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[EDITED] Kyuhyun's hotel on fire, his staff lets him there and goes to Starbucks


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Last night, we got the news that the hotel in which Kyuhyun was staying in Taipei caught fire in the middle of the night, and Kyuhyun told the story today during his concert (he couldn't sing properly because of what happened):


Some people were evacuated, but apparently Kyuhyun had no other choice than staying at the hotel, only changing room, which is already wtf.

Before anyone makes the accusation, the problem is not that he didn't receive any "special" or "VIP" treatment from the hotel's staff compared to other customers because he's an artist, even if EVERYONE should have been evacuated. But here is another huge problem:


Apparently, his own staff (his manager included) let him there, went to Starbucks and updated their SNS as if nothing was happening. 


Here is a news report on the apparent situation: 


How the f*ck can something like that happen?

Now waiting for proper explanation from the staff, seeing how everyone is going crazy on Twitter, they'll need to explain themselves... 


EDIT: Kyu's explanations on Twitter




Still don't understand how he was allowed to remain in his room... Is he just trying not to make a huge deal out of it and appease fans? 



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honestly, this is ridiculous

if they were quick enough to move before no one else could evacuate the hotel, they should have taken Kyuhyun with them

even if Kyuhyun would have said then: I'll stay... the logical thing would have been to pull him out to safety

but it is even more ridiculous to think they didn't even wake him up and left him there to wake up by himself to smoke

what if the fire was bigger? 

it effected his voice for the concert but if that fire would have reached actual floors..omg

this isn't something that should end with apologies

I liked Mask Manager but this is something people should get fired for

no one should be put in danger during a fire and as a manager to leave the one you are responsible for and then go take selcas



not to mention that Kyuhyun already has health problems and inhaling smoke is doing nothing good for him

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the only thing I could think of to excuse them to an extent at least would be if they maybe were already in Starbucks when that was happening, and didn't know what was going on at the time and that's why they were posting from there, but...wouldn't Kyu call them and tell them what was going on? and he said his manager left him there so that's not likely to happen anyway?

what the fuck 

they should be fired if they left him there like that, endangering his life, not doing their jobs

they should be sued tbh what the fuck i'm so upset

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In one of the staff's posts with a photo of the hotel fire, he hashtagged '#NCT #Firetruck'...


They should all be fired. It's not about how Kyuhyun is some big star and deserves top level treatment but that they aren't doing what they're paid to do and leaving him in danger.

seriously?! they tagged that?!


what is the truth? where they already there or did they go there as they evacuated?

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What the fuck it's wrong with them? What if the fire got bigger and something bad really happened?  Thanks god no one is hurt but what kind of staff? SM needs to fire them, wasn't Kyuhyun haing health problems already? Uhg, and why didn't them let him go to another hotel? Don't be fucking cheap to treat your artist like that.

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