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5 Mind Blowing BTS Music Video Moments


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5 Mind Blowing BTS Music Video Moments

By: Pencil Monster

BTS-MV_FB.png?w=1200&ssl=1BTS or Bangtan Boys, ehem, Beyond the Scene rather, is known as probably the biggest and hottest Kpop boy group right now. Composed of 7 members in Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, they have skyrocketed to global fame in the past few months thanks to their heart-stopping songs and razor-sharp dancing. Now they make the trends and rule the charts not only in their native South Korea but also around the world. However today we’re not going to talk about songs, choreographies, or trends.


Today we spotlight something else. Have you seen a mind blowing BTS music video? Chances are you have. But if you haven’t, that’s alright. One thing they’re especially known for is their very complicated Music Videos filled with allegories and hidden messages. They incorporate a lot of symbolisms and motifs to their Music Videos that would then generate thousands of theories from their fans. They even ask their ARMYs to read classical books as a sort of guide to their story lines. Talk about smart entertainment! And we really like that their videos really mess with our heads. So because we love mind-blowing stuff so much, we’ve decided to ruin our brains even more by compiling a list of the Top 5 mind blowing BTS music video moments for all the ARMYs out there.

Are you excited to get your mind blown?



Well, so are we.

Let’s start.


5. V Ironing Jin (


When you think of the Fire MV you think of a banger song with an epic soundscape further enhanced by an intense choreo. You see Suga shaking hands with a sketchy hooded figure who starts to burn, then J-Hope takes off with his verse, then suddenly… V is ironing Jin?


What????? Hmmm. What can it mean? What are they trying to say? Is there a connection to the jug with the word ‘Boiled’ Rap Monster is holding? Towards the end of the Music Video we get a few words that say ‘BOY MEETS WHAT’ could it be that BOY MEETS IRON?? Maybe not, but it blew our minds regardless.

  4. BTS bus crashes after collision with a bunch of empty boxes (



Something seems fishy here. Who put those boxes directly in the path of the BTS bus? How did Jin miss them? Were they targeted with a set-up accident? Is Jin an accomplice? This is some really mysterious stuff. We cannot comprehend.

  3. J-Hope and the rest of BTS party using a stove (


Like we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s no secret that Fire is a bop. They literally filmed a good portion of the Music Video on a club! But the most mind-blowing thing about it is when the boys, led by J-Hope, turnt up to party using a stove! They were really cooking something there, but what are they cooking? Our minds are blown once again.


  2. V slapping Jimin’s butt then losing his mind (


War of Hormone is literally the most fun Music Video BTS ever made. The song is so upbeat and fresh, the dancing is so energetic, the mood is just really good. But was the mood a little too good? In one of the scenes of the MV we see V slap Jimin’s juicy ass.



We got shookt. But V looked more shookt than we did. Mind. Blown.

  1. Jimin peeking at Jungkook’s P-dogg (



Well, of course, this had to top the list. Jimin boldly going where no man has gone before is the ultimate mind blowing mystery. What did he see? Did he like what he saw? Why did he smile?


What is Jeon Jungkook hiding?


It’s super mind blowing, it turns us all fragile. From the deep implications, to its goose-bumps inducing effect, this is without a doubt the most mind blowing BTS music video moment we’ve seen so far!! Who says no??

Knowing BTS, we know these entries and the list will be topped soon. Can’t wait for them to blow our minds once again when they come back!

Credit: Mindoverblown.com

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