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Kim Jong Kook's Interview for Immature Bromance


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KJK recalled the first meeting with Hong Kyung Min.
â–²" At first, I thought HKM was a newbie singer with a pretty face."
KJK :"That was a TURBO Observing camera program, KM secretly hiding in our dormitory balcony to shoot how we live. That was the first time I met him, I thought him was a newbie singer with a pretty face, but afterward I realized he is very talented."
â–²"Rather than Bon Jovi, I'll say HKM is South Korea's Ricky Martin! "
â–²"HKM is a passionate friend"
KJK said that HKM like to drink, but he will not do something wrong under influence.
â–²"Dragon club, We do not care about gains and losses"
KJK said that Dragon club is like neighborhood friends in the entertainment industry. They understand each other about those things they cannot share with other friends. Even if they do not meet often, even has not met for a long time, if one of them need help, everyone will come forward without hesitate. ▲"Full of expectation to《Dragon Club-Immature Bromance》"
KJK :" Motivated KM want to do something, Hyuk is tiring on filming and want rest, I will be noisy like in variety show, Tae Hyun will keep nagging, I look forward to chatting with my friends during the trip."



6 more days..

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