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The Official TWICE Magazine Interviews Compilation Thread

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Thread for English translations of Twice's interviews


Magazine interviews


Elle Korea (November 2015)

The Star (November 2015)

CéCi Korea (December 2015)

High Cut (January 2016)

Nylon Korea (March 2016)

GQ Korea (April 2016)

OhBoy! (April 2016)

High Cut (May 2016)

CéCi Korea (June 2016)*

CéCi Korea (September 2016)

High Cut (October 2016)

OhBoy! (November 2016)

Elle Korea (December 2016)

Twicezine (February 2017)

CéCi Korea (April 2017)*

W Korea (June 2017

Star1 (June 2017)

Sudsapda (June 2017)*

Seventeen Japan (July 2017)

ViVi (August 2017)

Popteen (August 2017)

Non-No (September 2017)

Nikkei Entertainment (November 2017)

Non-No (December 2017)

CanCam (December 2017)

ViVi (December 2017) – Bounce! TWICE vol. 1 (Nayeon)

Anan (December 2017)

ViVi (January 2018) – Bounce! TWICE vol. 2 (Jeongyeon)

Cosmopolitan Korea (January 2018)

ViVi (February 2018) – Bounce! TWICE vol. 3 (Sana)

ViVi (March 2018) – Bounce! TWICE vol. 4 (Momo)

More (March 2018)

Mini (March 2018)

Seventeen Japan (March 2018)

Nylon Korea (March 2018)

ViVi (April 2018) – Bounce! TWICE vol. 5 (Jihyo)

ViVi (May 2018) – Bounce! TWICE vol. 6 (Mina)

CéCi Korea (May 2018)

ViVi (June 2018) – Bounce! TWICE vol. 7 (Dahyun)

ViVi (July 2018) – Bounce! TWICE vol. 8 (Chaeyoung)

CanCam (July 2018)



Other interviews


Spris (2010) – Nayeon predebut interview

Focus News – Jihyo, Mina 2016 birthday interviews

My Daily (2016.05.20)

Yonsei Chunchu (2016.11.06)*

ClubDAM (2017.06.2?)

BuzzFeed Japan (2017.06.27)

Modelpress (2017.06.28)

BARKS (2017.06.28)

Oricon (2017.06.2?)

BuzzFeed Japan (2017.06.29)


* = links to separate thread




Thank you to all the translators!


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May the force be with you !!!! 0u0plz.png

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That's a great idea!!! Thanks for doing this :D

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Upvoting in advance. Thank you for your hard work. =)

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151021 Elle Korea (November 2015)


Tzuyu, the maknae along with Chaeyoung, would rather be complimented on her skills rather than her looks. Loving to dance and sing, she caught the opportunity and bravely made her way to Korea all the way from Taiwan. “It’s been about three years since I arrived in Korea. JYP [scouts] found their way to the dance academy I was learning at. It was amusing at first because these things only happened on television. It was tough for me because I came to Korea not knowing any Korean. I felt especially lonely when I missed my family or I came across a hard situation that I had to deal with alone. There was one time when I felt sad when the company presidents scolded me because I couldn’t order chicken and beef properly due to my accent! But, now that I debuted after so much waiting, the only thing I have in mind is to show people what Twice really is. All I wish for is to be able to constantly show better performances.


Momo was always the last one to turn off the lights in the practice studio late at night. Also known as the “practice freakâ€, she constantly practiced her dancing and singing, unaware of her surroundings. The YouTube video of her dancing with her sister was soon discovered, and she was casted to JYP and then as a member and main dancer of Twice. “I used to beg to dance ever since I was three. I cried and begged [my parents] for them to send me to the same dance academy that my sister went to.. just like how other children beg their parents to buy them a trainer’s bicycle. So that’s why I have confidence in dance. I was eliminated from Twice. I was beginning to worry about what to do [with my life], what I should be doing, but at the last broadcast, I was so surprised when JYP PDnim added me as the last member. I felt like I was walking through my dreams. I think [JYP] noticed how debuting was the only thing in mind and how hard I was working. My goal is to be like Rain or Lee Hyori sunbaenims.â€


Anyone can tell that Nayeon, the girl who is always active and hyper from head to toe and is a person of ‘Vitamin C’, is Twice’s energizer. With a striking physical appearance and cordial personality, there seems to be no flaw in her. “I’m a very mix-match person. I’m not even good at taking care of myself, but I have the burden of taking care of all the members? I think that trait and responsibility grew as Sixteen went on. Since I get along with the members just like close friends, we are very close now. Before, there were a few instances when Twice’s debut was denied, but at the time, Jihyo and Jungyeon were with me so I was able to withstand the pressure. We were by each other every day for six years so we took care of each other a lot. Ever since 2010, I spent every Christmas with those two.â€


Jihyo is the second “leader†who cleans up troubled issues. Jihyo, who has a fragile yet sturdy personality, has the charisma of a ten-year trainee. The company calls Jihyo “all and well rounded playerâ€. Whatever is held responsible under her can be assured safely. “I once got picked second place at a teenager beauty pageant after registering on a website. After a JYP scout saw that, he/she contacted me. I honestly didn’t know what an artist or even an idol was at the time. Maybe just someone who sings and dances? Someone who appears on TV? It seemed like just plain fun. That was when the long journey to my debut started. I often get asked how I endured the long years, but I think it was possible because it was in my early childhood. Leaving the company was like going to a hakwon for me. I am yet young and not fully mature, but ten years old compared to twenty years old is certainly different. With all that I prepared up to now, I wish to show you everything that I have like a professional!â€


She is often referred to as the musical representative even though her cute speech does not match with her strong rap verses. Chaeyoung thinks wasting time should not be a thing and is often in her own perfect world. After begging her mother to enroll her in dance classes, she was eventually casted and is now in charge of rapping. “Since I look a lot older even if I don’t put on makeup, I have to start speaking to seem my age. My speech is kind of childish. I am trying to become a cute maknae to my unnies, and I think I’m doing well so far (laughs). My first time rapping was when I was a trainee and performing in a team, and what dragged me to rapping was how I could freely tell my story in lyrics. My role model is Nicki Minaj because her voice is so unique and her on-stage charisma is so outstanding! I once saw SNSD sunbaenims perform at the Tokyo Dome, and after seeing that, I thought of how I quickly wanted Twice to do the same on-stage.


A girl with a calm personality and feminine looks, Mina flew from Osaka to Seoul with a 11-year long dream of becoming a Kpop star over a ballet dancer. She sometimes has an unexpected determination to do things or become really cordial with someone, and other times she has a positive and energetic drive towards her goals; she has gotten a lot of misunderstanding for being scary because she was so quiet. “Ballet became a habit for me since I started when I was so young. Thanks to a friend in middle school who liked Kpop, I danced to my first Kpop song. I was able to feel and practice the energy [from the dance]. After being casted to JYP and coming to Korea, I had to quit ballet, but I don’t regret that. I feel sad that I wasn’t able to graduate high school with my friends, but if I didn’t come to Korea back then, then I would not be here right now. I want to become like SISTAR sunbaenims. I want to gain that natural sexiness that beams out from their bodies. I also want to try a fansign! Because I get to do what I always saw in photos or on television.


Somewhere in Sana’s body, the blood of a comedian runs through. Sana’s foolish but lovable personality encouraged fans to create a motto: “Without Sana, there would be no point of livingâ€. Sana’s most shocking part of her skills is her extensive knowledge of Korean, good enough for her to appear on the show “Non Summitâ€. “There’s a Japanese variety show called ‘Karaoke Competition’ which my grandmother watches every week. She used to say ‘Oh how wonderful would it be if Sana appeared on this show’, but since I was young at the time, I simply replied ‘It would be’. I liked being in front of a lot of people. After Sixteen started, I realized that performing on stage is not as easy as I thought and that I need to have a sense of fear in me as well. For the first mission of Sixteen, I made Vietnamese spring rolls for Park JinYoung PDnim. It was a cooking experiment that I prepared to show off how much I got better at Korean. He thinks that cooking is my specialty because of that, but actually, I like eating [food] a lot more than making it.â€


Something in Jeongyeon’s look tells of her exquisite physique. A girl who likes happy things rather than serious and stern things, she is responsible for smoothing out the team’s atmosphere. “I’m not so chubby right now, but I was a [few years ago]. When I was young, in order to help shape my body, I used to play the Korean traditional drums. While I was thinking about going professional [for drumming], I got casted as a sixth trainee into JYP. To me, the meaning of [performing] on-stage is big. It’s a paradise I’ve always dreamed of. There’s lots of people who got a lot busier after debuting or got worried that it’s going to get harder, but I actually like being busy. It was my dream to work up to the point where I don’t feel like my normal self. I want to win first place on music shows and I also want to try a photoshoot. The most important thing to me is that I hope Twice will be together up until the end.


Calm on a normal basis but gets anxious when on stage. The hot topic among many, her eagle dance made her famous; through that, Dahyun was able to distinct her characteristic of capturing someone’s attention. “When I was in seventh grade, I competed in a dance festival. The majority were high school students and college students; I was the only middle school student. Again, the majority was divided into teams of 5 and 12, and I was the only one who was by myself. That was probably what caught a lot of attention. I got calls from three companies, and JYP was one of them. That was when my mind fired up with eagerness. It was the same feeling when I first stood on the stage for Sixteen. It was a little uncomfortable due to the competition between Major and Minor, I felt that it was helpful when I was finally able to meet JYP PDnim, who was so hard to meet during my trainee days, and get some advice and commentary from him. I have a lot of greed. From now on as a member of Twice, I want to sing and do many other things without hesitation.â€

Translated by _tomato0210 for Team Twice

Alternate translation:


Nayeon, whose entire body emits “vitamin C†from head to toe, is undeniably the best lifeblood for Twice. It was made clear that her clever appearance differed from how she spoke warmly and candidly, no matter who she talked to. “I’m a real scatterbrain. I’m often told that I’m like a fool too. The pressure of taking good care of all the younger members, when I can’t even properly take care of myself? I think this all arose while Sixteen was shooting. But because I spent time with the younger members as just friends, we’re on quite close terms now. Chances to debut in Twice were disappearing so it was a difficult period for me, but each time I could endure because there was Jihyo and Jeongyeon. For six years, we had stuck together, suffered hardships, and willed each other on every day. Every year since 2010, I’ve spent Christmas with them.â€


Picking apart the detailed appearance of beautiful Jeongyeon, there’s something that rests in her eyes. With a preference for cheer over gravity, she is the main character in softening the team’s atmosphere. “Although it’s not the case now, I used to be a bit chubby once. When I was little, and to help with dieting, I started playing the buk and jang-gu [t/n: types of drums] on my mom’s recommendation, who asked if I wanted to try samulnori [t/n: traditional Korean percussion]. While I was seriously thinking about specializing in it, I entered JYP as a trainee through its 6th open recruitment. Standing on stage has a big meaning to me. It’s a paradise I dream of. A lot of people worry that it’s going to get busier and harder now that we’ve debuted, but I like being busy more. My main dream was to have these activities that leave me out-of-body and breath. I want to get first place on a music program, and I want to shoot a pictorial too. But the most important thing is that I’d like to go with Twice all the way to the end.â€


The one who always turned off the practice room lights late at night was Momo. She grinded through both dance and song perseveringly, with nothing but a “practice bug†to send time off. A video of her and her older sister dancing that was uploaded to Youtube was her ticket into JYP, and she joined Twice as the team’s official dancer. “They said I was determined about dancing since I was three years old. They said I cried and asked to be sent to the dance academy my older sister attended… like a baby demanding to be bought a tricycle. That’s why dancing is something I’m confident in. I was eliminated once in Sixteen. I was desolate, what do I do now? So I was really surprised when producer Park Jinyoung added my name to the ones who passed in the end. It feels like I’m walking in a dream. I think he looked kindly on how I worked hard, only clinging to the hopes of debut. My goal is to become someone like Rain or Lee Hyori.â€


Somewhere in Sana’s body, a comedian’s blood is flowing. Fans who have fallen for her eccentric but lovable charms have been cheering her on with cries of ‘is life without Sana worth living’ [t/n: wordplay with her name] since before debut. Her outgoing personality and Korean fluent enough to get her on Abnormal Summit [t/n: a variety program where people from different countries discuss things in Korean] are what strike people the most when they first meet her. “There’s a variety program in Japan called Karaoke Competition that my grandma took care to watch every week. My grandma always said, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if Sana was on there,’ and because I was young then also I would easily reply, ‘I think so too.’ I liked being in front of people. When Sixteen started, I realized standing on the stage I was supposed to wasn’t easy, and that I needed to know fear too. I made spring rolls for producer JYP in Sixteen’s first mission. I’d prepared a cooking show to show him how much my Korean improved. Because of that people think my specialty is cooking, but honestly I like eating more than making food.â€


Jihyo is the leader who brings order back to chaos. With a direct personality, Jihyo has the charisma of one who had gone through ten years of training. Her agency dubbed her the ‘all-rounder player,’ meaning one could entrust to her anything with a peace of mind. “I placed second in a contest for child actors because of a portal site’s support. I was contacted by a JYP official who saw that. Honestly I didn’t know what a singer or an idol was. Someone who sings and dances? Someone who goes on TV? It looked like they were having fun. That was the start of the long, long time from then all the way to just before debut. I get a lot of questions on how I stood that, and I think it was possible because this was during my childhood. I felt that going out of the company meant attending cram school. I’m still young and immature, but there’s a difference between being ten and twenty years old. I want to show my professionalism with all that I’ve gathered!â€


Mina, with a composed personality and womanly appearance, alighted in Seoul from Osaka holding tight the dream of becoming a K-pop star, rather than her eleven years of ballet. Though she can be openly and unexpectedly resolved, broad-minded, and driven, she is often misunderstood as quiet and scary. “Because I started from a young age, ballet has become a habit. Thanks to a friend in junior high who liked K-pop, I started dancing to my first K-pop artists, and I began practicing earnestly because of an attraction I felt. Although I quit ballet after getting cast in JYP and coming to Korea, I don’t regret it. I do regret not being able to graduate with my friends from high school, but if I hadn’t come to Korea then I wouldn’t be standing here now. I want to become like SISTAR in the future. I want to have the natural sexiness that radiates from them. And I want to hold a fansign! Wouldn’t that be doing something I’ve only seen in pictures or on television?â€


Although she’s usually gentle, just standing on stage brings out something in her. Dahyun, the talk of the town with her eagle dance that made her famous before debut, captures people with her unique charm. “In my second year of junior high, I went out by chance to a Youths’ Dance Festival. Most of them were high schoolers, and I was the only junior high schooler. And most of them were in teams of five to twelve, and I was the only one by myself. That must have stood out. I received casting calls from three agencies, and JYP was one of them, and that set a fire going. It was the same mind I had when standing on my first stage in Sixteen. The rivalry between Major and Minor wasn’t easy for me, but I liked that I could hear comments from producer JYP, who was hard to meet as a starting trainee. I have a lot of greed. In the future, I want to sing, act, do as much of everything as I can as a member of Twice.â€


She’s called a ‘bard’ for the cute diction and wandering nature of the emotional rap lyrics that she delights in writing. Chaeyoung, who enjoys poetry and instead of going “no fun†makes her own fun, is firmly in her own world. Casted from a dance academy that her mother pressed her into attending, she now raps on her team. “Because my face looks mature even without makeup, I have to talk to seem my age. My speech is kind of babyish. I’m working hard to be the cute maknae for the older members, and I think it’s going alright so far (laughter). Although my first time rapping was for a team performance during my trainee period, I’m drawn to how you can naturally write yourself into the lyrics. My role model is Nicki Minaj; her voice is unique and she has so much charisma on stage! Once I watched Girls’ Generation perform in the Tokyo Dome, and it made me think it would be nice if Twice could stand on there soon too.â€


Tzuyu, who wishes to hear “she has skills†more than “she’s pretty,†is the youngest along with Chaeyoung. Chasing after opportunities for her love of song and dance, she daringly took a plane from Taiwan to South Korea. “It’s been about three years since I came to Korea. JYPE came to personally find me at my dance academy. At first, seeing things that I saw on TV was cool. Things were difficult because I arrived knowing practically no Korean. I was lonely, especially when I missed my family, or when I had to go through hardship by myself. And when the bosses yelled at me, asking if I was joking around when my pronunciation was bad that it made it hard to order things like chicken or pork feet over the phone! It was frustrating. But now that the debut I waited anxiously for happened, I have nothing in my heart but a wish to show people Twice. And I’m not nervous. I’d like it if we could just keep steadily standing on stage.â€

Translated by Mego for TWICE Global

Edited by trifolium
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GQ Korea (April 2016)


Q: What was the thought behind your expression during shooting?
A: “I’m clueless.†The photographer unnie told me to go like that (laughs).

Q: Then what’s the real Nayeon’s expression?
A: There are two kinds. “Ehaha,†a big smile like that, or blanking out. When I smile I use all my facial muscles.

Q: Your two front teeth show clearly when you smile.
A: I started hearing that my front teeth stand out after debut. I didn’t know. Sometimes when I smile, they catch on my lower lip. They’re very handy for eating ice cream or cake.

Q: You’re the oldest in TWICE. What’s good about being the unnie?
A: Hm… uh… I can’t really say because we’re not on [strict] unnie/dongsaeng terms. I think being the ‘unnie’ is just nice in itself.

Q: You don’t seem like an unnie. When we first saw you, it was like seeing a child actress who had suddenly become big.
A: Even before I had debuted, I heard from many adults that I seemed familiar to them. Why could that be? I really don’t know. But there are a lot of things I resemble. The members and the fans call me Na-peach unnie because I resemble one.

Q: You debuted last October, but it feels like the fans know the ins and outs of each member of TWICE. Was it because of the survival competition program “Sixteen�
A: The members talked about that even last night, that it was amazing having fans. Things like presents, letters, too. We’re really grateful. It must not have completely hit me yet. I’m amazed when I go to COEX uncovered and get recognized. I think, “Where has that person seen me?â€

Q: From predebut to the latest “TWICE’s Elegant Private Life,†reality program cameras always seem to follow you. Does it get awkward?
A: It’s not awkward because we have fun talking with the camerapeople while filming. I’m much more more nervous with the music program cameras or the large-scale variety show ones.

Q: Is there any variety program you want to appear at least once on?
A: “The Return of Superman!†I really like babies. It’s a little on the level of an addiction. I can be a babysitter for the day.

Q: How about “Producer 101�
A: Ah, I’ve watched it a few times because our agency’s (Jeon) Somi comes out on it, and I could understand their heart. We all cried at the dorms after watching the first episode. I keep thinking that I won’t be able to go through a survival program again.

Q: Even if you can’t do another survival, is there anything you’re number one on in your team?
A: My fingernails are very pretty. They’re easy for nail art, and my hands are long.

Q: Should we have shot you with your hands showing?
A: Next time; I want to be shot again. Really. I really like GQ. It’s a magazine for men, but I really liked the interviews with the female idol sunbaes. I really liked the picture with Krystal sunbae-nim in a red one-piece, and the one with the hat pressed over IU sunbae-nim.

Q: The next time you shoot might have a sexy concept.
A: Yes. I’m confident I can do it.


Q: How do you keep such straight posture all day?
A: I slouched when I was little, but every time my dad would come and straighten my back. I became involved with it because it would make your figure prettier and raise your confidence. I have very little confidence. I just pretend to have it when we film.

Q: But you know that you’re pretty, right?
A: A confident woman is pretty. I want to become prettier. PD Park Jinyoung said that just your appearance won’t do, and that your mind has to be healthy too. I have to study up on it more.

Q: Don’t you ever want to be messy?
A: I think of myself as natural.

Q: You seem like a person without flaw.
A: Is that how you see me? My friends say I seem very intimidating at first, but I’m really not when we get close. I’m talkative too.

Q: Is there a part of your appearance you are discontent with?
A: There isn’t. My mom and dad worked hard so that I could be born like this, haha.

Q: How would you compare yourself to Seolhyun? You are both models for your own mobile careers.
A: I’ve met Seolhyun sunbae a few times. Whenever I see a picture of her, I think, “If I pose like this, it makes your figure good.†I learn from watching her. But every person has their own charms, so I don’t think there is any need to compare.

Q: What do you have in your room?
A: A puppy doll, and facial masks. And cream for your face, nail polish…

Q: The member who sleeps the most is you, but you’re also the most diligent one? When you get back home, you always stretch before sleeping.
A: It’s become a habit. My mom is the type to manage me a lot. She’s always recommending things like creams, and I can’t just refuse that.

Q: Do you take after your mom?
A: I take after my dad a little too, but I hear I’m like her more often.

Q: Because your ears stick out, your nickname is Yoda?
A: Yes. When I push my hair back and my ears show.

Q: Usually when a female idol’s ears stick out, she gets called an “elf.â€
A: Elf? I didn’t even know who Yoda was at first. To be honest, when I looked him up, we looked alike in my eyes too.

Q: When you talk, should I say you almost don’t intone? Like you purposefully try not to show emotions.
A: I’m not the type to show emotions in front of people. All the members have had times where they cried in front of the camera. Only I haven’t.

Q: Even during harsh “Sixteen,†you didn’t cry.
A: That’s right. But when I call my mom I cry easily.

Q: Then are you always holding yourself in?
A: I can’t get used to crying where there is many people. I cry alone in my room, or when I’m talking with my mom…

Q: Are you a little different as a person when you speak your native language versus Korean?
A: I’m the same. My way of speaking is a little slow - I’ve been like that since before I came to Korea, and I’m like that in Korea.

Q: No jealousy?
A: Ey. Ah, I’ve heard things like that before - “but Tzuyu isn’t that pretty.†People can think differently so I don’t concern myself much with it.

Q: If you could express yourself in one word?
A: Atmosphere?


Q: Do you have a complex?
A: My teeth. They’re crooked.

Q: Snaggletooth?
A: Yes. I get a little embarrassed when I smile. I have to get them corrected, but I’m kind of shy about that too… I envy pretty teeth.

Q: Then what about the part you like most?
A: Lips. I have a mole below my lips too. (When the members are all together) people who don’t know us well even recognize me by the mole. That’s why I often put on red lipstick, almost nothing on my eyes, and draw my eyebrows thinly.

Q: But you put on strong smokey makeup for the music video, right?
A: Since I am the rapper. [The smokey makeup] does fit, but usually with rappers, their strongness gets stressed too much. There can be cute rappers too, and a great many who write poem-like lyrics.

Q: If the offer to be on “Unpretty Rapstar†came around? Like Fiestar’s Yezi.
A: I’m too young…

Q: Because there might be many scary unnies?
A: Yes, they’re pretty frightening. I think I would cry in the event I go on.

Q: Although you don’t seem like the soft ‘99 maknae in “TWICE’s Elegant Private Life�
A: I do have a bit of bluntness. That’s why the unnies said they don’t like Ka-Talking with me. I’m too short with words and uninteresting so it makes them angry.

Q: You don’t use a single emoticon?
A: Yes. So I used one recently. The Benny rabbit.

Q: You were recently readmitted to a high school with an Applied Music department? You seem like the member with the most ambitions in music. You even recommend music over SNS.
A: I started rapping as a trainee, and you have to write lyrics too. You need to listen to a lot of other songs to do that, and they sparked an interest in me as I searched. I like to draw too, and it relates to music in many ways.

Q: In another interview, you mentioned D’Angelo’s “Black Messiah†too.
A: There was a radio program that suggested songs, and he had come back in time for it. I had listened to his previous album a ton. “Brown Sugar.†The vocal trainers during training suggest a lot of songs, and if you go on Youtube, it gives you related videos too. I’d search more there, and find more…

Q: You like reading poems too?
A: Implied meanings! When you write lyrics, you need good figures of speech. Rhymes are important too.

Q: What is the collection of poems you bought most recently?
A: I bought a book rather than a collection. Quiet Thrill. It’s a record of the author’s three months away at Europe. It goes right into the smallest details, and they’re all very cute.

Q: The place you want to go to the most?
A: Amsterdam. I like Van Gogh.

Q: Do you ever hear that you’re different from what you seem? You look like a bright and merry girl, but you’re sentimental and strong in how you express yourself.
A: You’re right. There are many people who thought I’d be prim or rough at first. Or just a baby. But my longtime friends or the close-by members say I’m different from my first impression, to the point that it’s amazing.

Q: Do you like that about yourself?
A: Yes. I like that I look cheerful, and I like hearing that I’m a deep person once they get to know me.


Q: We saw you chatting with the reality camera earlier.
A: Since our job is like this. I think always seeing cameras around has made me like them. From the start, PD Park Jinyoung has told us that TWICE is always natural, that that’s good, so I want to show myself frankly. And you have to always think well to show well in front of the camera.

Q: That you’re not camera-conscious seems to be your strong point.
A: It’s just interesting having a camera around. Like doing this (winking and showing a victory sign) or this (waving a hand high) is just fun, because they film me through it all. When there isn’t a camera around, we film videos ourselves. We want to because it’s fun(ny).

Q: Haha. Was filming for “Real Men†comfortable?
A: Ah… honestly I thought I would do really well. But actually being there, the atmosphere was frightening and if you don’t do well… I became rigid with fright, down to my hands and feet. Because I’m someone who dances I thought I’d do very well during close-order drills. My blood type is O, so I’m the type to go with the flow too, but I didn’t do well between being so nervous and constantly scolded. I regret it quite a bit.

Q: And it’s not like you could play around like usual.
A: Yes. To be honest, I usually take an hour and a half to shower. There’s something leisurely about warm water. But there, they give you twenty minutes to wash your face, your hair, shower, brush your teeth, and dress. After returning to the dorms, I finish showering in thirty minutes now, so the members say “Dahyun unnie, you changed.â€

Q: You use your hands a lot when you talk. Your hands just don’t stop.
A: Is that so? It’s because the music here is fun. I get much more excited just with music… I think I really like the sound of the music and my heart pumping when I’m on stage. That someone’s looking at me. It’s very thrilling and fun to have a response.

Q: So that’s why you introduce yourself as “TWICE’s Dahyun, in charge of excitement� Since five months have passed since debut, what if you were to make a new one?
A: On the team, I’m in charge of being the lighting director. Lighting because of my pale skin (laughs). This is very embarrassing.

Q: If you could have anything from the members, what would you pick?
A: There’s Tzuyu’s longness, and Jihyo unnie’s big eyes… Ah, honestly I’m grateful for my double-lidless eyes, so I don’t want to change that. Hm. This is a hard question. Ah! Jihyo unnie’s big voice. A resonant voice with that healthy feeling. I envy it.

Q: A side of yourself that’s unexpected from how you are seen?
A: That I’m unexpectedly serious and calm?

Q: Ey, really?
A: Yes. I’m calm. I sleep quietly when at the dorms. Manager unnie, please say something. It really is like that, I’m just excited because of the music playing right now.


Q: You’re the only one with short hair among the nine members. It’s distinctive. Do you think about completely transforming too?
A: I want to try a variety of things. Something powerful, something cute, something sexy. Smokey makeup suits me well. Jihyo said so too while we were training. But I really haven’t tried it at all recently. I’ve only put on light makeup after debut.

Q: Your self-introduction is “Jeongyeon, in charge of girl crushes!,†right?
A: Haha, yes. I had that image in Sixteen. But I’ve been told I got a lot cuter [baby-ish] since then. What to do?

Q: Your unconcerned calm in “TWICE’s Elegant Private Life†is one of the reasons for having a girl crush. That seems to always be valid.
A: To be honest, when I go on stage I’m nervous a whole lot. Because I go “I have to do better, I have to do better.†But I try to do things comfortably for the reality program of our private life. There’s really nothing to hide either.

Q: The woman standing in front of the camera, bangs messy or not. Is the face of that Jeongyeon familiar to you?
A: For now, the part above my eyes is on the thick side, so while I do have double-eyelids, there are many people who don’t know that. And, hm… she has pretty teeth.

Q: You were also the only one of the members to reveal her weight on broadcast. These things don’t concern you, though you’re nervous on stage?
A: The team I originally was to debut with fell apart, after around three years. I think experiencing it not go to plan made me more resilient. I’m always thinking, “This is enough.†But I’m as nervous for interviews or shooting or stages as ever. I shrink without even realizing. They’re different from reality programs.

Q: Are you disappointed with your small part in “Like OOH-AHH� Because it’s your debut song.
A: It’s not like we’ll be singing that song forever. I can just do more in our next recording.

Q: It’s something to pass over?
A: Yes. I’m going to be singing forever anyways. (indicating the Star Wars Lego nearby) Do you play with Legos by any chance?

Q: No, it’s just something in this studio. You collect Legos, right?
A: I haven’t been able to buy many lately. The Pororo Lego set that my older sister bought a little while ago is about it.

Q: What series do you like most?
A: I don’t have an exact one. I just like building with them. I have a countless number of kinds. I brought everything from home to the dorms. That’s not it. I was living with my sister, and she sent them all to me, saying that the house was too messy. Haha.

Q: Your dorm doesn’t seem to be very big?
A: Does it? I think it’s on the big side. I use a small room with Momo and it’s cozy. I like small rooms more than big ones.

Q: Do you build Legos according to the instructions?
A: Yes. I make them exactly and put them on display. Besides Legos, I like to exercise too. Things like running or jumproping.

Q: You certainly excite girls’ hearts?
A: I probably look very ugly while I’m running.


Q: When you say “JYP girl group,†what comes to mind are monolids and fresh faces. But you are of a slightly different grain.
A: I don’t think my face is one that JYPE seeks out. I think PD Park Jinyoung felt that besides that, this kid suits JYPE.

Q: How do feel about your face being called western?
A: It’s why I did my makeup lightly in the past. I had talked with the head of makeup about making this image into a strength nowadays. To make my eyelashes long, and put in circle lens too. My eyebrows are very dark. I bleached them too.

Q: Others get tattoos because they want dark eyebrows.
A: That might be if one doesn’t have eyebrows, but [bleaching] can’t be helped if you have a lot of eyebrow.

Q: If you were tasked with showing off a sexy side, won’t your charms jump out?
A: Ah, but I would be embarrassed. I must still be a child.

Q: What kind of time were the ten years you spent as a trainee?
A: Something that was very natural to me? More than attending school. Just a time that I can’t do without.

Q: Were there were cases of trainees who had entered later debuting first?
A: There were many. I entered on the same day as Sunmi unnie. But I think there is a time that is right for me. This is how I met eight friends too.

Q: You have no plans for entering university. Where did that unusual resolution come from?
A: This thought is unchanging. My parents agreed to it too. The dream that I had dreamed for ten years had become realized now. I don’t want to lose focus because of university, though if I gain a new interest later, I would like to learn it formally. At any rate, I don’t think of university as something vital.

Q: Then what’s something you most need right now?
A: For now, since I’m the leader, my biggest dream is to raise a lot of awareness for the team.

Q: You’re the oldest in your home? And you have younger siblings with a big age gap.
A: I have the same sign as the youngest [t/n: they are twelve years apart]. I even remember the day they were born. I was the second to hold them.

Q: Are you an older sister the younger siblings are proud of?
A: The second is so chic that she doesn’t contact me once. Odd, because junior high schoolers usually like idol groups, and their friends would be curious. I talked with my mom about it a lot, and she said they are like that at home too.

Q: Were you the class president and things like that while attending school?
A: No. I didn’t have that personality back then. My friends from school might be surprised to see how I am now. I just got along with my close friends, and I didn’t approach first.

Q: You didn’t show who you were well?
A: That’s right. I was much more comfortable with trainee friends, and my personality changed too. I’m told that whenever guests came over, I really stuck to my mom’s back, or hid behind the door. At any rate, after spending time with many talented trainee friends, I became a lot more excitable.

Q: The resonance in your voice when you speak is quite good.
A: It’s very big. TWICE’s mic! Though I’m speaking very softly right now.

Q: Everyone seems to be really quiet in the studio today?
A: I think it’s because it’s a little dark.


Q: Did you have lunch?
A: Not yet. I want to eat jokbal after we finish, but I have to hold back to manage myself. I was about seven kilograms more as a trainee than now. I think maintenance is possible recently because of how much I move.

Q: Especially because you are labelled as the one in charge of dance. You learned dance from a very young age, right? Did you dream of becoming a dancer?
A: I wanted to become a celebrity moreso. Do you know Amuro Namie by any chance? When I was young, I really admired her, Rain sunbae-nim, and Lee Hyori sunbae-nim’s performances.

Q: Was K-pop popular in the quiet city of Kyoto?
A: Yes. My mom was a fan of Rain sunbae-nim.

Q: Did you like jokbal that much in Japan too?
A: No. I didn’t even know such a food existed. But I had it once after I came to Korea and became a trainee, and it moved me. It has a lot of collagen too. It looked delicious from the start.

Q: Good-for-your-skin collagen.
A: That’s why my face definitely feels better the next day.

Q: You look very cold with a neutral expression.
A: But isn’t it alright if I smile? The aegyo-sal under my eyes come out when I smile.. I really don’t like being seen as cold. I didn’t eat well during “Sixteen†because I was so stressed, so people said I came off kind of strong. After the program ended, I wanted to look brighter so I brought down my bangs.

Q: You wanted to be seen as kind?
A: I just want to not be seen as such a strong person.

Q: Did you say you were jealous of Jihyo’s eyes on radio?
A: They’re totally big. I want mine to be like them too.

Q: But yours aren’t small.
A: But doesn’t Jihyo have a kind of foreigner feel? I envy that. Ah, Nayeon unnie’s lips too. Mine are thin but hers are thick.

Q: You have a lot of greed.
A: It has no end. I have to get prettier.

Q: How?
A: Won’t I get prettier if I look at a lot of pretty people?

Q: Your fans seem to say that you look prettier with your hair up? That’s why your nickname is “Muk-Mo.â€
A: Ah, really? I didn’t know. I usually have my bangs down; today was the first time in a while my forehead showed.

Q: Which angle of your face are you confident in?
A: The left side of my face. I’m concerned about it when we film for a broadcast too.

Q: Do you look in the mirror often?
A: Yes. Whether it’s in my hand or I see one, I keep staring. I continuously wonder about the condition of my face. I’m a little nervous because I don’t have a lot of make up on right now, haha.

Q: How about a dance you’re confident with?
A: Urban, slightly? Urban with a feminine touch.

Q: Which are you better with, tight choreography or freestyling?
A: I like having choreography more than freestyling. When I’m alone, of course I dance to the way I feel, but when I’m told to freestyle in front of others, I can’t help but be thrown off. But it’s fine if I practice choreography hard enough.

Q: If you had to dance to one song, which would you pick?
A: To freestyle to? RnB, firstly. Um… a song from Tinashe?

Q: She’ll be coming to perform in Korea soon.
A: Woah! I really like her.


Q: Is there anything you prepared before you came in for the shooting today?
A: A photoshoot is a bit different from a paper advertisement. We don’t make any extreme poses. I felt that we would have to shoot according to the atmosphere. So I thought it would be more natural to just stand in front of the camera as-is.

Q: You were natural in your movements. Is it because you did ballet for a long time?
A: I think so. Earlier, when I had put my hand on my shoulder, one finger was up like this. I hadn’t even realized; it seems to be force of habit.

Q: It’s been over two years since you gave up ballet and came to Korea from Japan? Do you think it was a good move?
A: There were hard times, but it was interesting. And things have changed too. I had normally disliked standing in front of people. Presenting, too. But after I became interested in K-pop, I got the mind to try standing on stage someday. Although sometimes I had wondered “Am I really here dancing, singing, because I like it?†during my trainee period, I was strengthened when I would hear from someone that my dancing and singing on stage gave them strength. It’s a little fascinating. I was someone who looked at the stage, and now I’m standing on it. I think that’s a big change.

Q: You look very happy right now. Your eyes are shining so much.
A: Really? When I’m on stage, I forget everything that was hard. I realized that ah, I like standing on it.

Q: Didn’t you stand on stage for ballet too? Is it very different?
A: Ballet performances have a story. Should I say it’s similar to a theater play? So rather than the feeling of playing with the audience, it feels more like telling them a story. Singers can play and have fun with their fans onstage.

Q: So you enjoy when it’s not acting, but can just show yourself? How about the reality program “TWICE’s Elegant Private Life�
A: After watching it, I thought we should hide ourselves a bit. Was that okay when we’re female idols? (laughs)

Q: Among the nine, you seemed to give up your image the least.
A: Is that so? That’s comforting.

Q: You seem calm and elegant.
A: I’ve often heard that I’m quiet, but that there are a lot of times where I behave weirdly behind it. You’ll probably hear it from the fans. They even made a video compilation of those scenes.

Q: TWICE’s energy is overflowing. Laughing, shouting, always having fun. Is there any time it’s hard being on the quiet side?
A: I want to believe that it creates a balance. If everyone talks, there’s no one to listen. I think there should be at least one person who listens.

Q: Where are you prettiest?
A: People often say my side profile is pretty. Collarbones too.

Q: Is that embarrassing?
A: I feel like I’m bragging. Ah, it’s regretful that today’s shooting is short. I want to shoot something more. I want to shoot outside next time, instead of in a studio.


Q: What were you thinking while you were looking into the mirror before the shooting?
A: I was thinking about what I should do because arriving at the studio, I saw it would be a natural but slightly chic one. A forced expression won’t do, and neither will a tense mouth.

Q: Was that all? You really were looking for quite a while.
A: Ah, honestly in the mirror I saw my face was bloated and wondered if it would go down - I was thinking something like that. Also I had a massage (laughs).

Q: Haha. You were street-casted in Osaka? But you speak Korean very well.
A: I was out to buy a birthday present for a friend. I went to a place I usually never went to, and got casted by chance. Including my time as a trainee, I’ve been in Korea for about four years now. When I watch variety and there’s a word I don’t know, I check it, and I study whenever there’s time.

Q: Is there any slightly difficult word you learned recently?
A: It’s not a hard word, but Chineu-nim [t/n: slang combining chicken and god]!

Q: Do you like chicken?
A: Yes. Please like it. Ah, [i mean] I like it. I love Chineu-nim. To be honest, I think I spoke Korean better before “Sixteen.†Lately my tongue has been tangling up and I can’t pronounce well. It does something like, it goes back. I don’t know what my tongue is doing.

Q: In your four years living in Korea, what else has changed?
A: I used to not like rich food, but I began to like things like cream. And gaining weight. I think I gained some because I lived away from my parents and because I was stressed. If I compare before and after there was even a difference of ten kilos, but it’s not as much right now.

Q: Do you like doing animal imitations? Are there any new ones you developed recently?
A: I tried imitating a bird not so long ago. There are times when, while you’re sitting still and breathing, a ‘hwee’ sound just comes out. That’s like a bird. I think I have something like that. I become closer to animals when I gain weight and closer to humans when I lose it.

Q: Haha.
A: I didn’t have many chances to look in a mirror as a trainee, because all I did was practice. Now I spend a lot of time in front of one just getting my hair and makeup done. And taking pictures and monitoring them in real-time, some days I’m like a human and some I’m like an animal.

Q: What part of your face do you like the most in a mirror?
A: I naturally bloat easily. Even my nose gets bloated. What part never bloats and always stays the same? Ah, my pupils.

Q: What do you like the most lately?
A: I like the clothes, and the makeup, and the photoshoots, and the stages, but lately I think I’m drawn by dancing the most. Usually I only follow the choreography, but I want to just dance. Watching other dancers makes me go, ah, I want to dance too….

Q: What area in Korea do you like the most?
A: Anywhere with a pretty night view. I like the stars.

Q: You will have to wait a while to see the stars. What will you be doing while the other members are shooting their pictures?
A: I plan on wearing my comfy socks. My bloating goes down when I wear warm socks (laughs).

Translated by Mego for TWICE GLOBAL

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Twicezine (February 2017)

(interview from December 2016)







Translated by JiuGuKyu (1, 2, 3, 4)

Edited by trifolium
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Twicezine (February 2017)

(interview from December 2016)




Q: When you spent Christmas when you were young, was there a memorable episode you can remember?
It was around my 1st year in elementary school. My brother is very curt. He’s usually not much of a talker. But during Christmas, we have these Christmas stockings we do and hang at our house. Inside the Christmas stocking, there was a pencil and a small memo pad. So I wondered, ‘who could have put these in?’ and I found out that it was my brother who prepared and did it. I think my brother spent his allowance money just to get me a present. He only did it that one time! (laughs) That’s why I remember it the most. Also when I was young, I got this video game and my brother received a video game as well. We have this one massive television in the living room and my brother and I would have a competition as to who would get up early first to use the television and be able to play their own video game. That’s why on Christmas mornings, I am always up early!

Q: If you become and try to be Santa Claus for one day, what would you like to try and do?
We have a lot of fans around the world. If I become Santa Claus, I want to go and see the fans everywhere.

Q: Is there a Christmas present you would like to receive?
I want a closet. I need a chiffonier. Or I’ll pretend to give a gift to Momo-unni but I’ll use it instead. (laughs)

Q: If you get given your last day-off for this year, what would you like to do?
I want to go on a trip with my members.

Q: Seems like everyone wants to go on a trip.
Jihyo said the same? Jihyo always talks about it.

Q: Hawaii?
That’s not bad. That sounds good! (laughs)

Q: What did you find was the best and most disappointing thing that happened to you this year?
I thought that when we received the Daesang was really good. I thought, ‘Ah, there’s a lot of people who love us a lot’. I really had no other words to say but ‘thank you’. Most disappointing thing… the rhythmic gymnastics?

Q: What are your New Year’s goals for this 2017?
I managed to get to try a lot of things in 2016, but even so, I think there is always something I could’ve done better. There hasn’t been a time where I was satisfied with my singing or my performance on stage. Though it’s hard to do something 100% perfectly, I hope to be able to do well and better in 2017 than this year. Ah, also, for next year, I want to try and fix my out-toe gait. There’s no exact date but just to reduce the angle even if only a little? (laughs)

Q: How did you spend your 20th? Do you have any advice for Dahyun who is turning 20 this coming year?
When you become 20, nothing much changes but Dahyun will be turning 20 next year so I am looking forward to it. I would say, ‘Can Dahyun do sexy concepts now?’. Dahyun would wonder, ‘I’m an adult now, what should I do?’ and I would think, ‘Is there something she needs to prepare for?’ (Jeongyeon: Dahyun is really conservative! That’s why she doesn’t like clothes that have V-necks or clothes that expose your collarbones) That’s right. She keeps putting her clothes up. Her back can be seen anyway! (laughs) (Jeongyeon: But recently, Dahyun wore clothes that show your collarbones! So Dahyun was like, ‘I wear t-shirts that show your collarbones now.’ Haha). I think it’s unexpectedly fun to see Dahyun turn from a teenager to her twenties. ‘I’m now an adult!’ she would say. I spent my 20th without much change but I think Dahyun will be different. I’m looking forward to it.

Q: You’re quite known for being good at video games, is there a game you’re playing lately?
The last game I played is <SUPERSTAR JYP NATION>. After that, I changed my phone so all my data from the game was gone. Also, we started our promotions straight away. I can’t use my computer for games so nowadays so I don’t play much.

Q: When you were learning ballet, did you ever get the chance to perform for a Christmas or an end-of-year show?
I don’t remember performing for a show, but I remember going to see one. When I was on <SIXTEEN>, I showed a performance of <The Nutcracker>. The theme for that is about Christmas. The show done by the professional ballet dancers was about that and it was the first show I have seen. I can only do performances at the ballet academy recitals, and the one that I saw was from there too. But when I watched the performance, the set was so pretty and the outfits were all shiny!

Q: How old were you then?
It was around my 2nd year of high school. When I watched it, it was so pretty! I still remember it so vividly. In the academy, they only do the 1st part and the 2nd part briefly, but the professional ballet dancers, from start to finish, managed to relay and connect the story well. It was so much fun seeing the stage change and progress. I think it was when I fell in love with performing.

Q: In the Chuseok that just passed, when I watched your rhythmic gymnastics performance, I thought it was such a shame when you made a mistake.
The PD-nim thought so too. If I get given the chance again, without any regrets, I will have to try harder! When I was practicing it was hard and so I was able to eat everything that was delicious. The hula hoop was heavier than I thought too, so I gained a lot of muscles from it.

Q: Besides the hula hoop, is there anything else you would like to try?
I want to try the ribbon but because the ribbon is long, apparently it needs a lot of strength from the arms. My arms are quite weak, so I think I might not be able to try the ribbon.

Q: Before you debuted, when you had to rest, what type of things would you do?
It was still the same as before I debuted. I would stay in the dorm all day or I would go shopping. When I was a trainee during a day that it was snowing on winter, I have tried to walk all the way from the trainee dorms up to the COEX centre. I passed Sinnonhyeon, Gangnam and Sinsa-dong. I’ve also tried just walking all throughout the day. I must have been really bored.

Q: Do you like walking?
No. As I was looking at the map on my phone, I kept walking continuously that I ended up all the way to Gangnam. But I really thought I was going to freeze to death then. Thinking about it now, I don’t know why I did it. I wasn’t even shopping but was just walking. ^^





Translated by JiuGuKyu, jinchoumina, chaeng_intl, TZUYU WORLD

Edited by trifolium
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High Cut Vol. 165 (January 2016)

Q: You are one of the best rookies out there this year, hitting 20 million views on Youtube and winning rookie awards within two months of debuting. How do you feel about being called the best?

Nayeon: Truthfully, I still hadn’t fully processed our debut, but after receiving so much love and and winning awards, recently I’ve been feeling “ah, so we really have debuted.â€

Chaeyoung: I’m thankful for all these things after debut that I hadn’t even thought of happening, and I feel like we have to work even harder.

Q: What did you tell each other when you were nominated for first place on music programs as soon as you debuted? It was probably an unforeseen event.

Momo: It was like a dream.

Sana: We were really surprised. We were so surprised our voices wouldn’t even work.

Jihyo: When we heard about the first place nomination, we went, “Us? No way, are you really sure it’s us?â€

Q: Mina, Sana, Momo, and Tzuyu’s appearance on My Little Television reaffirmed TWICE’s place as the trend. But a live broadcast must have not been easy for you as foreigners.

Momo: We got nervous and flustered a lot. What I remember from filming is that I got to keep eating the jokbal I like so much! So I was happy.

Tzuyu: Learning about Korea’s culture during the broadcast was really fun. I especially remember putting on the hanbok with Mina, Sana, and Momo at the end.

Q: The entire nation watched the road to your debut. You all heard harsh words from Park Jinyoung in front of everyone. Is there anything you still remember from the comments?

Nayeon: The most memorable event was “You grabbed the ankle.†The fans seem to parody it a lot too. If I could do things over once more, I think I could do well without hanging on to the PD’s ankle (laughs).

Momo: What I remember most is from the first mission, when the PD said, “Who is Momo? I couldn’t tell what kind of person she is.†So I worried and thought a lot about myself.

Mina: I most remember “That expression isn’t from your emotions. It’s like it’s practiced†from the first mission. After that, I strove for naturalness whether on-stage or off-stage meeting fans.

Q: You said that during promotions you hardly diet, so how have you stayed so skinny and pretty?

Jeongyeon: We just like to eat, so when we eat after watching ourselves, we really eat a lot!

Sana: It’s not that we barely diet. There are times we get shocked looking into the mirror too (laughs). We’re in the middle of managing ourselves right now.

Jihyo: We eat well, but we exercise just as much. When we finish with schedules, we exercise in the living room, or if we can’t exercise, then we at least stretch. We also have a whole lot of ice packs in our fridge. We stick one on our face every morning (laughs).

Dahyun: I’m like that too. Our members just like eating. We diet when we diet and eat when we eat! That’s how we do.

Q: TWICE is a team of a variety of nationalities. It can’t have always been smooth between you.

Nayeon: Because we’ve been together since our trainee days, I think we understand each other well. Also, our foreign members are really good at Korean, although Tzuyu sometimes speaks in Taiwanese when she’s sleepy (laughs).

Jeongyeon: We all communicate well. Once while we were practicing, Mina, Sana, and Momo were cracking up. We asked why and found out that with one of our lines, “Hage mandeureojwo (Make me like),†hage means bald in Japanese. So I remember we all laughed over that.

Q: Tell us about any role models the members have.

First place is our senior g.o.d.

Sana: Once, before debut, we all got together and talked. Even if a lot of time passes, we want to follow the example of g.o.d., staying a family even while on our separate, individual paths.

Tzuyu: We want to last a long, long time like g.o.d.

Q: There’s an ocean of girl groups out right now, is there anything that sets TWICE apart?

Mina: Wouldn’t it be that we don’t put on any pretenses, and we just show a natural side?

Jeongyeon: An overflowing beagle-y charm? Bright and natural are TWICE’s strengths like no one else’s.

Q: You finally debuted after an intense survival program, but it’s only the beginning and not the end for you. What is TWICE’s goal?

Sana: I think there are still many people who only know us from Sixteen, so we want to get out TWICE’s name to the public.

Jihyo: We would like to become long-run singers. And that we always feel like family, just like now!

Translated by Mego for TWICE GLOBAL

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thanks, i really like reading their interviews, didn't know momo and her mom were fans of rain lol

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Thanks for this! :')

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High Cut Vol. 182 (October 2016)









Translated by tbansi1020


Variety show that you want to guest on

Nayeon: SNL Korea. I like it a lot but after watching the episode where 2pm sunbaenim guested on, (I thought) it was really fun
Jeongyeon: 3 meals a day. Cha Seungwon-sunbaenim can cook very well and I want to try it, at a place with fresh air
SNL Korea [3votes]
Infinity Challenge; Running man [2 votes each]
3 meals day; Knowing Brothers [1 vote each]

The most interesting drama that you watch recently

Chaeyoung: Moonlight drawn by clouds. Park Bogum and Kim Yoojung chemistry and acting skills (thumbs up). Story line is interesting. Kim Yoojung is 18 years old, same age as me. She’s awesome.
Momo: W. It’s very different from the drama I watched previously. Although it’s scary, but it’s exciting and interesting at the same time.
Jeongyeon: W. The story line is fresh. I enjoyed High Kick a lot last time and it’s the same director. It’s a pity that it is the last episode today/

W; Moonlight drawn by clouds [3 votes each]
Doctors; Jealousy Incarnate; Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight [1 vote each]

One day, assume that you’re ravelling to the Mars, which member you would choose to travel with you

Chaeyoung: Jeongyeon unnie. Most mother-like and reliable. Looks like she’ll be able to find everything.
Mina: Jeongyeon unnie. She takes good care of people. No matter what, looks like she’ll be able to survive until the end.

Jeongyeon [5 votes]
Jihyo; Nayeon; Mina; Chaeyoung [1 vote each]

There’s a morning schedule. Which member you have difficulty in waking her up

Nayeon: Kim Dahyun. Dahyun ah, you’re the only one left (that haven’t wake up)
Dahyun: Me. Although I sleep x100 a lot, but I’m able to wake up recently. I’m trying my best.
Jeongyeon: First of all, you must turn on the light “You’re the last oneâ€. Everyone is waiting for you. Faster wake up!â€

Dahyun [7 votes]
Chaeyoung [2 votes]

Which member is most ambitious when comes to variety show or acting

Sana: Dahyun. She used all of her facial muscles, even her tongues. Recently, she joined a variety show that talent her acting too.
Tzuyu: Dahyun unnie. She’s funny on show and did a lot of interesting(fun) things.

Dahyun [8 votes]
All members [1 vote]

Translated by illiy009

Edited by trifolium
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Focus News – Jihyo and Mina 2016 birthday interviews

Jihyo (2016.02.01)


Original source: http://focus.kr/view.php?key=2016020100004511469
Translated by _tzumato
Mina (2016.03.24)

Q: What will you do for your birthday?
A: I think there’s something scheduled for it this year.

Q: Your thoughts on your first birthday after debut?
A: A few days ago, the fans congratulated me with a surprise coffee car visit, and I was really delighted and touched. I even teared up a little. ^^;; It was amazing to be congratulated by so many people, and I felt all over again how much love we were receiving. That’s why I thought we have to work even harder.

Q: How do you feel about getting older?
A: Each time I grow one year older, I think my anticipations rise for what could be awaiting ahead, and my wish to do better grows.

Q: The words you want to hear the most on your birthday?
A: Because I’m so thankful to have my birthday remembered at all, just the word ‘congratulations’ lifts up my mood and makes me happier.

Q: What kind of meaning does a birthday hold for you?
A: For me, every birthday feels like a new beginning. It makes me think about how I had lived up to now, and it’s a day where I look back. So it’s a day where I’m grateful to my family and everyone around me. My members, thank you! ^^

Q: What was your taemong? [t/n: a dream a mother has after conception that is believed to tell a part of the baby’s fortune]
A: I had never heard of one in Japan ^^;; I’ll ask my parents the next time I meet them.

Q: Your most memorable birthday?
A: Last year was my first birthday spent in Korea, and Sana and Momo unnie took care of it. It was my first birthday spent apart from my family, so I was really thankful to the unnies for looking after me.

Q: The most special gift in your life?
A: When I was little I would go “I want this†and “I want that,†but as I grew older I just enjoyed eating with my family the most. I’m one year old as a TWICE member, so I’ll keep growing up really fast. ^^

Q: If you’re given a break for your birthday, what would you want to do the most?
A: I would like to go see my family. I’ve really felt how precious they are after living apart from them. I want to tell them thank you and I love you!

Q: What wish did you make on your birthday as a child? Did it come true?
A: When I was little, I wished for a puppy, and right now there’s one with my family in my home in Japan. I want to see the puppy and am always hoping for its health!

Q: How do you imagine your birthdays ten years from now?
A: In ten years I’ll be thirty, and honestly I can’t imagine it, ha. I think I’ll be working hard on activities as I am now. ^^

Q: Is there anyone you want to thank?
A: I think the number of people I want to thank became a lot bigger after debut. But the very first people I want to tell is my family who had raised me up to now.

Q: Please say a word to your birthday self.
A: I hope as you age, your charms grow and you become prettier. Don’t forget how your heart was at the start, and please show yourself growing with an always thankful heart!

Original source: http://www.focus.kr/view.php?key=2016032400105119469
Translated by Mego for TWICE GLOBAL

Nayeon's predebut interview with Spris (2010)



Translated by _tzumato

Twice's interview with My Daily (2016.05.20)



Original source: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=117&aid=0002766247
Translated by tzumile

Edited by trifolium
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