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King of Spades

Announcement Looking for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Translators!

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With the introduction of the Chinese Lyrics section in October of last year and it's success of getting a few more members involved in the Chinese Section of the forum, we've been meaning to continue this trend by adding Korean and Japanese Lyric Sections as well. To do this, we're in need of people who're able to translate, so we're looking for fluent Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Japanese and Korean speakers who will be willing to volunteer their time and effort to help us out. *Google Translate does not count*



The basic rundown of this project is that these sections will get a new sub-section name "Lyrics", where there will be a "Lyrics Translation Request" thread which will be pinned. Users will be allowed to request song lyrics of their choice to be translated once a week, which the volunteers will translate and post within that section throughout the week. For examples of what users have already done feel free to check out the Chinese Lyric Section.


We've also expanded into translating articles and interviews of certain artist for all sections as well as translating Netizen comments across all Asian Entertainment industries which have all been posted in our General Translations Section.


If you're interested or have questions please PM me and I'll explain further if needed.









I'm quite good at Japanese and I'm also taking classes still after 2 years.

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