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~Official Thread~ Overprotected Kahoko

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Title : Overprotected Kahoko (Kahogo no Kahoko)

Network : NTV

Release Date : July 12,2017 -  September 13, 2017

Runtime : Wednesdays


Nemoto Kahoko is a naive 21-year-old university student. She relies on her mother, Izumi, for everything in her life. Her mother wakes her up everyday, picks up her clothes, while Kahoko Nemoto has never done housework or driven a car. One day, Kahoko Nemoto meets a young man who grew up in a completely opposite environment.



Overprotected_Kahoko-Mitsuki_Takahata.jp  Mitsuki Takahata - Kahoko Nemoto


Overprotected_Kahoko-Ryoma_Takeuchi.jpg Ryoma Takeuchi - Hajime Mugino


Overprotected_Kahoko-Hitomi_Kuroki.jpg Hitomi Kuroki - Izumi Nemoto


Overprotected_Kahoko-Saburo_Tokito.jpg Saburo Tokito - Masataka Nemoto




More info:



Links to watch (eng):






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