Fashion Week that they both attended). I personally think there's something more going on between this couple. PHS's looks and personality even matches everything Key has mentioned as an Ideal Type. And maybe when they reconnected, Key became attracted to how PHS grew up to match his Ideal Type.


They've taken numerous selcas together, travel overseas together (gda 2013 was in malaysia), have shopping dates together, he's been in Key's room, they text eachother to eat joke around with eachother, hang out in restaurants near homo hill (mama miya is in itaewon), other people invite them over together as a couple (hyosup invited Key to a dinner party through PHS), Key even sings to him over the phone and PHS calls Key "honey". (You can view a KeySeop timeline here, which timelines the tweets/instagram posts between them and when it occurred)


Key sings for PHS over the phone and PHS calls Key "Honey". He also possibly called Key's singing "super sexy":



@sc1676: Sulky. I will hear the difference of Dream Girl live over the phone


@sc1676: We're freaking keke hilarious http://twitter.com/sc1676/status/308598649565364224/photo/1pic.twitter.com/8Z4ilIRa7d Picture (cont) http://tl.gd/l7hpp9


[Picture Translation]

Hyeongseop: Let me

Hyeongseop: hear it live

Hyeongseop: honey (*he called Key "honey" )

Kibum: Okay


cr: shiningtweets @shiningtweets



@sc1676: 오랜만ì´ì•¼ 드림걸 날기다렸지 ì´ë¶€ë¶„ ê°œ 섹시하네!!??

[TRANS] The “It’s been a long time, dream girl. You were waiting for me, weren’t you?†part is super sexy!!?? (*he called the singing "super sexy")


Only Onew and Key sing someting about "waiting" in the lyrics. But I'm pretty sure he was calling Key's part sexy (because when Key sings it, he also sings "whisper love to me" right after in a sexy tone.


[All] Dream Girl, [Taemin] seems like I can touch you but I can’t

[All] Dream Girl, [Key] every night I wait for you like this

[All] Dream Girl, [Minho] you sweetly whisper love to me ([Key] whisper love to me)

[All] Then you disappear in the morning, dream girl


Onew sings that part in these times: 0:52 1:46 2:49 (but doesn't add the "whisper love to me" part)

Key sings it at this time: 2:32 (and he also sings "whisper love to me" at 2:40)

(and those are the only times where something about "waiting" was in the lyrics)





Key also acts like he's in love when seeing PHS walk past him:







What Key was looking at:







Goto 2:45 and 7:09 for PHS walking on the runway:


And at the end of the show (@10:55) all the models walk out, but Key only focuses his eyes on PHS.

11:07 PHS is the 3rd person in line

11:11 You see PHS come to the front and Key's head turns to follow him

11:26 Key is still looking at him even though he went back, and he ignores all the other models walking past, lol

11:31 He turns to grab a drink and goes back to what he was looking at (PHS)


Front angle of Key taking a drink while looking at PHS:

@ 0:35 he keeps his eyes on PHS while drinking and then tries to hide his smile @ 0:45 while putting the bottle down



Key also stares at PHS's crotch and ass:

0:09 - 0:12 Keys eyes move downward

0:13 you see he was looking at the crotch area, then he quickly looks away

0:15 - 0:16 when he looks back, he glances at his ass for a few seconds and looks back up

0:20 the model before him walks past (he's wearing white)

0:22 Key licks the inside of his lips


What Key was looking at this time:



tumblr_mm119gwH2d1s9m21no2_250.gif tumblr_mm119gwH2d1s9m21no3_250.gif









See more of Key's reaction to Hyeongseop on the runway on this page: http://onehallyu.com/index.php?/topic/7622-the-keyseop-thread-3/page-6

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Key's response to fanservice has also changed, as if he were in a new relationship.

and he's also also more uncomfortable with showing affectionate skinship to potential suitors....as if he were 'taken'. Key's an honest person, so he probably wanted to show loyalty to PHS (and if Key is gay, he probably viewed the fanservice/skinship differently than a straight male would).


Awkward hugs with Key:


* Note: key being uncomfortable with jjong is suppose to indicate that they do have underlying feelings for each other, that's why Key was hesitant to show it here for some reason



2013, Key pushing Woohyun off him:


* An interesting reaction considering accounts of WooKey being more affectionate off cameras


Compare those reaction with this scene in 2012 (same setting/situation, but before PHS came into the picture):





So overall, Key's response to the fanservice is similar to how a straight person would respond to heterosexual fanservice: Guy A and Girl B do fanservice and flirt onstage. Girl B may eventually develop an attraction towards Guy A. But if Guy A suddenly started dating another Girl C, you bet the Girl B would be hurt. Then when Girl B gets into a relationship with another Guy D (or is just interested in him and wants to remain available), she would be uncomfortable with another guy (like Guy A again) trying to do fanservice with her. This is exactly how Key has reacted to all the fanservice.



EDIT: Since I'm seeing this post copied and linked on other blogs....I want to mention that this analysis isn't about JongKey vs. KeySeop, so please stop arguing over which ship is more real. Only Key himself knows the truth. And the points I made here were merely personal observations I've noticed of Key showing attraction to BOTH Jjong and Hyeongseop (and thus, shows his attraction towards males) ...but whether that attraction translates to real life dating for either Jjong or Hyeonseop is something we can't know for certain (and we shouldn't seek to find out either*). However, feel free to respectfully speculate your opinions, but don't take it out of forums/blogs and into real life.

* I'm talking about the people messaging hyeongseop on FB in hopes of finding "proof" that he's not dating Key (by having him say he's not gay and has a g/f...which is still dubious)

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3. Self-expression to indicate openness towards other sexualities
People always bring up Key's flamboyance and the way he dresses as reasons for him being gay. Some people will say it's stereotyping, but it's really not if he's trying to express an openness towards different sexualities in the way he dresses/performs.


Key wearing accessories with LGBTQ symbols:




Inverted triangle and unicorn:


Inverted triangles are common LGBTQ symbols (2nd to the rainbow flag):



(And the unicorn is also a common gay symbol)
Lady Gaga's Born This Way Unicorn:





Transgender symbol:

The ring is the transgender and hermaphrodite(mercury) symbol:


Gay Icons:
Lady Gaga (female gay/bi icon):



Freddie Mercury (male gay/bi icon):
(He wore this symbol of Freddie Mercury, a male gay/bi icon, while being "out" with his model boyfriend)



This is a shirt of a naked guy with a pink glazed doughnut at his crotch. "Crotch Doughnut" is slang for vagina. So this is another transgender/hermaphrodite symbol - a naked guy with a vagina.



This last one isn't exactly LGBT symbolism, but it's interesting...





Does he know what these symbols mean? I don't know, but chances are he might know what the ring means at least, since there are video clips of him describing other accessories/rings he has and what they mean, and also video of him speaking English and describing to a fashion designer about what type of Jacket he wants her to create for him. He's very involved and interested in fashion, and seems like the type of person to want to know (esp. a distinctive ring like the transgender symbol one). It would also be quite a coincidence for him to wear this many items with implied LGBTQ symbolism without him intentionally seeking them out.

Another thing are the cover songs he's drawn to. First I want to mention that

(Heechul) is a parody cover of Lady Gaga for giggles.
was also a parody of Ke$ha for laughs. But when Key covers Lady Gaga or Ke$ha, he does not dress up like a girl or do it for laughs. It seems like a genuine and natural cover (not a parody). (He has done a lot of girl's dances for laughs, but these covers aren't one of them. I think this is him genuinely expressing himself).

Key covering Lady Gaga naturally (compare with

So now that I've establish his covers are not parody covers (they are him naturally expressing himself)...you probably want to know Why am I bringing this up as relating to his sexuality? Well, if his Lady Gaga cover (about being free and being himself) didn't already convince you....

He has also sang a cover of Ke$ha's Tik Tok, where he sings about:
@0:28 "Boys blowing up our phones, phones"
@1:20 "And now, the dudes are lining up cause they hear we got swagger"
@1:30 "Boys tryin' to touch my junk, junk"

Another perormane of Tik Tok here (lyrics are @ same time):

...he sings it like it's so natural for him. When he sings "Boys tryin' to touch my junk, junk" in the 1st video, he gestures towards his crotch, in the 2nd video, he smacks his butt. He knows what those lyrics mean.

We know he understands English, and
(where "he" was suppose to refer to himself in that song). But while he's aware of an option to change the gender in the lyrics, he doesn't change anything in this song (about boys being all over him).



Most recently on 130525, Key covered Mika's We are Golden. Like Lady Gaga's song 'Hair', this song is also about being free to express yourself:


About Mika:



Mika has always been hesistant to label himself and his sexuality:

"I've never ever labelled myself. but having said that, I've never limited my life. I've never limited who I sleep with... Call me whatever you want. Call me bisexual, if you need a term for me"

"I consider myself label-less because I could fall in love with anybody - literally - any type, any bocy. I'm not picky"


However, on Aug of 2012 he officially came out as gay:


"If you ask me am I gay, I say yeah. Are these songs about my relationship with a man? I say yeah. and it's only through my music that I've found the strenght to come to terms with my sexuality beyound the context of just my lyrics. This is my real life."



Key met Mika while attending his concert earlier on May 17, 2013:

bumkeyk: MIKA + KEY = MIKEY mika!!! it was fantastic show !!!



And from Mika's instagram:
mikainstagram: Backstage after show 2




(Key also attended Lady Gaga's concert on 04/27/2012 before he started covering her songs in June)





And my take on his LGBTQ accessories and suggestive performances is that he is trying to acknowledge the LGBTQ community that he is a part of. Because it's mostly the LGBTQ community/supporters who will be the ones to pick up on these hints, while the rest of the general public will overlook it and move on like nothing suspicious ever happened. For example, he wore the Freddie Mercury brooch (a male gay/bi icon) while publicly being "out" in front of the media for the first time with his supposed boyfriend. It's like he was intentionally trying to hint to us (or just the LGBT community) that he's out and proud w/ his bf.

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4. Rumors

Note: This last part is unverified rumors, but I only included rumors that have a chance of being true (Meaning that nothing contradicts it, and there are other facts that back it up).


It is widely speculated/accepted by K-netizens that Key is gay. He's also been rumored to have been spotted at gay bars often. These rumors and speculation have to originate from somewhere.


Here are some translation I found of comments from different K-netizens in this article (from April 2012) about an underaged celebrity who frequents gay bars (http://www.instiz.net/bbs/list.php?id=pt&no=172365):


"besides this item, it is well known that there are many gay idols who go to gay bars. taemin i am not sure.. but key does."


"onew would not. but i know about key. he is there often in these unsafe places" (probably means underground or "secret" gay bars, which would be the majority of gay bars in korea)


"residents(?) of gay bars have seen key often. my friend has stood by many times while key was there. i hear so many of these (rumors?) it is a wonder they manage to stay hidden."


"shinee key. it has to be."

"no, too old. key is already over 20."

"but he visits these places..."


The rumor being true would match these items:



. If Key has been drunk many times in a public place, I'd think we'd hear about it more and get photos of him in those places...but we don't. So it makes sense that he gets drunk in these secret underground gay bars. (I guess it could also be a private non-gay place, but if so, I'd think Minho or other members would go with him sometime to, or someone there with him would be the one to drive him back), but Minho doesn't go with him and he's the one who always has to pick him up from these places afterwards. So if he does frequent gay bars, the rest of shinee probably knows too.



" (could this be random hookups from the bars? ..and maybe Taemin was too young at that time to understand what was going on).



Key has also mentioned that, compared to Taemin's innocent "fairy" image, Key himself has nothing to lose if he were caught in something (could this be the reason for him being spotted at gay bars often and not caring?):

Key: Taemin is an adult now. It's the age he can do anything he wants with no limitations, but a lot of people around me think that Taemin is a fairy. Really. As for me, if anything happens I have nothing to lose~ However, people think that Taemin is a fairy. What are you going to do if you get caught in something, that's the END~!!





. (Interesting that Minho is the one who asks to move on, since he's the one Jjong mentioned as picking Key up drunk when he's out somewhere)



During Weekly Idol (where the members were going down the line asking eachother tough questions, i.e. where a member was going out late at night putting on cologne), Key abruptly got nervous when it was about to be his turn (after Onew answered his question, he was suppose to ask Key a tough question):

Key: Wait...I don't want to come on this show next time, really. I don't want to come anymore.

* And it's odd how Key's answer to his tough question was not aired, while everyone else's answer was aired. Like there is something secret he's hiding (or he revealed something that needed to be edited out)




His (boy)friend, Park Hyeong Seop, is also friendly with Hong Seok Cheon (the face of Itaewon's gay district).



And KeySeop has also been to restaurants like mama miya in Itaewon, which is located only 2 blocks away from all the gay bars in Homo Hill (btw, the girl in the photo with KeySeop is the restaurant owner).



Also, a recent dating rumor from netizenbuzz appear to match KeySeop:



9. Singer C is said to have fallen in love with model D while attending an overseas schedule together. C recently went overseas with several other male and female celebrities, but he showed the most interest in D. D reciprocated C's advances, showing interest in his gentle and caring personality. A staff member who visited C's hotel room late at night to brief him on the next day's agenda was said to have been in shock after finding D in C's room with a red face.


My Speculation:



Singer C= Key

Model D= Park Hyeong Seop

overseas schedule=Kuala Lumpur

next day's agenda=Golden Disk Award

other male and female celebrities=celebrities who attended the GDA


January 15, 2013, SHINee attended the Golden Disk Award overseas in Kuala Lumpur. This is what Hyeong tweeted about as happening the night before GDA:


@sc1676: The night before golden disc together with kibum we went to eat chicken and noraebang. we rapped, sang ring ding dong and sherlock together live. kekeke after that because of hungriness we went to eat chapaghetti ramyeon* regret..

*chapaghetti ramyeon is something like.dry ramyeon.

(This tweet was deleted by accident)


@sc1676: Uh I wrote a long one.. deleted by accident, the night before golden disc ~



" A staff member who visited C's hotel room late at night to brief him on the next day's agenda was said to have been in shock after finding D in C's room with a red face."

"the next day's agenda" was the GDA. So I'm guessing perhaps Hyeong spent the night at Key's hotel room after they went out...


Also, it was only after the GDA that we started seeing alot of KeySeop selcas and moments.


It is also suspicious that PHS deleted a lot of tweets (including all the ones mentioning Key and selcas of them together) around the same time that this rumor first came out. And what was PHS doing in Malaysia anyway?


Taemin also mentioned on 130514 that "overseas, when he shares a room with Key, he is tired as Key will bring his friends over. They will drink beer nosily."




So after all these hints, the next question is, why would Key risk ruining his career by being so open in a country that is not accepting?


I just think it's his personality, he's said numerous times that he values an honest person and he is someone who wants to be true to himself. And you may be wondering where did Key learn to be this open and accepting of himself growing up in conservative Korea?


Well, he has spent a couple of years in America and said it was a turning point in his life:



Key being exposed to overseas culture:


"Key says the first time he went overseas in 2000 was a turning point in his life. He realized he can have a different lifestyle after seeing how is it overseas."


"Although this was an old memory of mine, I studied abroad in the US. The memory of me going to school/studying there was a great help to me. I home-stayed and it was my first time living away from home. It helped me alot in English. The memory of that is something I cannot forget. It would also benefit everyone when they look back from when they're older and is beneficial even now."


I think perhaps Key accepted his sexuality while overseas in America, and this is why he appears so confident and himself since he debuted. This "different lifestyle" he got exposed to during his childhood was definitely more LGBTQ friendly than Korea. And

, we can see him more comfortable expressing himself more freely there.


He's becoming fluent in English, so it's seems he's interested in the culture and living there. Even his members recognize how he sees London as his home:


130402 High Cut interview

In 5 years, what will the people sitting here be doing?

Onew: Ah, I’ll be 30 years old in 5 years.

Key: If I had to pick something that I want to do within 5 years, I want to have my own house. (laugh) I don't have a house in Seoul, and my parents live in Daegu. I want to have a house in Seoul.

Onew: Isn’t London your home town? (Everyone laughs)




But right now in Korea, he's doing everything he can to be himself, right up to the point of directly confirming to the public that he is gay:




"babe i was born this way" - bumkeyk (Key's Instagram)

* He borrows Lady Gaga's phrase to refer to childhood photos of him as a born entertainer, but the double meaning is quite clear


â€I can’t hide who I am. I can’t say things I don’t mean, say that I like things I hate, or hate things I like. And more than anything, I can’t lie to myself.†- Key


“I don't consider looks or anything I can't change to be a bad thing about myself. So rather than dwelling upon things I can't change, I'd rather develop the good things about me. So my dream isn't to become the "best", it's to be someone who I'm not ashamed to be. Not that I don't want to become the best (laugh).†- Key


“Rather than saying that I’m narcissist, how about liking myself. I do not look glamorous or a model’s physique, neither do I have a good voice nor a good dancer but I still like myself?†- Key



He's also no stranger to having a perceptive opinion that his company might prefer him not to bring up (but he does anyway):



"GQ Interview"

You have crossed-dressed before, is it because you want to do it or a certain strategy?

I was coerced into it even though it’s very pretty. But it’s very different from what I imagined. I thought we were the main focus, we can control things…., but because we were coerced into it then, now we can differentiate between right or wrong. If there weren’t any control then and we were in control, I’m not sure how we would turn out now.


“Replay†is more mushy, we saw SHINee’s wild ambition in “Ring Ding Dongâ€, now with “Lucifer†the media will say “SHINee are coming back with manly imageâ€, but what are your fans’ reactions?

At that time, our noona fans will accept whatever image we have. Actually we are not those so called good-looking boyish group. We would also at times think out aloud “I don’t understand why the ladies are crazy over themâ€. This is very natural because we do not exude manly charm. Whenever we release an album, the media will always say “coming of ageâ€. If I’m a passer-by, I wouldn’t be too crazy over SHINee. Only pretty, haha.


What about the songs? This album’s “Electric Heartâ€â€¦..

That’s my best track. I really like our songs. I once thought that it would be great if our album is value for money. Recent trend releases are a title track, followed by some annotation of a remix, the 2nd track will be another remix, the 3rd track is also a remix, the 4th track instrumental…. Really super irritating. Pretty annoying right? That’s how they repackage it. Our album consist of 13 new tracks and it’s also our top selling album todate. The public are not fools. Even if you are not an expert you can differentiate the quality. Even though the experts can say why it is good, the public can’t express by using technical terms but will buy it because it is good. Just like that.


Will you be a singer for life?

I will give up if people dislike me, otherwise what can I do? Will be pretty scared then for their remarks. Most will only pursue what they like but there will still be a little reluctance even though it will be a decisive conclusion. Apart from being a little scared but still curious. When will it be? However if everybody dislike me as a singer, I will definitely not be busking on the streets, might as well have a career switch. I have never said such profound things. I feel sometimes whatever I said will be misquoted and everyone will think that I’m an arrogant and irritating guy. So I hope everyone will not misinterpret my words and actions. I’m not a bad guy, hope everyone understands that whatever my thoughts are, there are reasons and conclusions.


Will there ever be a chance for you to sing your favourite song on stage?

Unlikely. What you like and what you should do are 2 separate issues.

More here: http://forevershiningshinee.tumblr.com/post/1165553483/key-gq-korea-10men-interview-2nd-english







And more Key being the outspoken and unfiltered person that he is, making potential controversial comments:







Key has also mentioned that, compared to Taemin's innocent "fairy" image, Key himself has nothing to lose if he were caught in something:

Key: Taemin is an adult now. It's the age he can do anything he wants with no limitations, but a lot of people around me think that Taemin is a fairy. Really. As for me, if anything happens I have nothing to lose~ However, people think that Taemin is a fairy. What are you going to do if you get caught in something, that's the END~!!




Key is just the type of person who will want to express himself however he wants, as long as he's being honest to himself. And for that, we love him for it. <3





This probably doesn't mean anything, but I found it interesting.








* Please also check out my analysis for Jaejoong!

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um those blue jean jackets that keyseop had on at the park are the same jackets, Key's just looks lighter because he's in the sun. They have the same pocket design and everything

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Everyone in 2AM except for Jinwoon

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Hi I might as well join this thread. I used to be on the 6theory one but not the H8 one.... so YAY!!!!

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... all of them

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Hi  :lol:


now i can follow u and this thread


I am a KeySeop shiper too, deff and for sure!!  B)

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I posted this over in the temp forums but idk if you guys saw it or not. It's a fanaccount that someone over in the B1A4 thread in allkpop had and posted about. Ngl it made me a tad emotional bc a fear I have is that if ever there were a chance I met my biases they would look at me funny. It just made me love my babies even more.



This is so sweet, babies1a4 are like since debut always so sweet and nice with their fans  :wub:

i'm in love with this fanacc

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I think Key is straight.

i can't tell if your fucking being serious or not

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i can't tell if your fucking being serious or not


Of course you know  ;)

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I don't have to backtrack thousand of pages anymore..

:lol: :lol:

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Welcome everyone ^_^


... all of them




I think Key is straight.


Hey babe <3 




This thread should have like an official otp. I nominate Myungjong y'all. 

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