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Real Life Ghost Town Found on the Island of Cyprus

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Ghost town: Abandoned homes and airports inside the Cyprus UN Buffer Zone

This year marks the fortieth anniversary of when Cyprus was split into two following a Turkish invasion. The United Nations installed a demilitarised buffer zone in between Cyprus's ethnic Greeks living in the south and the Turks in the north. Neither are allowed inside the zone that runs for more than 180 kilometres across the whole island. The width of the zone ranges from 3.3m to 7.4km. In the forty years since the buffer zone has turned into a crumbling ghost town, with eerie abandoned

airports, shops and homes.



The passenger departure area at the abandoned Nicosia airport. (Reuters)




Think layers of dust cover brand-new cars in a showroom of a shopping centre in central Nicosia. The cars were imported from Japan to be sold at a Toyota dealership. They were stored here during the 1974 conflict and have not been moved since. (REUTERS/Neil Hall)




Wire forms a sinister gate around an abanonded house in central Nicosia. (REUTERS/Neil Hall)




Old Coca-Cola and Pepsi bottles are covered in dirt and dust on a table at an abandoned cafe. (REUTERS/Neil Hall)



Broken shutters and boarded up windows in an abandoned residential street in central Nicosia. (REUTERS/Neil Hall)




A decrepit watchtower stands along the United Nations buffer zone in the district of Famagusta, northern Cyprus. (REUTERS/Neil Hall)



Ghost town: A former commercial street is seen in the United Nations buffer zone in central Nicosia. (REUTERS/Neil Hall)



No flights from here: The abandoned Nicosia International Airport. (REUTERS/Neil Hall)




Formerly beautiful homes are left with peeling paint and broken roof tiles. (REUTERS/Neil Hall)




No food today: The blue cupboard doors are left off its hinges in an abandoned cafe kitchen. (REUTERS/Neil Hall)



Large cobwebs cover a sink in an abandoned cafe in central Nicosia. (REUTERS/Neil Hall)




A Cyprus Airways passenger jet stands in the abandoned Nicosia International Airport. (REUTERS/Neil Hall)



Advertising billboards at the abandoned Nicosia International Airport. (REUTERS/Neil Hall)




Immigration counters at the abandoned Nicosia International Airport. (REUTERS/Neil Hall)



Scraps of wood on the floor at the Nicosia Airport. (REUTERS/Neil Hall)




source and for more information

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Wow. Ghost towns are always so interesting to me with how some things are preserved. 

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Amazing but unbelievably bonechilling. Just 30 years ago, there were people walking down those streets.

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This is incredible.



Why did I suddenly remembered Paper Towns by John Green?

I'm just thinking Margo will love this.

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