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OH! Press Updates #3: Mamamoo's Blackface Controversy, Twice's Knock Knock Review to OH Gate 2.0

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Posted 02 April 2017 - 07:01 AM (Edited by Rinne, 15 April 2017 - 01:02 AM.)



Hi! We're back this time with a lengthy one~.


Have you ever wondered what those random OH users with the blood red banners that say “OH! Press” actually do? No, we didn’t bribe sadface for them, or maybe we do, who knows.  But we also write for OneHallyu’s very own OH!BLOG.  Does this introduction sound similar?  Well, that’s probably because you saw our last thread, so thank you for checking by once again.


Now the OHPRESSORS have arrived with fortnightly, maybe not so fortnightly, updates of what we write about.


Sometimes we give a little bit more insight on the entertainment industry (like our recent OH Press Talks). Sometimes we share our reviews on your favourite celebrities’ music releases, dramas and films (Like Wasta’s When a Snail Falls in Love Review). Other times, we’re fans just like you, cackling or facepalming (or both) at our own fandom’s antics.  


OH!Press Talk


Oh! Press Talk: Mamamoo’s Blackface Controversy

Mamamoo’s most recent concert, became a hot topic of discussion for many after a picture of their VCR for Bruno Mar’s was posted on twitter.  The sensitivity of the issue is one that could not be dismissed.  Our team of writers share their opinions on this scandal.  




Korean Entertainment


Song + M/V Review: TWICE “Knock Knock” by Haru

When Twice released Knock Knock in February, it took Korea by wave, sweeping up charts, youtube views and most importantly fan’s hearts.  In this colourful, fun MV the nine members are taken on a storyline that may be connected to their previous music video for TT.  Haru goes into depth about his take on this theory, whilst reviewing the song and music video.


Album Review: B.A.P – Rose by Mogwai

After a long hiatus, the members of B.A.P have returned with a three track mini album.  Upon first listen our writer Mogwai was immediately impressed.  Let her take you through the journey that can make you appreciate the album just as much.


Album Review: Gugudan – Act.2 Narcissus by Rinne

Gugudan returns with part two of their debut album.  The title track draws upon the Greek mythology Narcissus, the flower that bloomed for one young man’s deep admiration and love for his own reflection.   Read why you should be among the “Friends and Korean Pop fans in general, those who seek to improve their self-esteem and to deeply love and appreciate themselves thus maintaining a positive attitude”.


Group Review: Taking a look at Pristin’s debut by BasedChungha

An article with a double debut, our newest writer examines the 10 girls of Pledis’ new girl group Pristin.  With two members, as previous members of I.O.I and 5 other Produce 101 contestants, how do they had what it takes to rise the ranks in this saturated market?  


Album Review: GOT7 – Flight Log: Arrival by Sansa

Got7 is back with a highly anticipated mini album titled Flight Log: Arrival.  In 8 tracks, they showcase their vocals, rap and dance.  Sansa  joins our team, with this well crafted review on each track.  


Album Review: CNBLUE’s 7°CN by krusty95

CNBLUE makes a long awaited comeback after a relatively high key scandal.  Did you miss them?  In a 6 track mini album, they show you the sounds of an idol rock band.  Krusty takes you along on her journey of sound and enjoyment in her review.  


Album Review: Girl’s Day – Girl’s Day Everyday #5 by Sansa

After a year long hiatus the four members of Girls Day, who have found tremendous success individually have regrouped to release their 5th mini album.  Sansa explores this delicate combination of dance music and ballads, that highlights Girl’s Day’s strengths in these 7 tracks.


Knowing Brothers Episode 68 Review: Every Day Girl’s Day by BasedChungha

JTBC’s Saturday variety show, Knowing Brothers,  led by Kand Ho Dong guests Girl’s Day with promotions of their newest release.  An episode that led to much discussion, both positive and negative, our frequent viewer BasedChungha shares his opinions on the episode.  



Japanese Entertainment


[Up & Coming J-pop] Discover FlowBack by Sakura Harano

Sakura Harano joins our crew with an article on the up and rising 5 member, vocal and dance unit FlowBack.  Beating out the tough competition of 125,000 others, they became one of the eight finalist of Japan’s biggest audition; LINE Audition.  Find out more about them in her post.


FAKY Announces Major Debut EP in June by Sakura Harano

With a shaky start, now 4 member girl group FAKY announces their official major debut with record label Avex.  With 3 new songs and 3 previously released songs, Sakura provides you with information on the albums.  


Spring 2017 Anime Stimulation: My Watchlist by Sakura Harano

As the snow stops, and the whether starts to become warmer, a new feature of flowers make their way to welcome Spring.  And with this season changes come a whole new list of Spring Animes.  What will you watch?  There’s an Attack on Titan and Naruto reference for all fans out there.





Chinese Entertainment


Movie Review: Kungfu Yoga by Mogwai

The movie that sits on top of China’s highest grossing movies of the year, stars Jackie Chan, Aarif Rahman/ Lee and Zhang YiXing (EXO’s Lay) in a joint production between China and India.  Stuntman turned director Stanley Tong takes on the both the directing chair and the screenplay.  Is it deserving of it’s number 1 spot?  


Drama Review:  When a Snail Falls in Love by Wasta

2015’s breakout star Wang Kai stars with Wang Zi Wen in crime filled mystery, sprinkled with a light serving of romance.  “Crime may have no borders, but justice can be found by crossing them.”  Read more of Wasta’s review by clicking the link.


Movie Review: Vampire CleanUp Department by Mogwai

Horror and comedy combines in this 1.5 hour movie, with references and old cinematic troops intricately woven in.  Does it lean more Scary Movie or more The Grudge?  Read to perhaps find out.




The Articles That Started Off April


Will the tradition of April first, comes fun, jokes and a bunch of trolling.  Some of these jokes, are still funny in context… Even a day or two later.


K-pop Groups Survival Guide by BasedChungha

What did Highlight have to do to fund their debut album?  Which idol has reverted to cannibalism?  Did Pristin get a new endorsement?  


Guide to Fangiriling: How I Met Your Oppars! by lipslocked✿

A 101 guide to meeting oppa, the first requirement to pave a path to his heart.  What more needs to be said?


Why OneHallyu Blog Has Disassociated with OneHallyu (ft. God Ok Taecyeon) by Alisonn

OH Gate 2.0?  The scandalous problem that has resulted in these two entities, once friends and subsidiaries, to separate.  What did sad do?  Or what did he not do?  It’s always sad’s fault.  Featuring the divine, heavenly being, Ok Taecyeon.  


Storytime: I miss cocaine because of Bona??? By Rinne

Did you know our big boss was a crackhead?  And why is that, all because of Bona apparently.


GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE Opens Up Burger Shop + Additional Tour Dates by Sakura Hanaro

Wagyu, okonomiyaki and lobster on burgers for less than 10USD, those burgers will sell themselves.  I guess the name GENERATIONS and EXILE TRIBE is a nice added bonus.  


Every Single Red Velvet MV Ever!!111 by Sansa

It’s exactly as the title sounds.


Previous Fortnightly Recaps:

Update 1: https://onehallyu.com/topic/478108-ohpress-updates-from-2016s-best-osts-t-ara-vs-hwayoung-red-velvet-to-sooyoungs-beaming-effect/

Update 2: https://onehallyu.co...st-impressions/

Make sure to check out our articles and leave comments too!  We love to hear from all of you.  Follow us on twitter @OneHallyu to stay updated on our newest releases.  

That’s it for now.~  Until next time, read and comment away!~

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Posted 02 April 2017 - 08:14 AM

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Posted 02 April 2017 - 08:42 AM (Edited by Rinne, 02 April 2017 - 05:49 PM.) Stan Chen and Jang Moon Bok!


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Posted 02 April 2017 - 08:46 AM


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Posted 02 April 2017 - 09:22 AM

I'm not a crackhead!

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I approve of your abuse of power on my post

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Posted 02 April 2017 - 07:44 PM

Appreciate Taec's godly body you all!
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