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I thought he was adorable as centre lol I'm happy being Justin's noona fan lol

I realised he's younger than my little brother which is so weird somehow haha



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J U S T I N   Name: Huang Minghao / Justin Birthdate: February 19, 2002 Zodiac sign: Pisces Hobbies: writing rap lyrics, basketball, swimming Height/Weight: 181 cm/60kg Company: Yuehua En

this guy looks like honey senpai lollolol

His fan cam was fire. Too bad mnet fucked around with the editing.


I think he still has a small chance though. Shape of You was hyped up a lot and every member will get a personal boost from that. Plus, the Amazing Kiss, Right Round, Pop, Spring Day and Boys and Girls groups didn't do particularly well. Shape of You was definitely up there in terms of the better stages.

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Justin officially out My heart my painnnn *cries*



Our little baby

He woked hard though! I'm so proud of him~ Can't wait for him to debut

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seems like justin got close with nu'est's ren




Everyone should love Ren. My babies are all perfect, just so ya know.


I'm still so happy and proud of Justin. He's in the top 9%. By the by, what is the group's fandom name, I forgot already...


I think I am the oldest member of this whole site, so get used to dumb old people questions.

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  • love changed the title to YUEHUA BOYS JUSTIN OFFICIAL THREAD

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