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The Official OH! users small introduction thread

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Name : Baybeh
Age: 18
Country: Wonderland
Bias Groups: Snsd, BlackPink, Twice
Biases: Jessica, Jisoo, Mina
Anything else you'd like to share: Baybeh supremacy 😈

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So basically this is just a place where you can write a little intro for yourself it doesn't matter if you've made an intro thread or not to post here just fill out the form and we can all get to kn

First Name: Zachary Age: 22 Country: Singapore Top 3 favorite k-pop/j-pop groups/soloists: 2ne1, 4minute, Beast Favorite food: Chinese cuisine Favorite color: Blue Languages you speak: Can

First Name: Victoria Age: 22 Country: Born Lithuania, live in Japan Top 3 favorite k-pop/j-pop/c-pop groups/soloists: BTS, BAP, Kim Taehyung The King Favorite food: None Favorite color: Green Bl

Hi! I've been looking at this forum for a while now so I decided to make an account. Apologies if this sounds clapped, I'm not really sure on how to post things.

First Name: Philip but calling me DumbassRealtor would be fun
Age: 17
Country: The greatest in the world ofc land of the brave home of the free sweet ol murica
Groups: BG: EXO, SHINee, Kim Heechul GG: SNSD & Red Velvet
Languages: English and Spanish. Tried learning JPN but then stopped for some reason so now I'm on KOR 
Your best and worst personality trait: I'm gay 

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First Name: João, which means John in english

Age: 27

Country: Brazil

Top 3 favorite k-pop groups/soloists: SHINee, TVXQ and SISTAR

Favorite food: Almost everything with meat 🤤

Favorite color: black and grey 🤔

Languages you speak: portuguese and english (Does singing in """""korean""""" counts? lmao)

Your best and worst personality trait: am I doing an interview to human resources? then should I say I'm a perfectionist? lmao

Additional Info: ANIME AND MANGA ♥


Comming back to OH after so many years, hello guys ~~

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Name : Call me Ree 

Age : I'm too old 😅

Country : India 

Bias group : BTS

Other groups that I follow or like : Bigbang, Super Junior, Blackpink, Enhypen, Treasure, G-Idle, Mamamoo, Ateez, Seventeen, Twice, Ikon (I listen to many other groups if I like the song like Red Velvet - Peek a boo, Winner - really really, Monsta X - Shoot Out, some songs of Shinee, Got7, Exo, Momoland - Bboom Bboom) I think I am still forgetting few

Biases : Jimin - BTS (my baby 😘), GD - Bigbang, Sunoo - Enhypen (once upon a time I used to be a huge Jaejoong - JYJ & Jackson - GOT7 fan, don't follow them anymore though I still love them 🥰)

Favorite food: Momos ( Yummy !!)

Favorite color: Black and Pink 

Languages you speak: Hindi, English


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Name : Oriane

Age : top secret haha

Nationality : French

Ult group : NCT, F(x)

Ult bias : Doyoung

Favorite food : Pasta

Favorite color : black

Languages I speak : French, English 


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Posted (edited)

I've been on OH for so long but never properly introduced myself so why not lol better late than never


Name : call me himi

Age : turning 20 this year!

Country : malaysia but currently living and studying in korea

Group thay brought to kpop: 2ne1

Ult group : nct, oh my girl, snsd, exo, (g)i-dle

Ult bias : doyoung, taeyong, jaehyun, seunghee, taeyeon

fav album: neo zone, the fifth season, crush

Favorite food : i eat almost everything lol. i really love sushi and chicken

Favorite color : red and black i guess

Language : native level: malay, english. very fluent in korean. can read and write in arabic and basic communication level.

mbti: infj. but i'm not that introvert lol more like ambivert. the test i took showed me i'm leaning towards introvert only 53%. 47% extrovert lol


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