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[Immature Bromance] Hong Kyun In talks about his close friend of 20 years Kim Jong Kook


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《Dragon Club-Immature Bromance》Relay interview, the 3rd object is Hong Kyung In. ? ◆"I and KJK first met in 1997, I thought he was the older one."
In 1997, Hong Kyung In and KJK met in a music program, after learning that they are same age, they became very close immediately and drink together in the dormitory of TURBO often. â—†"KJK's marriage? I think he knows best."
KJK is the only bachelor in dragon club, but Hong Kyung In said that he won't too worry about that.
"Although we always told JK to get married soon, as a close old friend, I think he knows best about what he want.
The only thing I ask for him is if there is anyone he want married to showed up, please tell us first, I certain don't want know the good news via press. " â—†"20 years buddies, KJK is a friend with loyalty and justice. "
Hong Kyung In said KJK is a completely self-managing, loyalty and justice man.
"JK was very silent at the age of 20, and very masculine. I am not saying he is not masculine now. But after doing so many variety show, he became more talkative and humorous, that is pretty good to be so vivid now. â—†"Dragon club, Wherever you go, they are friends who make you proud of. "
Hong Kyung In said: "Even if we don't meet too often, no need any word, we always understand each other and comfort each other."
He was excited about the upcoming trip, look forward to catch up with each other.





Just one more week before premiere  ..

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