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[Instiz] [edit in the OP] Journalist spills rumors on BTS, IOI, AOA, GFriend, RV, JYPE, SM vs YG and more


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The journalist spilling those rumors has been working for Sports Chosun for 8 years.


- 2 members of Mamamoo are dating, 1 member of BTS is dating.


- WG will not re-sign with JYPE.


- IOI, DIA, WJSN, Gugudan have some problems between their companies and members. There's 1 member who's bitchy, no comment


- Someone (1 person) who's treated very well and is center-level in IOI is sidelined in her own group (not made the center always) and is complaining about it


- AOA members are in a discord.


- Noh Hong Chul will go back to "Infinite Challenge".


- Suzy will re-sign with JYPE while Min will leave JYPE.


- Lee Byung Hun had sex with a lot of women and Ji Chang Wook dated 80% of his costars


- T-ara didn't bully Hwayoung Hwayoung has a bad personality.


-Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung are dating Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung are soso/dislikeable in real life


- Celebrities with good personalities: BTS, Jun Hyosung, Jung Chaeyeon, Go Ara, Actress Jung Yumi, Kang Dong Won, GFriend's Umji and Yuju, Seo Kang Joon, child actors except Kim Sae Ron, P101 Lee Haein and Soohyun


- Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun are prickly in real life


- Jeon Ji Hyun and Han Ye Seul dislike each other


- GFriend has lost their rookie spirit except for Yuju and Umji


- SM planned a family concert and YG urgently planned one on the same day but SM's was sold out and YG's was not so YG told the media to not hype it. [NB: proofs page 13]


- Since Lee Soo Man is called hwejangnim (chairman-nim), Yg doesn't let people call him by his nickname, Yangsa (yang president shortened form, in english its like Pres Yang), due to his inferiority complex.


- Secret members' discord with Han Sunhwa is finally settled


- Twice is shaking up the Korean music industry, no one expected them to so well in such a short time


- Comedians are prickly in real life


- Hyosung is hardworking


- Irene is passive and introverted, her character is the same as what you see on the screen. Yeri is the opposite, she's very bright.


- Lee Hwi Jae and Yoo Ah In are so-so/unlikeable


- Jokwon and Ga In never dated. Reporters are not sure whether Ga In and Joo Ji Hoon have broken up or not or if one of them cheated, anyways, it is ambiguous.


Thanks to Howonnie, Ayoshiari, Rinayuesque, Nineteen and Iloveleesooman for the translations of some of the rumors!



Source: http://www.instiz.net/pt/4341681&green=1&page=1&grnpage=1&greenset=

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