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OH Press Updates #9 - Fans & Boundaries, EXO Conspiracies, Member Departures, Twitter Royalties, Pre-Debut Promotions, JJ Project, VIXX LR and more!

exo jj project winner vixx lr gugudan day6 loona kard

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Posted 06 August 2017 - 09:17 AM (Edited by SLY™, 06 August 2017 - 09:20 AM.)




Hey there! It's the most innocent & purest OH Press author in OH Blog, SLY, bringing you all the goodies brought by the amazing aforementioned blog for the whole month of July!







After numerous incidents of idols and fans going over their respective boundaries, join the OH Press team in discussing about the recurring issue of fan entitlement.




Three upcoming power duos that will shake up August! by SLY


August will surely be HOT! A brief introduction to three duos that will make August even more sizzling!



Artist Spotlight: Gugudan (구구단) by SLY 

Join me uncovering the astounding girl group Gugudan!

EXO Comeback Leaks: Corporate Conspiracy Or Sasaeng Sleuths? by Wasta

With the repeated appearance leaked snippets or previews of the boy group's comeback materials, are we convinced that it is a "leak" or perhaps a conspiracy?

Show Review : Idol Drama Operation Team by black_miri

"Catch my mind, catch my mind." Join black_miri as she reviews the recently concluded idol drama slash variety show!

Drama Review: Ruler – Master Of The Mask by SLY

Is it really worth the watch? Make up your mind as you will be guided with a review of Ruler: Master of the Mask.


Top 4: Pre-Debut Promotion Methods by sunmo


From Hot Blooded Men, to Idol School.. From SM Rookies, to W Project.. Sunmo takes a deeper view on the top 4 tactics to promote a debuting group.


Times @Jae_Day6 Proved He Is Korea’s King Of Twitter by SLY


Winning the Twitter-verse is none other than Day6' Jae! Let's recall some of his notable tweets that will inspire you, or give you a good laugh.

LCK Summer 2017 Week 5 Match Spotlight: The Telecom War! by DazzlingBona


DazzlingBona treats us to a highlight of the match between SKT and KT Rolster!


Breakdown: VM Project by Sapphic

You can like your oppas' or unnies' music videos, but do you know who works behind the scene? Sapphic gives us an overview of one of the best teams in South Korea!

7 Member Departures That Paved Way For Other Members To Shine by SLY
OT*insert number here* fans here not allowed! A fan's perspective on some cases where members leaving opened the door for others to shine.

The Return Of Super Junior D&E by lipslocked✿
lipslocked✿ surely is more than excited as she introduces Super Junior's sub-unit, D&E!


Meeting The Korean And Filipino Cast Of My Love From The Star! by SLY

A quality drama and a quality remake! Let's meet the Filipinos who will bring new life to the characters of hit TV series, My Love From The Star!






Album Review: JJ PROJECT – VERSE #2 by SLY

After 5 years, JJ Project is back! Let's see how the album fare.

Album Review: Winner – Our Twenty For by ladyandsansa

The sons of YG are here again after their smash hit, Really Really. ladyandsansa takes a review for their newest album. 

Album Review: Raina- Loop by sunmo

What? Is this real?! A member of After School?! Raina is back and sunmo delightfully creates a review for Loop.

Album Review: P.O.P- PUZZLE OF POP by Sunmo
A blockbuster debut! Mamamoo's sisters reviewed by sunmo.

Single Review: LOONA – Choerry by Rinne


Another member revealed for the upcoming phenomenal girl group, LOONA! Rinne is more than excited to give her opinions on Choerry.



Album Review: Dreamcatcher – Prequel by Rinne


Supreme Leader Rinne checks out the newest album of Dreamcatcher!



Album Review: Jessi – Un2verse by ladyandsansa

The ssen-unnie is back! Ladyandsansa dissects Jessi's new album


Album Review: Jung Yonghwa- Do Disturb by Sunmo


Sunmo gives a review on CNBlue's vocalist's newest solo act!

Album Review: K.A.R.D – 1st Mini Album Hola Hola by Mogwai


Did they live up to their debut hype? Mogwai answers that in KARD's debut album review.

Album Review: EXO – The War by Rinne


Everyone should not be in for Suho's armpits but for their music!!! Rinne reviews EXO's much anticipated new quality album.



Album Review: One – One Day by sunmo


After being under YG's dungeon, former 1Punch member One officially debuts as Sunmo jams to his debut album.



Album Review: Red Velvet – The Red Summer by Rinne


With Sistar and Wonder Girls waving goodbye, who will now save summer? Rinne watches Red Velvet as they try to save summer with a fun and fruity new album!






OH! Chart Results: All-Conquering Idol Dominates Field by krusty95

OH! Chart Results: Invincible Idols by krusty95

OH! Chart Results: Heat Turns Up On Regulars by krusty95

OH! Chart Results: Which Idol Group Claimed First Prize? by krusty95

OH! Chart Results: Who Claimed Their First Crown? by krusty95


It has been a roller coaster ride in OneHallyu's very own chart! Join krusty95 and find out which artists took the glorious crowns of OH! Chart!






A Q&A With Your Favourite English Cover Artists by choiyujins


Choiyujins gives us a Q&A with the cover artists we adore and love!



[Up & Coming J-Pop] Listen To Callme by Sakura Harano
Sakura Harano introduces you to a the music of Callme that you need to look out for!



Artist Spotlight: Aimer (エメ) by Rinne

Rinne gives the spotlight to the underrated but madly talented singer-songwriter Aimer!



Interview: Get To Know BANANALEMON by sakura harano


Sakura Harano got the chance to talk to rookie J-Pop group, BananaLemon! Know the 4-membered girl group better and fall for their charms in this OH! Press special interview.






Discovering Chris Lee And Her World Of Music by  lipslocked✿ 


Want to know what's more behind her sweet smile? lipslocked✿ will be our portal into knowing Chris Lee!






The blog is as fruitful as ever! There are lots of interesting articles of different varieties to choose from!





If by chance the above articles captivated your interest and made you say "OH Blog is so amazing I will read more of them" then you're in good luck! Here are the other recaps of the blog.


Update 1 | Update 2 Update 3 | Update 4 | Update 5 | Update 6 | Update 7 | Update 8





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OH Press are always giving their best in releasing original content for the OneHallyu-ers. We hope everyone likes loves it! 



#2 Anki_tao


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Posted 06 August 2017 - 11:20 AM

Thank you... These were a nice read.



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Posted 06 August 2017 - 12:38 PM

Awww this is cute Guys

#4 ByulHarangBona


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Posted 06 August 2017 - 09:49 PM

Great work!

#5 Rinne


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Posted 07 August 2017 - 02:14 AM




    one of golden child's five fans

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Posted 09 August 2017 - 08:17 AM

Thank you... These were a nice read.

Glad you liked it! :chu:

#7 MYwonderchild



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Posted 31 August 2017 - 12:34 PM

exo fighting

i like them

so much

#8 maniasong



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Posted 21 October 2017 - 12:38 PM

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