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The Official Ha Sungwoon Thread | 9th November release of #Mirage | #Forbidden_Island

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his teaser video for the debut song voting is out!!!  

Hope Mnet will start to show more love to the HOTSHOT boys~


BTW, I removed the company name in the banner because the profile on Mnet changed as well. Unsure what the company 'Star Crew ENT' is trying to do ATM. wthplz.png


Here are the full set of pictures under his profile:















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KO sound are having an identity crisis, haha. Do you think its likely SungTae will get a lot of screentime next episode? They had a reasonable amount in this episode, almost as much as Nu'Est (all things considered)


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Both of them are very variety savvy from when Hotshot had activities ever, so I'm feeling optimistic! Tae got spotlighted for his dance, no?

(It's hard to talk about them separately, they're such a good pair!)


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I agree! But his ranking isn't doing well. And sadly he performed 10 out of 10 for the first mission so there's isn't much buzz about him either. ã… ã… 


(Would you prefer to combine both threads?)

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I may combine them after a couple of episodes, depending on the circumstances. If one member gets significantly more screentime, it makes sense to separate them then ^.^


Whilst we're in Sungwoonie's thread, where do you hear about the voice crack?

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I think HOTSHOT boys' screen time is pretty decent. But it's mainly due to the fact that they are in rank A and close to the centre. Not much feature on them but at least their faces pop by once in a while on screen. And good news, we can finally see the first bar on Sungwoon's maboy support! rlytearpls.png

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