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[Zaker: CHN] Peng Guanying: Reading allows you to live elsewhere

Translation Peng Guanying

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Posted 19 April 2017 - 07:41 PM

Peng Guanying: Reading allows you to live elsewhere


Translator: Vanilla Cupcake @ Onehallyu.com






Peng Guanying: Reading allows you to live elsewhere


Peng Guanying, Mainland China male actor, filmography includes “Naked Wedding,” “Princess of Lanling King,” “Tribes and Empires – Storm of Prophecy.” [He receives] positive reviews in terms of physique and acting abilities, and was named “Costume Drama God.”


An actor’s experience is limited. Characters’ varieties are limitless. [One] can perceive the character yet unable to see the actor, [it is] necessary to enter the script, to deeply comprehend and interpret.


When reading, Peng Guanying enters into the plot, [he is] able to travel across European and Asian civilization, and experience Chen Zhongshi’s White Deer Plain, and be able to walk through the alleyways of Cheng-an city.


Reading, allows him to live elsewhere.



“Guns, Germs, and Steel”


This book has an interesting plot: 100 people is fighting against tens of thousands. We obviously would think the party with more people would win, but the book ending is the opposite, these 100 people achieved the final victory.


This book’s background is quite interesting. In the preface, the author mentioned, this book originally stems from Jeremiah’s question. In 1972, the author was conducting research on avian revolution in Papua New Guinea. His friend Jerimiah asked him a question, “Why did white people created so many goods, and shipped these goods to Papua New Guinea? Yet us black people almost don’t even have our own goods?” After 25 years, the author wrote this book, attempting to answer Jeremiah’s question, and to create an answer. Why is the human society the way it is today? Which direction is our final fate be heading? If you have similar interest with these topics, therefore, [I] recommend this book for you.



“White Deer Plain”


After reading this book, I felt shocked. This history is something I have never experienced. When [I] put down the book, my heart emerged a saying, “I made a trip on this field.” This book discussed the story of Bai and Lu two families’ ups and downs on the white deer plain. Experienced war, countries’ alliance and separation. It is the entire story of the nation living through that specific time. The most attractive thing about this book is the era, the historical background, and every vivid character. When reading, I have placed myself into the plot. After reading this book, I found Bai Jiaxuan particularly mesmorizing. Chen Zhongshi has a phrase that describes him, “spine is very straight.” Later on, his spine was beaten, but his spirit still remains in this world.


The white deer plain also has a village rule craved on the rocks. When I read the book, [I] have fully experienced “no rule, no principle.” The village rule is a standard of balancing morals, craved on rocks, and proved its significance. Bai Jiaxuan continued to abide by the rule, and wishing his descendants will continue this moral standard.


In conclusion, this book has brought me a lot of feelings, no only the actor’s feelings towards the character, or the reader’s feelings towards the content; therefore, I recommend this to everyone.



“24 Hours in Cheng-An”


The thing that most attracted me to this book is its title -  “24 Hours in Cheng-An” made one imagine in 24 hours that leaped through the novel, what could happen in such a story?


If you like mystery and suspicion, [I] believe you will like this novel.


The strongest feeling when reading this book is that the scenery is very vivid, you will follow the main character to search clues, walk through the alleys. [It] made Cheng-An livelier, you will be more familiar with this city.


Another place that is attractive, we all understood the prosperity of the Tong dynasty, but it is difficult to imagine how prosperous it was. We might have understood through history books and artifacts. This book is excellent in tying the things youth like and history together, and displaying the scenery from that era vividly.


In the epilogue of the novel, the author wrote: He not only wish to provide everyone an intense, new, and exciting story, [he] also wanted to introduce everyone how people in that era lived. This is the reason why I recommend this novel, because through professional research, the author has sought many professionals in his writing process, and received many recommendations; therefore, this book is highly recommended for everyone.

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Posted 19 April 2017 - 08:31 PM

Thank you, Vanilla Cupcake!  I just want you to know that I appreciate the hard word that your team is doing with the translations.  Keep up the good work!

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