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yas I found king's thread He's my favorite so far  

damn! acting king even tho he hasn't debuted yet dave.png

can't wait to see this though. love my wjsn c-line as well~






jung jung @ #22 for a list measuring the boys' popularity over various platforms

That's awesome. There was a similar list a few days ago and he was #30.

Praying for screentime rlytearpls.png




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3 seconds of him speaking but it has me like


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omg, where is this from?

Here smile.png


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I heard on twitter that he was in B... guess we'll figure out when the show airs


Sadly, he's in D unsure.png The twitter photos of the performance where he seems like he's in the back of the group B is during the part of the song where all the trainees were gathered close together (B, C, and D moves toward the center more), and since he was in the front row, left most position of group D, he got in the group B shot.

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He is soooooo cute!

He kept trying to speak struggle korean knowing damn well he had lost tumblr_m8w6novvDN1qdbl2a.gif

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