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I have no words other then thanking for taking me in and being so nice from the get go. We have clicked on well in the short amount of time that we have known each other~ I may have known for a short amount of time but I can see why Shiny is friends with you~

For many more spamily memories we will have ^^

I hope you are studying hard and good luck with your exam







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whenever senpai notices me. v3PWeSy.png

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To: SweetInPurple

Sweet like your username. O7sAhT3akiiWEKd5WNQp8zL5S_21Ky3e_h0BBhQ2 Somehow I was believe that we will be close, and that belief is true. When I see you, I always wondering about me, like am I similar like you, lol. Let's get along well ><


To: Haru


Haruuuuu~ I believe you know me lol. I was so excited when I see fanatic Sana fan like you. You always made me remember about her whenever I see you >< I don't know if you know about me, but I really look into the future when we talking each other about things dTRamd5x-lwii-4OOguL_9TxDANvVNOBvPjg5gng


To: loonatrash

I can't believe that you're here too, and I also can't believe that you're ujung. I thought you were only loona trash, but you prove me wrong, and you stan so many groups that I stanning too. You're wonderful, and precious ♥

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omoo Sweet


Thank you I appreciate it. Time to revive our pm


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To: Shiny

( I owe you a long one since I’ve never thanked you before for everything )

To start off this letter, I want to really show my gratitude toward you for being my friend from survivor days to now in spamily. I remember when I first talked to you, it felt like we clicked automatically with your humor and playful side acting as a bot. You were so passionate about your job working with animals/future vet and pokemon with such interesting stories. I would always respond in the cord when you did an emoji with excitement during your breaks. Flashback now, you were so loyal to stalk me and cheese to the 1M won giveaway thread to keep in contact after the server cord died from being inactive. You were the one to revive and spam it with DIA pictures and gifs - being as competitive as always trying to beat our post counts. If it weren’t for you, the nickname “spamily†wouldn’t have existed now. You created such a fun environment for all with games, memes from discord, loona memes, dia promotions and more. Everyone appreciates you and are all laughing at your great sense of humor. Thanks for being so loyal, cute and caring as you were always there for me. I will always appreciate fart, rats, dia, unb, baejin for you~


To: Mimi

I love you a lot <3 my top fave in OH. You will always be remembered as my precious, funny, caring, badass yet cute friend. I told you many times but I am so glad I met you and eventually become part of the minion squad. It’s always fun tagging along with you as the boss and carrying our minion jokes along with us wherever we go. What I love most about this friendship is that we are there for each other 110% at any drama we create or are involved in lmao. You are like my sidekick, ready to fight off any hoes that come at me. In exchange, I also try to do the same in WW when those hoes lynch you or drama you get yourself into - my natural instinct would be to defend you and then cheer you up right after.

Not only are we there for each other as comrades, but we are down to always hug each other with the peepo frog and bot in cord. The peepo hug became one of my favorite sticker on cord and what i placed in my card cus it makes me feel loved and welcomed. It’s so fun being cheesy with you which is ironic b/c i would always remember how you weren’t used to it when i first met you lol.


In addition, you brought many laughter in my life lmao. Your dog emoji and innocent cat memes always me laugh out loud, annoying the hell out of my neighbor. Overall, never forget me as your dedicated stalker since day 1 even to the resizing thread (can’t believe i did that LOL) <3 ily

qnBl_FPAJod26sZjPPLob_D6pch-_ZaQyZpbEwTW n-li95IeyTrgcSyHDDCLoumtvU5of5B0j_o7Cinm


To: Nelkah

I always told you my first impression was that you were a mysterious person in the forum game with nice aesthetics and pretty nice responses to users. Then after you became events team member, you started making threads and talking to me more in my threads. You were so consistent on it and I would always notice you commenting on them, indicating that maybe you wanted to be friends with me. Then we would have play fights as we would fight over trash who the better wife was lmao and I would lose every time being jealous and salty. It was cute because it showed you weren’t just a serious person and you were down to joke around. Luckily, we got to know each other more ever since you joined 1M giveaway as we were savage to each other. I’m sorry that it went pretty far sometimes but know that i think of you as a sweetheart of this thread complimenting mimi and trash. It was fun stealing your username and pretending to be like you. Thanks for being my friend <3

To Stanstan:

I am thankful and grateful for you honestly stan. You were one of the loyal posters along with rose in this thread since the beginning and i have to give you props for that. I know deep down you are staying for me and cheese (along with trash) as we really connect as sarcastic and nice people. You were so chill and approachable since day 1 when i teased you for being dupes with ego. In addition, you will always be the pikachu that I will always summon to the thread with my pokeball calling. Overall, thanks for listening to my problems in PM.. idk how i would even stay on this site after approaching you. You are such a smart person to figure out the problem everytime and giving me the best advice afterwards. Thank you for yelling at me to not procrastinate as i would have never had motivation after signing up for this site. Ily <3 show more of your cheesy i lub you side more juseyo lmao


To Vroom:

I love how we have a shady relationship where we constantly throw these silly comments at each other. In addition, i will never forget those times when we constantly plugged our faves with your current doggo dp. Continue being #1 moonbyul promoter.

To: Rei-chama

The sweetest and most hyper wifeu one can ask for. You bring energy to this thread and any wherever you go. True entertainer who’s also so loyal and talented <3 we all know kyul-chama is the superior OTP and that you are a top


To: Chim

You are a very sweet user who I always see compliment users from here to there. As I got to know you more, I was able to see your funny side that always matched the gifs well such as the alien one. Your passion for Chungha and BTS are so cute as well, always plugging rollercoaster and gifs everywhere with Cheese.Thanks for being so nice to me, welcoming me back everytime I came back from my hiatus. It just makes spamily more like a family like that. I miss your energy in this thread where you backtrack and quote everyone, ready to revive any conversations. I’ll never stop teasing you by shipping you with ceyla because your reactions are always so funny lmao you two are seriously cute together tho ngl. Lastly, you never fail to make me feel special, touched and happy really with your posts.  Thanks for being my friend and being my stalker lmao where we revealed to each other in that one thread <3 Come back soon!! We’re all waiting for you.

To: Bella

You are such an admiring figure as the mark of OH in multiple teams. It’s inspirational to me with your graphic skills because your style is so on point and up notch from your sets to any designs you put on your threads. In addition, I will always grateful for the profile you made me because it was my OH dream to have a fancy profile. I’m so happy you joined and stayed consistent with spamily even though you were hesitant in the beginning. It allowed me to meet such an  adorable person those peepo stickers and friendly girl quoting everyone in the thread. In addition, you’re such a visual kween omg ended all my kpop faves. Thanks for being my friend <33 You are seriously loved and admired by many OHers. Continue slaying ~



To Cheese:

Lmao people confuse us together but i get it since i stalk you everywhere like a minion with mimi. You are the main reasons why i have friends here on OH such as trash, mimi, shiny and more. Honestly thanks and yes i copied who you stan.  

To: Angy

Thanks for being my sweet and random sugar daughter in spamily lmao I wouldn’t never thought I would be a mom. Your poems actually brighten my mood and our joke with won. You always greet me back whenever I leave the site during an hiatus and it made me feel more at home. Continue building your little iconic army stick figure family and I will always reward you with won anytime you need it. Love you <3


To: Pirine

I still remember when you were one of the first OG posters here. I miss the days where we would complain about school, spam gifs and review music videos. It was always fun making threads and promoting the hell out of shook sisteren GG with lewd and cheese. Grats on becoming a mod shook sisteren <3 I’m so fking proud of you.

To: Johnnyrose

I met you so early in my OH day as an aghase who’s so so sweet and also playful whenever I’m crazy with my friends. You would always try to join in the fun and I would think that was very cute. I’m sorry I ditched the 1M won giveaway before it got revived again.. It was stupid of me sorry but i wasn’t used to talking in a group chat kind of style thread. I’m glad I met you actually johnny. You will always be my favorite hidden kard on this site with so much energy when it comes to your bias groups. Continue spamming that running got7 gif that would make me laugh and spamming the thread with food pics.


To: Pink

When I joined the NCT cord, I seriously wasn’t planning on being active because I didn’t want to get addicted. But I’m glad that wasn’t true because I soon met such great friends in there like you. I remember we first met in jaehyun channel when cheese would promote all those gifs - I loved fangirling with you with all of mass cute crying peepo emojis lmao. It was so precious of you literally cus i can relate when it comes to my faves.

You have sass inside of you that always surprises me and im so happy you are more brave talking to us now <3 We are always ready to shade each other for dropping our faves and I would laugh every single time. Stop being a chanyeol akgae ahaha don’t pretend you like sehun too jk

Lastly, I’m so grateful you helped me come up with a topic for my history paper, honestly it saved me so much stress. I always struggle with writing and having you as my friend who i can PM anytime for help was a blessing. In addition, I loved how we complimented each other in forum games, it made my day really. You are a really really cute and sweet person I don’t deserve. Hope you become a successful author one day with your novel because your passion is so cute <3 I’m grateful for the 1 page letter you wrote me, it touched me because it shows what a genuinely caring person you are. I’ll stay in discord for u ~


To: Tayenne

I actually still remember when I first met you in your music game. The shade toward my basic music choices always brought a laugh to me aha but i had so much fun judging everyone’s music! It was always a surprise to me when you commented in the 1M won giveaway thread saying you would steal my doki doki gif. You were pretty friendly and we would joke around about trash banning. Overall, you always gave me that intelligent yet caring vibe whenever you visit this thread as you would always quote everyone. Thanks for staying!


To: Syzao

You are super super super sweet and nice to everyone in this thread spreading love everywhere you go. Props to you for being a great writer with those poems you write. Stay that way forever <3 we dont deserve you honestly


To: Multi

You have taste in groups honestly with nice aesthetics. Thanks for sticking around and hosting those hunger games!


To: Fruitstar

Thanks for all the daily upvotes and nice comments <3

To: Nico

I would always remember you accompanying me, shiny and vroom late at night spamming random gifs and having a laugh. Thanks for being such cute and caring <3


To: Toreishii

You are such a cute dupe with the corgi meme. You seem like a great friend to shiny and im glad you guys know each other well. I hope to know more about you and hope you visit 1M won to talk to us <3

To: Fakgae

I miss you bacon <3 do well in school and life for me


To: Nana

You are the most stubborn and tsundere person i’ve met on discord lmao. It will always be funny to me when you would always divorce me after marrying for only 5 minutes because I wasn’t mark lee or jeno from NCT even after I changed my username/dp to them. I will never forget these fun play fights and surprising moments on the cord. I hope that you type more in 1M won giveaway thread even though you may be busy to keep nakyul otp alive. We all know you secretly love me even though you deny it 100 times.

To: Myeeek:

Myeeek, you are funny and playful whenever me and nana would argue. I’m happy you find me funny and im glad you have taste to stan loona/nct! Stick more to the thread and try not be shy around us really cus we are all friendly.


To Full Sun:

You are the sweetest nctzen ever on this site. I would always love your compliment and presence in the cord and im happy im your bias. We all know cassun is the ultimate otp <3

To Meilyn:

My secret admirer aha You honestly make my days sometimes when you call me your favorite from shook sisteren days until now in the 1M thread! It was a cute moment when you confessed that I was a funny and sweet user <3 Even though you’re busy in real life, know that I miss you and look forward to your return!


To lusci:

Thanks for joining spamily! Hope you become more active because you seem like a very sweet person who enjoys stalking me lool <3

To: Haru, god, chris, ari, snoopy, lovesound, yelena, potato, yfas, juu and everyone else in spamily:

Thank you all for joining spamily seriously and posting here accompanying me. You all are so funny and friendly honestly. I hope I get to know you all more eventually after more conversations <3

Edited by Shiny Rat
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Part 1


1. Fruitstar is a slay for upvoting each quotes every single day and posting jaehyun gifs. Hope one day you’ll unlurk more often and ily for laughing at my posts  


2. Halleyy, thanks for joining the thread when we asked you to stay. I find it cute how we both used snack names for our username. You’re a sweet person for writing me a poem on my profile, it really made me smile


3. I appreciate Loonatrash’s promotions in the thread. Keep promoting my faves such as Gfriend and Chungha. Also thanks for hosting hunger games once in a while!


4. Rei is everyone’s best friend in the thread. Might as well make it the tag. Im looking forward to the IU ww you will host for me


5. Syzao’s positivity is what everyone aspires for on OH. It’s something inspiring and nice to see. Your poems are all so special and i’ll remember the cheese_it poem you wrote for me.


6. To nugu umbreon/AID the WING/mom, I never would have thought to become so close to you. I can say for certain that I can see our friendship lasting long. To this day, I’m still shook how we met in a random OH thread and luck that you happened to join survivor. I thought you were really funny when we first encountered because you refused to donate me won and kept using those lame pokemon gifs. I just knew that I had to friend you right away from that encounter. Through that, I learned that you are a caring person who is considerate of how others feel. I felt that you were actually like a mother figure who I could vent to and feel better after doing so. I really like that in a friend who acknowledges how others feel and gives really good advice. I’m also happy that you stalked me and kyul to the 1 mil won thread cause I know you were barely active on OH then. I am proud of what you contribute to Spamily with the events you host and for being a great leader. You made spamily into a family environment and I love the thread so much <3


7. To sweetinpurple, you have taste to stan chungha and i love when you welcomed pir to the thread. So caring and inviting, thank you


8. To stansatan, I can’t thank you with words for what you have done for me on OH. You know I’ve been really stressed these past few days and you have help guide me through it all. I don’t know how one can be so insightful and calm. It’s amazing how well you analyze situations and how you manage to find the right solutions. Because of this, I am never hesitant to open up to you about how i’m feeling. You also know how to read people so well, I feel like such a flop in comparison. I’m still shook that you wanted to get close to me and i’m appreciative that you made me realize you are a great person. Keep typing in the spamily thread bc it’s hilarious to neg each other + joke how I can’t shade. Also, I ship you and Mimi tho, don’t worry it’ll work out kek. Love you.


9. To Doki, to be honest I admired you before I approached you and even told you that in a thread. It amazes me how you are so knowledgeable and passionate in your BTS threads and you sound like a queen when you argue with anti’s. I was so shook when I first talked to you because you are such a sweet person. Also you were a loyal fan for so long, I was so shocked because i felt like it was the opposite. You probably don’t even know that you are secretly my bias on OH. Keep promoting chungha and supporting other people’s faves, love you.


10. To trash, I freaking miss you so much. I can’t even express how much I appreciate you for all you’ve done for me. You are my OG best friend, my little sister, someone incredibly precious to me. All I want to do is make sure you’re always laughing, always smiling and always safe. I feel so protective over you and never like it when others argue with you. I am the person that will step in and make sure nobody ever hurts you. I feel such responsibility to make sure you’re always protected and happy. Ugh I love you so much and I really want you to come back on OH. You’re the other half of our iconic duo. I am not me without you here and i miss you too much lately </3


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11. To Bella, you’re extremely talented and skilled at what you do. All the Kpop idols are shaking at these skills. I am still shook from the profile you made for me. I promise you I will never change it. It fits my personality so well and the most artistic profile on onehallyu. Anyways, it has been fun whenever we joke about stanning jawhyun and locust and making that appreciation thread of Lucas.. I was so happy when you made the Jaehyun graphic of the award thread in return. You were being so cute, saying that I should stay up for it. I was so excited when I saw it and didn’t even know how to thank you.  You have the ability to make anyone smile honestly. I’ve been so stressed this week and the hearts you posted in the 1M thread brought my mood up. Let’s keep chatting in 1M thread~


12.  To luna,

The reason why there is an existence of a jawhyun akgae cult. I cracked up when you came up with that name for Jaehyun. We should continue looking up Jaehyun photos and making those appreciation threads of him. It was extremely fun to come up with captions and promote him in the 1m thread. Even though people may judge us for it, I really liked how you helped me out.

I really want to thank you for helping me out last week when I needed an advice on an issue. It was the best decision I could have made. You helped raise my mood up and relieve the stress. Thank you so much, I hope you will continue to open up to me as well. I am always there to listen to your troubles <3 you’re such a funny and great friend. I’m so glad I dragged you to type in that thread and i’m happy to see you are getting more friends. Love you luna.


13. To Nelkah, the true bully of the thread that blames me for being the bully. I don’t know why it is just so fun to mess with you. It’s like an addiction to shade you, but it makes me laugh every time. I think i’m just jealous that my closest friends love you so much. I don’t blame them bc I can see how you’re a great friend for others. I feel the need to be sweeter to you just because of that. So i’ll be sweet and say i love you and you’re actually a really good person. I’m happy you stayed in this thread. Hopefully this won’t be addressed to Stan lool.. I can’t tell you two apart I swear. I was so excited to congratulate Stan for getting into event team that day lmfao. Shit, this isn’t a letter to stan.


14.  To Toreshii, my dupeee. How did we end up talking about club penguin to becoming my dupe? I feel so at ease when I joke with you and we click on so many things. I feel like we have such similar habits and taste in food. I’m jealous that shiny can meet you, you sound like a great friend to hang out with. I miss you and wish you would visit the 1m thread more often.


15. To Mimi,

You mean a lot to me. Our friendship is so strong and we are so compatible. As a minion, I’m the most faithful to you and always there to defend you. You’re so funny and I always read your posts whenever I have a bad day. How do you find such quality gifs and learn to be so messy with anti’s? Lmao, keep fighting and improve OH users taste.


16. To Caspie,

My favorite minion. A freaking cutie, the cutest user on OH. How are you so freaking pure and innocent. I hope you know I stalk you to see if you are doing fine. I worry easily about you and i feel like it’s my responsibility to protect you.We always hug each other when we’re down and tease each other to laugh. You are such a great friend, my bestie <3

Edited by Shiny Rat
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17. To chim,

Chim, you’re a sweet user and I love whenever you show up and spam in the spamily thread. I’m so proud you decided to stan Chungha and how we both promote her in the thread. Thanks for using the Chungha gifs with me and spamming it all over OH. Ahhh, I’m living for your passion and energy <3 Not only that, but you made that cheese_it thread for me. You even knew that I liked pink and showed me the pretty design you made for the thread. So artistic and creative, that is def one of the threads I’ll never forget. Thanks for everything <3


18. To kyul,

Stop following me okay and stop making people think I talk to myself. I have enough seeing you every day. Yes this is a hate letter and I’m lazy to write more. Love you and trolled hehehe



20. To fakgae,

I miss you always and am always there to welcome you back when you are banned. Love you


21. Green tea, you are entertaining honestly. Stay as is!


22. To full sun, I remember you were the first nctzen I talked to on OH and we would randomly talk here and there in forum games. From there, I learned that you're a really nice user and got taste. I mean you even stan Jaehyun. I'm proud that caspie have you as her friend, you two are goals af. It has been really fun chatting with you every day and you are a loyal fan always having my back. Ilyy


23. Myeek, you’re a sweet one and i love ya <3


24. To rest of Spamily, You are all my family. I love you all!



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My favorite minion. A freaking cutie, the cutest user on OH. How are you so freaking pure and innocent. I hope you know I stalk you to see if you are doing fine. I worry easily about you and i feel like it’s my responsibility to protect you.We always hug each other when we’re down and tease each other to laugh. You are such a great friend, my bestie <3




I love you soo much cheese. I don't deserve you :rlytearpls: :rlytearpls:

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*for Ninja_Potato: Thank you so much for not # me as you know my situation with #. I really appreciate that. And I don't know what happened to me that time, thank you so much for listening. But did someone tell you that you have 0 communication skills? TSK.*

np, please come back. ily. congrats on 83 lvl. sorry for harassing you. it wasn't me i swear. Ssex


*for dina: Salut Dina! Tu es mon meilleur amie. Je suis vraiment content de t'avoir. J'ai hâte de revenir. S'il te plait, fais bien dans ton école~ Je vais aussi faire de ma mieux.*

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I like to thank Shiny she is what made this thread possible, with the alluring gifs to spam about animals I find her so cute, I found out about DIA too, I am begining to stan them.

I appreciate all the effort you give for this thread, the events, the games, the polls so cool.

I hope we meet each othe more often because of our time zones you always go when I write.



Even thought I never meet Trash I know she is nice and everyone misses her. Hope you comeback asap.



Cheese and Kyulkyung you are both so cute, I like you so much.

You are both the sweetest and the life of spamily, I feel you are so mature and responsible and I seriously want to know a lot more of both of you.

Kyul and Chungha are the queens okay so I met now you both to share my passion for them and I know you are the best promotor of them.

I don't know how much I can say then to know you cheer me up and say nice things to me and I appreciate so much and I want to say thank you for your kinda words and for being who you are.

Continue doing what you do I love you<3



Nelkah you are so cute, you have so much taste I wanna have a Hani dp and set too. You seem so nice and pretty and emo lmfao I just want to say that I wanna get to know you better too.

Hope we can get a lot closer.



ChimKookie I miss you much where is the Jk and Chungha stan?

You are one of the nicest, I liked when we stanned chungha together. Hope you return to spamily quick please.

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