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Events Team Calendar & Seasonal Raffle

Message added by Koya,

Current season: Winter 2021

Get a free raffle ticket by posting in the Guest Book!

Guest Book: Winter 2021 - What are your New Year's resolutions?

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Do you wonder when a member of the Events Team is hosting a game? Or want to know if a game you'll be interested in is coming up soon? Follow this thread where all the members of the Events Team

I'll be hosting a game of Scramble in a few hours. Shooting for 4PM CST.

The first seasonal raffle was hosted, congratulations to all the winners! (The prizes are one for each, they are not shared) Temporary Unique Awards (for 3 months): @Shinki & @Chuan Uniqu

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Tomorrow (13th) at 12PM EST

the team of Love Experts~ will reveal the couples for this year's Valentine Day!


If you want to see the reveal live, let's meet in the OH Café!


The couples will be revealed little by little and then we will play a little game together, don't miss out!

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Bluebells & Snowdrops Yearbook Page

Kstarnet Unique Award

BlueNose Unique Award

lovesojung Unique Item

emma Unique Item

Anthropology Ring

teal Ring

girl group trash Locket

c'est la vie Locket

E S H E Stamp

Tee Pin a thread


-Remember to contact me before the end of this month in order to redeem your prize

-The sooner you contact me the more time you get with your items

-Remember with the exception of the yearbook page all items are temporary meaning they will only last this month after this month is over prize is finished

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Your coordi here to announce that our rookies are officially out of their rookies phase and are now official members


Please give it up for:




Asian Division




Graphics Division




Graphics Division




Western Division


• llama • bean •


Graphics Division




Graphics Division



they will continue to do great things in our team and bring more to the community


If you wish to give them a congrats i also posted this at

The OH Cafe

so you can post a lovely messages for them there


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  • 3 weeks later...



The Bank/Token Spreadsheet is being discontinued


We will no longer store tokens from users you can only have them as items


So users will need to request their tokens before the end of this year after that they will be gone since we will delete the spreadsheet


I will make an official thread announcement in the next couple of weeks so everyone can know but i wanted to update here since i will no longer be taking in tokens


If you have any questions drop them in


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  1. OUO
  2. StanSatan
  3. Sofs
  4. Riri
  5. skullkid
  6. :alski:
  7. MimiLbeaR
  8. ESHE
  9. Ek Tha Bandar
  10. Shizun
  11. ☾vroomvroomilikethat✭
  12. Aurorae★
  13. †PURR PURR PURR â€
  14. kalon
  15. GoldenDivas
  16. Multifandomaf
  17. Rei-chama
  18. namidaone
  19. Zella
  20. Akidoki



-The order of prizes is 1st person won 15 plati, 2nd 10 plati and so on until the last one who won 15 Bronze

-If you see your name but its your old name, please notify us in the ask the events team thread that you changed your username and you won

-If you are confused about the winners, you can also check the spreadsheet for winners in the OP



I HAVE ALSO POSTED THE RESULT IN THE OH Cafe if you wish to comment

The Item Raffle Coming in around 40 minutes

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  • Koya changed the title to Events Team Calendar & Seasonal Raffle

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