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Hey there!


If you're interested in voting for new Purchasables in the system, please visit this thread!  Taking nominations until September 28th 11:59PM PST!

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Events Team Calendar & Seasonal Raffle


Message added by Nelkoya,


Current season: Summer 2022

Get a free raffle ticket by posting in the Guest Book!

Guest Book: Summer 2022


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Do you wonder when a member of the Events Team is hosting a game? Or want to know if a game you'll be interested in is coming up soon?

Follow this thread where all the members of the Events Team will make new posts when a game of theirs is coming up, or when a game has been posted.

This thread will only have posts by the Events Team members so you will be able to easily get notified for games we are hosting.



Every 3 months the Events Team will host a raffle for everyone that participated in their games.

- In order to get a ticket for the raffle, you need to participate in a game hosted by an events team member. For each game you play, you get one ticket.

- In order to get the ticket, you need to have full participation in the game. It will be up to each member of the Events Team to decide whether someone earned a ticket or not.

- Furthermore, we will also give tickets for the winners of games sponsored by the Events Team.

- Even thought you can get multiple tickets, you can only win once per raffle. If your name was selected for several prizes, you will receive the highest prize out of those and the other prizes will be raffled again.

- The winners of each season will be announced here.

- If you change your username, please notify us.


Temporary Unique Award
Unique Item
Unique Ring
Game character
Artist Signature
Gif-Only Stamp (for3 months, 1 to 4 users per stamp)
Thread pin
20 Platinum Tokens
15 Platinum Tokens
10 Platinum Tokens
5 Platinum Tokens
2,000,000 Wons
1,500,000 Wons
1,000,000 Wons
500,000 Wons


You can check the tickets on the 2022 Raffle Tickets Sheet.
Previous spreadsheets: 2021 Raffle Tickets, 2020 Raffle Tickets, 2019 tickets, 2017-2018 tickets, previous winners.


Please do not post on this thread. If you have any questions, use the Ask the Events Team thread.

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Posting this here too, Friday and Saturday at 3PM EDT




The game is alrd full tho, try your luck with waitlist myb

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  1. Meruem
  2. jonjon
  3. superstarlight
  4. Twice snatched my weave
  5. Jeon Jungkook
  6. sunnyfool
  7. afrodeity
  8. syzao nyan ♥
  9. Kwon Fire
  10. Nightshade
  11. Trinity
  12. Tilde
  13. GoddLLLama
  14. Xinsa
  15. Simple Plan
  16. BasedChunga
  17. shawnee
  18. Liliana
  19. Frolaytia
  20. Starlight


-The order of prizes is 1st person won 15 plati, 2nd 10 plati and so on until the last one who won 25 Bronze

-If you see your name but its your old name, please notify us in the ask the events team thread that you changed your username and you won

-If you are confused about the winners, you can also check the spreadsheet for winners in the OP

-Also we have added a new spreadsheet that shows tickets you earned and in which event so check that out as well in the OP


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  • Nelkoya changed the title to Events Team Calendar & Seasonal Raffle

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