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~Official QUEENDOM (퀸�), 1st single "FLY HIGH" release 08/07, Thread~

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Group Name: QUEENDOM

Company: AN-J Ent

Debut: 08/07/2017


QUEENDOM is a new trio girl group from AN-J Ent who will released their 1st digital single on August 7th named "FLY HIGH"

Before Queendom was Queendom they went by the name Sixth Sense who originally debuted in May 2015. When they debuted they were a trio with the members I.N, Hayoung and Heeju. Sixth Sense debuted with "Barbie Girl" but they didn't get much notice & they slowly went away. Then AN-J Ent was going to debut a girl group called "ST-Age" But then ST-Age was no more while Sixth Sense came back again with a whole new lineup (some of the ST-Age members were in Sixth Sense now) This time they were a 4 member group with the members: Jiyul, Jenna, Roa and Heejae. After that Jenna left the group & they were joined by Miel! Then Sixth Sense "re-debuted or had a comeback" (Whichever you want to call it) with the song "Feel Me" On October 4th  2016. Then in October 2016, Sixth Sense released the song "Don't Go"Then in December 2016 it was announced that member Roa will be leaving the group (Roa is now in a trio called "Ramisu") 

After that for a while Sixth Sense really wasn't doing anything. The company & them started to delete stuff. AN-J Ent deleted all their mv & videos off of the youtube channel & then slowly they started changing their stuff from saying Sixth Sense to saying "Queendom" so fans speculated that they were going to redebut under the new name Queendom but nothing was said until a day ago (August 3rd) that they are redebuting under the new name "Queendom" and they'll be releasing their 1st single "Fly High" on August 7th.


Barbie Bunny: 

Feel Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecWX8MACGvM

Don't Go: 


















Position: Leader, Vocal

Birthday: November 20 1989

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 43 kg

Blood Type: A

School: Dankook University

Hometown: Seoul

Jiyul was in Sixth Sense












MIEL ë¯¸ì—˜


Real Name: Yang Geunyoung ì–‘ê·¼ì˜

Position: Main Vocal

Birthday: December 26 1991

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Hometown: Seoul

School: Hanyang Women’s University

-Miel used to be in the girl group "BAY.B"
Miel was in Sixth Sense


Real Name: Lee Hee Jae ì´í¬ìž¬

Position: Maknae, Vocal, Rap

Birthday: October 23 1996

Height: 166 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Hometown: Seoul
Heejae was a sherlock doctor



~Will Update When Stuff Is Released.


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