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I'm fully banned.. here is the proof..





I managed to get 10k likes yesterday, and now today i sign in to get banned.



I didn't bash anyone i didnt do anything, but what can i expect tbh, people just love banning me.


I was mainly there to make akp more active, and a lot of my threads do well there, but yeah.... oh well... its just a kpop site.


Who would have thought that i would be alive on OH longer than AkP dafuq xD


Can some akp user please make a thread about it and inform the mafia team i cant make it anymore??? Thank u thank u.


And to you OH users, guess i am back?





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I am kind of a twice fan these days btw, so i wont be shading them much.

Oppa yasss

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I'm @Sirens on AKP. I'll let the mafia people know RN. This is honestly insane.

:( yeah i didnt do anything bad!!


Thanks!!! ^^ make a funeral thread too.. lol ok u dont have to.

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I can ask why they banned you

and see if u can get un-banned


I will wait until tomorrow b4 replacing u in the game

Good luck idcok ;) but i dont think they'll unban me haha.

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