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Events Team - First General Recruitment of 2018 ☆ Applications Closed

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Welcome to the Events Team's first recruitment of 2018! This recruitment will be a general team recruitment, meaning we're looking for new recruits from any timezone! We're looking for up to 5 new members to welcome aboard this recruitment. Are you ready for it? I CHOOSE YOU!


1. Collaborate with team members on small/large-scale group projects.

2. Create, plan and execute your own small / large-scale events and fulfil your quota.

3. Take part in team discussion in our event sub-forum / pm.

4. Answer user's questions in both of our Ask The Event Team threads

as well as in any games you are hosting.

5. Be in communication with the team at least once every 24 hours

(e.g reading our team PM so we know you're active)

6. Participate in any meetings held by the team coordinator.

7. Be proactive with suggestions and ideas.



1. Game hosting experience. Those without experience will be given an

opportunity to develop and host a project during their probationary period.

2. Interest in group projects.


1. Be organised.

2. Available for daily communication.

3. Willing to work on both group and solo projects.

4. Good internet access.

5. No warning points & good behaviour on the forums.


Timezone & Location:



How many hours a day/week are you on OneHallyu?:

Have you ever hosted a game on OneHallyu? If yes, please link us the thread if it still exists:

What are your strengths?:

What are your weaknesses?:

Do you like group projects and work well in a team? Why / why not?:

Create a mock OP of a game you would host on OneHallyu, here's an example (graphics are not needed):

Anything else you'd like us to know?:

Please send completed applications in a PM with Haru and snsdJM,

titled, "Events Team Application".

Applications close the 28th of January at 6PM KST.


What will change if I become a part of Events Team?

You will no longer be allowed to participate in the monthly raffle! It’s sad to know, but it is true. You may still participate in your fellow team members games and otherwise if you are free!

I don't know much about the games on this forum, but I'm interested in applying. How exactly do forum games work?

  • Forum Games is the game section where games are played hosted by both the user base and the Events Team. Link to the section
  • The section has a sub-section for mafia games and large scale games. Link to the sub-section

Users can create and host games such as repetitive games in the forum games section (which are like count to a million, rate the sig and dp above you etc.) and other minigames like trivia, name 5, guessing songs as well as games that are more on the larger scale such as project runway, discotheque and mafia games in the sub-section.

The events team are mainly in charge of producing and hosting larger scale events for the user base to enjoy with special prizes, such as The Heist, OH!Vision, OH!gwarts and events based on the holidays of Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Summer etc. We also host mini-games and other games in the Forum Games section like The Amazing Race and mini-games like Hot Potato.

The user base also hosts events in the event section like Lemonade Stand Wars and group anniversary events as well as giveaways for K-Pop albums and wons etc.

Users who play events team games also get put into our monthly raffle, you can read more about it in the Events Team Calendar + Monthly Raffle Thread. We also as it says in the title use it as a calendar, and we post in there every time we are hosting new mini games/games, so if you would like, follow it so you can join some of our games~

What if I have little or no experience in the OH game field?

If you're creative and willing to learn and adapt, we'd love to have you! Even if you're lacking in hosting skills on OH, we can train you up to ignite the potential in you.

What do you mean about having reliable internet access?

Having reliable internet access is just so we know you won't go missing half way while hosting a game because your internet is having problems. Of course this is never 100% fully able to be determined ahead of time, and if it occurs it's fine, we just would like your internet access to be generally reliable for the most part.

How often would I have to host games/events?

Being an events team member not only means hosting games and events, but helping out behind the scenes wherever needed, such as judging another member event or helping them with different jobs etc. We expect the hosting of games/events to occur regularly, as opportunities arise to participate in holding a game of such in a large-scale event, such as Halloween, Easter or other themed events, quite often.

If you have any other questions, please ask away.

Good luck to all applicants!

- The Events Team


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Please recruit someone who wants to save the economy *crying*

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Popplio!! ahmagahplz.png .


Best of luck to those applying! 

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Good luck to all applicants ! 



Triple team time leggo

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Good luck to everyone!

Hoping for JM's OHKiller Couple part 2 this Valentine's 



Good luck to all applicants ! 



Triple team time leggo

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I would apply but my schedule is always changing so I'm never sure when I'll be available. ohdearplz.png 

Good luck to everyone applying~! chuplz.png

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Looks likes Like i need to go apply now ....

Edited by GoldenDivas

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I'm never in the game section but y'all got the prettiest stamp colour so I'm tempted...



 good behaviour on the forums.




How low is the bar considering Hateme managed to reach it? 

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I want to apply but my lazy ass is always doing something else so good luck to everyone who wants to apply

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time to apply just to come for Haru's faves everyday x

Edited by arisu

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