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EXP maknae Koki for Airheads Bites


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“Koki (코키)†is a Japanese-American singer and a member of K-pop boy band EXP Edition under IMMABB.

  • Active Since: 2017
  • Birth Name: Koki Tomlinson
  • Stage Name: Koki (코키)
  • Nationality: American
  • Language: English
  • Born: Hong Kong
  • Label/Distributor: IMMABB
  • Genre: K-Pop
  • Affiliations: EXP Edition




Stan Talent rlytearpls.png rlytearpls.png


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Yes already racking in the CFs. Nation's BG.



he's good-looking ngl


True Nations boy group is coming

this a huge ass joke 

no he really is in a commercial and he is really ending your visual faves rlytearpls.png

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all jokes aside he could have been in a literal kpop group if he wanted to, an american asian with killer visual and passable vocals


you could put him in Got7 right now 



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