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Lazy Town actor Stefán Karl Stefánsson's cancer is in final stages


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Stefán Karl Stefánsson's wife wrote the following on Facebook:

"Stefán has been hospitalised for 14 days. On June 7, three liver tumours were removed. After the operation Stefan suffered an infection which lasted a week. and afterwards, he received an infection that lasted for a week in hospital. Stephen has bile-duct cancer (Cholangiocarcinoma), a rare and little-researched disease.

The disease is now advanced to stage four, and therefore, his life expectancy is unfortunately significantly reduced.

It was unbearable to tell our children that their dad would not live to be an old man, and that the time we had together was scarce. Taking away the hope that their dad will ever recover. The trust of your children does not make you save, even when it seems unreal. It has been a relief to know that they have not been lied to. If someone thinks that children are not able to have meaningful conversations about death, life and existence, then the same goes wrong with many things.

Although the chances and statistics are not in our favor, and Stefán’s candle burns quickly, we will not stay with it and be scared of fear. We know that time is precious as never before and we have promised to enjoy it as well as we can. Death is strange – life is nothing but magnificent!"



Cred: ONTD



Oh no! I hope he pulls thru and a miracle happenswarstarplz.png

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Hopefully he survives

I wish him well

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