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  1. skullkid
  2. noiya - Panwink Trash dupe
  3. Aliens-United
  4. BlueNose
  5. Akidoki
  6. Maeo
  7. d_lay_d
  8. KraiL
  9. BlizzardMist
  10. Aurorae
  11. MimiLBear
  12. Rei-chama
  13. Clay
  14. I`m Busy (Trashie)
  16. French Rose
  17. euηheαrt
  18. Fish Tank
  19. Misa
  20. kyulkyung



-The order of prizes is 1st person won 15 plati, 2nd 10 plati and so on until the last one who won 15 Bronze

-If you see your name but its your old name, please notify us in the ask the events team thread that you changed your username and you won

-If you are confused about the winners, you can also check the spreadsheet for winners in the OP



I HAVE ALSO POSTED THE RESULT IN THE OH Cafe if you wish to comment

The Item Raffle is coming around in 20 minutes

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