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OH!Snap In the entertainment circle, these male celebrities are not fit for Father's Day

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Translator: jonjon @ Onehallyu.com






Jackie Chan has an illegitimate daughter with Elaine Ng but he refuses to recognise her.




Hong Kong male celebrity Max Mok was with Catherine Hung a long time ago. During then, because of various reasons, both of them went separate ways. At the time, Catherine Hung was already pregnant with Max Mok's child. Due to the sudden breakup, she can only choose to bring up the child by herself. Eventually, she brought her son and married her new boyfriend Andy Zhang. They lived happily after the marriage and the son even changed his name from Ashley Mok to Ashley Zhang. However for a period of time, Max Mok started messaging his son secretly which sparked a big confrontation with Catherine Hung. In regards to this, many netizens criticized Max Mok, not only did he not help to raise his son, he is now sowing discord too. Scum!
Nicholas Tse married Cecilia Cheung and had a son. However, now that they are divorced, Cecilia Cheung is the one taking care of them.
After Ying Da and Song Dandan divorced, Batu (their child) is taken care of by Song Dandan only.
Zhu Geliang is a famous Taiwan celebrity. He left us on the 15th last month. About his mini self disclosure, I can only say his entire life was not normal. There were times where it was a highlight and there were times when he was down and out. His only regret was that he has a bad relationship with his daughter and that was the most urgent problem when he was still alive. Zhu Geliang's daughter is Jeannie Hsieh who is a beautiful celebrity. As her parents separated early, she never had good feelings towards her father. When her father was still alive, he said she was illegitimate and she accused him of domestic violence. Basically, it was both of them biting each other.
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