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Ilbe did nothing wrong


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I've read about Ilbe from multiple sources but to start off with here's the Wikipedia article on Ilbe.


Ilbe's userbase has a strong libertarian tendency, and thus puts a great emphasis on freedom of speech. As such, the website has very few rules, but it does prohibit users from mentioning each other by their username or getting too close to each other, in order to prevent new users or dissenters from being down-voted indiscriminately by existing users. This policy has effectively made everyone more anonymous (and equal), in contrast with other popular Korean forums where the old users are more respected and hold greater authority during discussions. The forums are largely unmoderated, with exceptions made for cases that may result in litigation or cases in response to complaints.



A large part of Ilbe's subculture comes from the users' collective identity as "losers" of a sort: until the founding of Ilbe, most of the large community forums on the Korean web were left-leaning to an extent where anyone with even a moderate right-wing opinion had to endure ridicule and name-calling by the majority including the moderators. 




Ilbe is a reaction to the strong leftist bias that dominates pretty much every korean online community. 


Not even a week before Otto Wambier was murdered by North Korea the South Korean government suggested North Korea co-host the Winter Olympics.


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) responded positively on Thursday to Sports Minister Do Jong-hwan's proposal that the two Koreas co-host the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.


I mean whatever Ilbe does its not worse than being a fan of the worst human rights abuser on the planet right now, South Korean leftist dont just tolerate North Korea's evil, they excuse it and instead focus all their hatred on the United States. And for the record I'm not a fan of a lot of the US government's foreign policy, but two wrongs dont make a right. 


That's what Ilbe opposes, so I dont care if they ate jjangmyeon when that Sewol dad staged a hunger strike, or some edgy teen thought it'd be funny to write that they'd throw acid on Twice. I'm a Twice fan but come'on it was just some stupid teen who thought it'd be funny. Obviously he should be punished, But you really think you're doing Twice favors by blowing up one random comment on a obscure online forum? How many people are threatening to kill Donald Trump? Why aren't they being punished? A threat to kill Trump is more credible than a threat to kill Twice.


And I love how korean netizens clutch their pearls and act all shocked. These are the scumbags that upvoted a comment that calling Cheng Xiao a c***k 212 times. Its one of the top comments.


Source: http://entertain.naver.com/ranking/comment/list?oid=109&aid=0003436924


짱께는 짱께ì¼ë¿ ì´ìƒë„ ì´í•˜ë„ 아니다



So they're going to call Cheng Xiao a ethnic slur, and this is Naver, not Nate and they're posting this knowing it can be traced back to their government IDs (unlike Ilbe). So they post this stuff behind their real names. They're Pieces of (You Know What)


Nothing Ilbe does is any worse than typical netizens behavior. And at least they oppose North Korea which any decent human beings would do which most korean netizens are not.


tl;dr: Its just a couple of people on a huge community who thought they'd post something edgy. 

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