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[COMPLETE] [GAMEPLAY] Discotheque IV - Broadway, My Way // 10th Jan // NOT SHINEE WINNING!

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Posted 11 January 2017 - 09:19 AM

I'm glad jayla switched from Seventeen like, what song would she have sent for this? Mansae?

Also my power's out so y'all probably won't see me for like 14 hours or so


it's a Shinhwa song actually

ok but like seventeen would be so good in this if we were allowed to use their unit songs

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Posted 11 January 2017 - 09:22 AM (Edited by Hyuksang, 11 January 2017 - 09:34 AM.)

why tf doesn't onehallyu recognise the usual format of results







Judge Lay-Z couldn't judge due to outer reasons so we had a guest judge!


Ohpress member : Sophrosyne!



Hyun. + Madonna

yes, i'm really submitting Bitch I'm Madonna. yes, this is also the definition of a club banger, tyvm. it has that trashy drop that sounds like a distorted sponge being twisted around / a duck attempting to sing, the plain egocentricity in the lyrics, and nicki minaj! you can't not bop to this! it's also lowkey trash but hey that's how club music works!

Sophrosyne:If a club played a song with a drop just as medicore as this one, I would have to be smashed beyond repair to actually jump along. But hey who actually goes to the clubs sober? Too bad I'm sober today. You're correct about her sounding like a duck though. 6/10
Hyuksang:Ah shit not this song. That's the definition of club banger songs that Madonna would release. I love the chorus minus the 'na na na' The rest is very edgy, trash-y and Madonna-esque but I would expect much more energey in some parts, she sounds like a girly old chap at times. not all of those celebrities appearing huh.8,5/10
Sailor Mars:Yeah it's a club banger! Madonna could have done better but she gotta keep up with the trends! I hate this song but it's low key addicting. I do love the "bitch im madonna part" and Nicki's part! Madonna is so iconic! I would dance to this song and probably go too hard at the clubs. 8/10
HIGHLIGHTYes boi this is such a club beat! I can just see all the grannies up there poppin what they got! Okay no but really, you weren't wrong when you said it sounded like a distorted sponge or a duck, honestly if anything it sounds like a distorted duck or a sponge trying to sing. However, I do feel it could be a tad better.8.5/10
chaebaby:Far away from one of Madonna's best releases. Seems like she was trying to hard to relate with the new generation, sounds like something Miley would do not as trashy. At least you fulfilled the the club banger theme. That said, Diplo's beat is very hard not to bop too. And only the QUEEN can say an iconic line like bitch I'm Madonna. Just hope she doesn't release something like this again.8.0/10

Total Score : 39/50

Ureshige + Wednesday Campanella

Ra is a club anthem that is sure to make all the gays and girls twerk their pasty ass for them daddies, those guidos from Jersey Shore who think this is still 2009 to fist pump and the retired grandmas that just got their pension to throw dollar bills to the male strippers that are working to this song.

Sophrosyne :It's clearly talking... The beat is nice, I like it, but then that talking comes in and it conflicts with the overall mood of the song. I feel like I listening to two separate songs, trying to mesh together, but not well. This is definielty not peanut butter and jelly. The parts I do enjoy though, i.e the parts where there's no talking, sounds like something they'd play on a Saturday at the clubs. Not upbeat enough for the younger crowd to be around, but it's when the seedy old men come out. 6/10
Hyuksang:Ah shit I love the beat once it starts in as the vocal part didnt come in, and I wish it kept that way. The vocals are very.. underwhelming and throwing off.. it's not even technique related, she just sounds like someone who has just woken up from sleep, she's barely around the key center, and it's taking away from the song in general. The speech-like rap (or not rap) is cute, to an extent. The chorus beat cripples in and I love it, that's when she isn't singing and that's when the song actually is related to the theme. In short, the song wouldve been a slayage if it was just for the instrumental.6,5/10
Sailor Mars:The vocals ruin the song completely. It ruins the vibes but it does have a club-esque beat. I really wish there was no vocals in this song because I was dancing to the beat. It saved the song, there were some vocal parts I liked though just not enough for me to dance to it. I really liked the mv though, she's a really cute person. 7/10
HIGHLIGHT:Omg these vocals are weird af but THE CHORUS. Omfg. I was not expecting that beat to kick in. I think my hair fell off. I was turning that up!! Although, as I stated, the vocals are very… hmm… and the verses were underwhelming. But the chorus makes up for it!7/10
chaebaby: This is a tough one. I'm not familiar with the artist and song so I'll take it into account. So I had to give this multiple listens, first time the video's visuals got me distracted, listened to it 3 more times just listening. I don't know why I get Uniqlo vibes LOL. The beat goes hard tho in the chorus. It finally took a 5th time watching a live at Arabaki to understand why people liked it, it's very subtle but the chorus gets people moving. Maybe I'm just not used to the subtleness of the song and not feeling the rap. Diguised genius. Golden spice? Golden rice/lies/lice? Whatever it is it got me interested. 7.5/10

Total Score : 34/50


LISTEN TO AT FULL VOLUME WITH SPEAKERS OR LIT AF HEADPHONES JUSEYO, and watch the video so you can thirst over Suho, Kai and Sehun with me!

You hear that? That's the sound of me twerking while screaming 'yas daddies!'. This actual BOP is such a banger! The T-Pain teas vocals takes a while to grow on first listeners but once you get used to the ratchet as fuck singing, this beat is dope as hell. This track is definitely infectious, it's low bass paired with the 'ca-ching's of what I believe are casino machines making a lit as fuck twerkable bop. If this played at a club you'd see me slut drop on Taeyong's dick tbh, unfair who?

In all seriousness this song is about as club friendly as EXO get, but doesn't fail to deliver. It's got all of the components of a club tune, making it perfect to blare out of speakers and dance to. No doubt, the dance floor would be filled once this comes on.

Sophrosyne: When I first listened to Lotto, I decided to remove it from my brain and my ears, because of the much unneeded autotune. I don't regret that decision at all. It lacks a strong impactful drop that is essential of a club banger. Besides kpop nights, which I avoid like the plague, because it's held at the most bogan night club we have, this song would honestly suck at the clubs. Not even the alcohol would save it. It has too much of a consistent tune and drunk people have very short attention spans. 4.5/10
Hyuksang:Ah lotto, a club song indeed, but would I dance to that ? no, the verses are very pretty, mellow and not super energetic. No one would dance to 'ooo-oo lotto, ooo-oo lotto' it's the kind of songs people would listen to in the club while sitting in a table, sipping on some wine and getting hit on, but not something someone would bump their body to, but it remains a song with a clubbing feeling. The song is good as usual if you take off the exaggerated autotune6,5/10
Sailor Mars:LTW if i listen at full volume my ears will pop!!! Please no listen at full volume, you could go deaf. Anyway, I honestly can't see this being played at any club. I feel like people would protest and request a different song. Baekhyun, D.O, and Chen legit saved the song though, EXO's holy trinity. They should have chilled a bit with the autotune and maybe had the beats more apparent in the song. The only part that is really club-esque is the last part after Chen slays. I listen to this song but only because it's a trashy bop but I really don't think this song fit this round. I know not all club bangers needs edm or loud beats to be a club banger but ..... This song just didn't fit. Lightsaber would have gotten a better score from me. 5/10
HIGHLIGHT:Oh yes my FAVE. I know everyone hates it but I just came here to have a good time and boy I'm havin it! I'm out here body rollin til the cows come home. However, I do struggle to imagine this song in a club setting. Like unless they were playing it to get people to spend more money at the bar or something.. I just don’t see it.7/10
chaebaby: I LOL'd the first time I heard this because of the blatant autotune, but the song is so chill. It is a club song but it's not a banger. Shit was so loud my ears almost popped less than 50% volume. We all know EXO is talented and beautiful as shit but damn this is not a song to be hyped. Maybe if you had headphones on and was creeping the streets or tossing money at strippers/hookers and doing an 8ballb]6.5/10[/b]

Total Score : 29,5/50

Mion + SNSD

This is an absolute club banger,there is no way you could stand still while listening to this infectious,hype beat.Hope you like it :* ♥

Sophrosyne: It's too repeitive and boring. Vocals are strong and solid, but you dance to beats not belts. Next please. 3.5/10
Hyuksang:Boring choruses, nice EDM, not a very danceable chorus, safe choice. That's the song in short.6/10
Sailor Mars: I feel like if this were played in a club, people would leave but who knows what clubs are like in Korea. The edm was so trashy in this song and wasn't needed. I really liked the vocals in this song though but it's not enough for me to freely dance, this song screams choregraphed dance. 6/10
HIGHLIGHT:Can't say I wasn't expecting this. I never thought the EDM in this was great tbh and I've always found it to be rather mediocre. If this came on at the club I definitely would not be hyped. Also is that helicopter noise part of the actual song or did they just rip the audio from the music video? Because it’s rather off putting when you’re trying to imagine it in a club setting. If there’s any SNSD song I would have wanted to see this round, it’s Animal tbh.5./10
chaebaby: I love SNSD. I love the verse and build up and the bridge and their vocals, but I don't know about the chorus. I know it's their dance break but it's kinda weird like if I didn't watch their video I wouldn't enjoy it as much. I really tried to like this songs played it dozens of times but the chorus just ruins it for me. You would think at 2015 they can come up with a better EDM song. I don't know slay me in the later rounds please!6.5/10

Total Score : 27/50

Jaewoo + Rihanna


I don't go out that often (only once a week) but when I do, this song is always played. It gets people hyped and its catchy chorus makes people sing along loudly, not matter how drunk they are. Morever, in the post-breakdown, it has become a club cult to shout "woo-woo", as shown here (from 1.28) https://www.youtube....h?v=liRFX3srqZA.


Sophrosyne:The build up is great, there's a good mixture between a focus on the music and the vocals, which would be perfect for the clubs. Only problem is it's too repeitive, I might jump around for the first half, and then grab my phone out and start snapchatting..8/10
Hyuksang: I remember when this song came out, it was everywhere, on radios, on remixes sites and live clubs/djs streamings. Definitely a club song, the house instrumental is very contagious yet doesn't have that heavy indifferent electronic sound. The song moreover fits her voice, there's really nothing I could complain about. I L O V E the chorus.9,5/10
Sailor Mars:I LOVE THIS SONG! This song is beautiful and Rihanna's voice slays on this song! I cried when I heard this song for the first time and it is def a club banger! The beats were done nicely and I normally don't like edm at all but this song was well made! I am in love with this song, it's my child. 10/10
HIGHLIGHT:Bro I'm cryin in the club. I love this song so much, it's an all time fave from Rihanna. This song is the perfect tempo and the perfect level of hype for just jumping around with one arm in the air pointing to the ceiling for no reason. Like I actually almost gave this a 10 which I like never ever do. Omg.9.5/10
chaebaby: NOSTALGIAGASM. I remember using this song to teach a fitness class and sloppily dancing as a hot drunk mess in the clubs during my college years. Yes, this is a classic club song, 128 beats/min and 4/4 beat gets the blood pumping. I like that this is a live version and she was just feeling it. I played it 4 times while dancing. I hope she didn't strain her vocal chords at the end tho, but I will take it as an artistic allusion to the song's meaning. LOVED IT9.5/10

Total Score : 46,5/50

Soulrain + Annalisa


Noi Siamo un'Isola' (literally 'We're an Island' lol) follows the trend of using tropical beats to create exciting and dancy songs. This song isn't that hard-hitting but surely makes you move. Enjoy!

Sophrosyne:I really like the song. And I may sound like a broken record now, but it lacks a dramatic build up and drop. I don't go to clubs to appreciate music unfortunately. Sober me appreciates it, drunk me not so much. 7/10
Hyuksang: IM LIVING! this is literally one of the best songs I listened to concerning club-related european songs, it has that interesting eurpop touch, the vocals are very energetic and clubesque. The chorus couldve been better arranged. The chorus I'm living!9/10
Sailor Mars:I feel this song! It's so nice! I can see this being played in clubs! I really like this song! She has a nice vocal tone and I really love the beat!!! Nice song choice, Soulrain! I wish I understood what it is saying though but I LOVE ITTTTTTT. You understood the theme, congratulations. 9.5/10
HIGHLIGHT:OMG THIS SONG. No idea who this is but I'm stanning. Y’all gotta know I absolutely LOVE eurodance and tropical beats and they both came together in this banger of a bang. This is almost perfect just in itself and for the round9/10
chaebaby: OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT. MY BODY WAS MOVING FIRST FEW SECONDS. Lol my neighbor knocked at the wall hahhaa. Great voice, eurobeat, love the italian lyrics. Damn I've played this a couple times now, thank you for this great submission. Thank you for saving this round!9.5/10

Total Score : 44/50

wildfire + Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga - "Everyone is looking for a song that really speaks to the joy in our souls and in our hearts and having a good time. It's just one of those records. It feels really good, and when you listen to it, it makes you feel good inside. It's as simple as that. I don't think it's rocket science when it comes to the heart. I think it's a heart theme song."

Alexis Petridis, music critic (The Guardian) - " Just Dance is a beguilingly compulsive tale of pulling a drug-induced whitey, with a combination of clipped marching beats, sawing electronics and mild R&B flavor that bears a vague resemblance to Nelly Furtado's "Maneater"."


Sophrosyne:OMG. This nostalgia! I will forever love the song, but honestly wouldn't be that excited to dance along to it at a night club. But hey, I wouldn't mind changing the club into a massive karaoke room and I'm sure none of my friends would either. 8.5/10
Hyuksang:" I love this record baby but I can't see straight anymore" very addicting instrumental. Her signature vocalising ways are rending the song much more interesting and easy to adore/dance to. "Just Dance" is literally up to the what it means, a song just to dance! I couldve wanted more electronic pulse but the song was released like back to when EDM wasn't heavy in the industry. The bridge is my favorite part of the song, it's very shivers triggering /flackback to when Gaga performed this on M!Countdown 9/10
Sailor Mars: I loved Maneater!!! But this isn't about Nelly. Anyway, Just Dance is an awesome song and I adore it! It's going to be stuck in my heaad until the day I die. Lady Gaga did that when she released this song, it is addicting and very easy to listen to. Nice choice. Wish she would go back to these days. 9/10
HIGHLIGHT:YYEEEEES BICH MY ASS IS DANCIN. I was sooo anticipating your submission and bro you delivered. It's just impossible not to dance to this song and not to LOVE this song. The transition from the guy idk the name of’s part into the following chorus was a bit iffy for me but that's literally the only flaw to this song (except for the lyrics lol, why’s he talking about spotting women when the song's about DANCING? Anyways.) I remember them playing this when he had a dance night at year 6 camp and our 12 year old asses went wild.9/10
chaebaby:CORRECT song choice. The beat doesn't let up and keeps going and going and crushes at the chorus until the break to catch my breath. I don't know how many times I have danced my sloppy drunk ass to this bop on the dance floor. Rise of Lady Gaga where it all began, damn I miss this time. Thank you for waking me up. Fuck they even named a video game out of it, classic club banger. I can't believe it's going to be 9 fucking years old this year...I feel so old.9.0/10

Total Score : 44,5+2/50 = 46,5/50

Nara-Huang + Bigbang


Annyeonghaseyo and hello, let me start :-

This is one of BIGBANG's hottest song that will make everyone and their grandpa stop eating and run to the nightclub just to dance to the song - Fantastic Baby, everything about the song is so fantastic especially top's never ending BOOM SHAKALAKA. Just press the play button and turn your house into a nightclub, babe

Sophrosyne:It's Fantasic Baby, what more can I say.... (I realised this may sound a bit like a pun....hmm) 7.5/10
Hyuksang:Ah the nostalgia. I expected you to send in some of their MADE releases but damn, just DAMN. Fantastic Baby is a flawless song. I love the intro prechorus from G-Dragon's sizzling part to Taeyang's ascending part as you do not expect what will come afterwards. Then BAM, then the chorus gets in and I fucking die with shivers, it's so good with the 'woo-woos', we're not worth it. The rap parts come in and the infectious electronic instrumental is still on making you want to dance along to everything, followed by Taeyang and Daesung's parts building up a semi-climax before the chorus. BOOM SHAKALA. I'm so overflowed, this is the best Bigbang release to ever exist. 10/10
Sailor Mars:This is KPOP club-esque song gone right! Everyone could get hyped to this and not be pissed at the song choice. I'm 'WOW Fantastic baby' at you're choice tbh I honestly expected something else. Loves it. Also I really adore Seungri's part at the end, it was awesome. Just the way the song was distributed among the members and how it was structured, is perfect. Good song choice. 10/10
HIGHLIGHT:Okay I legit (thankfully) forgot this song even existed for a moment there, I was expecting BBB tbh. But it's true, you can't not dance to this. I can legit picture everyone up n dancing in the club when this comes on. However, I absolutely REFUSE to give this piece of shit a 10.9/10
chaebaby:If Ganganam Style didn't come out that year, this would have been SOTY hands down. This song and the Alive EP were my jam entire 2012. This song was really iconic it was even used in Pitch Perfect and Glee. I remember in the Philippines, this song was second to GS as most played Korean songs at computer shops, clubs, schools, drinking sessions etc. This cemented their status as Kings. Everyone gets hyped and dances to this. AND EVERYONE KNOWS T.O.P.'s lyrics right???10/10

Total Score : 46,5/50

SOMJ + Michael Jackson


This ultra super Smash hit 20th century club banger bop is iconic and is still played in clubs today.... Not that I would know from experience :imstupid:

Sophrosyne:Maybe a song for R&B Friday, but really not a song that you'd hear at a club nowadays. Maybe if I was born in the 80s, it would be different.. 6.5/10
Hyuksang: I expected this song. This track still gets put in remixes and mashups nowadays, it's immortal. I love the 90s influence, the 'yeah yeah's in the chorus are certainly fitting in! lol at the random parts of people just saying and screaming stuff. 'Hee-ha!, you're a vegetable' what is this, a mess. The song gets slightly boring after a while although, it's the same sound in all the verses and chorus, it only changes slightly close to the end with the super famous "Ma ma se, ma ma sa, ma ma ku sa" 9,5/10
Sailor Mars: If I was in the clubs back then, I'd be pop, lock, and droppin it when this song came on!! Actually I still am! This song is I C O N I C!!!! I feel in love whenever my mom or older sister plays this song at home. Michael Jackson was such an icon (RIP) This was such a good song choice and I lowkey hate you because this song will be stuck in my head for the entire day now. Thank you, love you.10/10
HIGHLIGHT:This song right here is proof that a club banger doesn't need to be all synths. I was rhythmically wavin my arms around by the end of the first bar, omg. The song is pretty much the same for the whole thing and it drags out but honestly it's still just so easy to dance to.8/10
chaebaby:DAMN YOU. It caught me right away and the childhood memories. I can imagine the lit floors in the 80s with this song. Slower beat than modern club bangers but doesn't mean it wasn't iconic. People forget the genius that is Michael Jackson because his songs are such classics. Singing about people starting shit for no reason with his Godly voice. The funky bass and and horns get me and finally "MAMA SAY MAMA SAH MAMACOOSA" ICONIC9/10

Total Score : 43+3/50 = 46/50

Neko + Fhana


You would dance to this in any otaku party :D

Sophrosyne:Sorry... What clubs are you going to? Parts of the song sounds like something I might jump to, others are like what am I even doing with my life? And I really don't want to be thinking about that drunk... 3.5/10
Hyuksang:This is a Jpop rock song with cute electronic synths to it, I can't see, in any way, how this would fit in for this theme, without mentionning how her vocals are kind of distrubing with the bad transitions in the chorus and the low dynamics used in the verses at times. The electronic sound could hold onto some energy, but that's it. The cutesy voice isn't helping as well, how can.. bang to that ? :(4.5/10
Sailor Mars: The beginning is very club-like. But the vocals are so soft for a club atmosphere and I feel let down by the end of the song. The beats are okay but this song needed more UMPH and each time I thought there would be something exciting, i was brought down. Not a bad song just not a good song choice 4/10
HIGHLIGHT:Otaku party? Not the kinda club we're runnin mate! You legit just sent a cutesy J-rock song. This just… doesn't work… like at all. I'm sorry but I just can't see it at all.3/10
chaebaby: Starts of strong with chorus and then quiets down with the verse and back to full force at the chorus again following the Jpop formula I've heard thousands of times. My weaboo heart screams with this song and flashbacks of every jrpg/anime ost I've ever heard. Gave me supercell/egoist vibes which I LIKE A LOT. Xylophone on point. The keyboardist looks like Baro LOL. Feels like it would be an epic opening to an anime (Witch Craft Works). This would only work for clubs playing JPop that night tho.8.0/10

Total Score : 23/50

Kappa Mikey + Kelly Clarkson


War paint from kelly latest album is a dance pop song with electropop and edm influence,i choose it cause its the most appropriate as a dance track and this theme and its not in your face club banger,enjoy

Sophrosyne:Tbh, if you couldn't find a song that people would jump around to nowdays, you should at least of found a song that would chip into my nostalgia. This song does neither.3.5/10
Hyuksang: Suitable but not optimally. That's a very pretty song. The verses are kind lower than what could be given as a club song energy wise. The mono harmonies are pretty, the prechorus/first part of the chorus is again not that suitable but the beat is saving the song. The chorus and the high singing is giving me life! It sounds like those songs that have those clubbing/parties MVs so I see where you're coming from. Overall a safe option7/10
Sailor Mars:Kelly has such a beautiful voice and it's so calming, I don't really care for the song though. It doesn't give me a club feel but then again Kelly doesn't exactly sing for clubs. This song was probably the best for this round and the last part and the beat is nice!! 6/10
HIGHLIGHT:Not bad. However, contrary to what you said, this certainly needed to be more ‘in your face’ to really work as a club banger. I can see this playing if they were having a chill moment before nighttime really hit but sadly the hype just isn't there. The second part of the chorus, the part where she says ‘why in the hell do we fight on the front line’, the best slows down which takes away even more when considering it in a club setting.5/10
chaebaby: Sorry but this song is not really a club song and something I can see myself dancing to or anyone for that matter. It sounds like a club song but I think it just uses elements of electronic music but this is more electropop with a declaration/meaning. I love me Kelley Clarkson but the lyrics are like stuck in 2002 not to take away from it's meaning. You just won't see this playing at hot clubs in LA or NYC.6.5/10

Total Score : 28/50

Moon + SHINee


SHINee - View
I've had a rough time searching for a song for my entry but deep down, I knew that View was the most fitting song for a club banger, but without getting rid of SHINee's signature sound. It is definitely the type of song you would hear and blast in a club in Berlin or London, as it is a deep house anthem with an addictive electronic beat. As soon as you hear the "neomu areumdaun daun daun daun view", you can't help but shake your body to the music. (also the instrumental is a killer with a catchy bass line, I advise listening to this with headphones)

Sophrosyne: It lacks oomph. Overall a decent song, maybe they'd play this at a bar, but not exactly a club. The song gradually looses it's hype as it progresses.. 3.5/10
Hyuksang:I'm honestly torn. View is a club song, indeed. It's a kind of deep house dance song with some groove to it, the chorus is FLAWLESS, but the verses are not that.. fitting, they're kind of slow and mainstream pop wise. The electronic sound all through is addictive though, I remember blasting this on repeat. I'm still torn to be honest, but it's rather suiting than not.7,5/10
Sailor Mars:It def fits the club sound and I really love this song! Everything about this song is so catchy and Shinee did so well with this song! Not much else I could say besides good job. 8/10
HIGHLIGHT:I mean, I'm not familiar with SHINee’s discography, but I do think this was the right song to use. The beat works too well, it's chill but hype at the same time. The perfect song to dance to, y’all up shakin ya boots rn you can't deny! This song is so good honestly.8/10
chaebaby:Love this song, my sister plays this literally EVERYDAY. I was going to call it out, but you know what this is club music, house dance is club music I hear it all the time. This song is very easy to dance to and is so fun. This made a lot of new people to KPOP love SHINEE again. The chorus is so catchy and Taemin's voice sounds wonderful here. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 8.0/10

Total Score : 35/50

retrograde + IU


The beat and her energetic yet sweet voice are contagious as you can't help but smile and jam with her

Sophrosyne:At first I was like understandable because you chose IU... But then I realised she does actually have songs more suitable..0.5/10
Hyuksang:I'm so... what ...2,5/10
Sailor Mars: This is not club music.... Are you trolling? I can't 0/10
HIGHLIGHT:NOT MARSHMALLOW. Closed that shit the moment it opened. I feel bad for you signing up as IU when the first round is club bangers. I mean I do dance but… not in the club.2/10
chaebaby:This is not club music. I was expecting LEON (not sure it can be accepted) or lowkey Sogyeokdong (my favorite). Cute song tho...I really like IU too.4/10

Total Score : /50

Alayne Stone + Christina Aguilera


I initially had another song for this round but I settled for this one since it's a little more dancy and definitely fits the theme. This song is sexy, daring and shows X-tina's versatility as an artist. It also kinda reminds me of stuff something Riri or Katy Perry would release lol. I like how her glorious vocal tone isn't overshadowed by this dance track. There's a reason why this song shot to #1 on the Billboard Club Chart, it will definitely make you flail your arms frantically <333333

Sophrosyne: It's great for the theme, maybe just a tad too much pop and vocals, but still something to jump along to. 9/10
Hyuksang:Ah this reminds me of Usher's "The DJ Got Us Falling", very suiting, very energetic. I really like the prechorus minus the falsetto "oo-oos", very random put in there may I say. The chorus gets me into it even though the strain is bothering me. Can she shut up in the prechorus omg.8/10
Sailor Mars:Right off the bat, this song comes out with the club feel! I would have never guessed X-tina would have done this song! She gets annoying with the high notes in the chorus but it builds up the song and keeps the vibe up! Let there be let there be love! Awesome! I looooove this song! Good song choice!8.5/10
HIGHLIGHT:This song is exactly what I imagine when I imagine ‘club music’, but in a more pop kinda of way. I feel like I can't really explain why, like, it just works. I'm not gonna lie I was a bit wary of what you'd submit but you knocked this one right out of the ball park. This kind of beat isn't what I'd normally listen to cos I've never been big on pop-ish club beats but I really feel this fits the theme.9/10
chaebaby: Love this song. SOLID club banger/EDM song. 2012 was a great year for many artists looking for a fresh start and the booming EDM scene. Remember dancing to this in clubs. Sadly, too many songs of this genre fall for the basic EDM formula of that time and I actually forgot about this song until I saw you submit it. I'm expecting a lot from Christina in the later rounds cheers. LET THERE BE LET THERE BE LOVE/ HERE IN THE HERE IN THE DARK8.5/10

Total Score : 43/50

pimo + Wonder Girls


I know the title sounds exclusive but Boys can jam too!

Sophrosyne:It definietly has a club esque to it... It's just lacking a bit of oomph that would get me moving. 8/10
Hyuksang: Very interesting instrumental. I like it. The autotune is disturbing. Who's dying in the prechorus ? that's not cute at all. The chorus is good,,it sounds rather poppy but I could see that put in a club party, to some slight extent. Last minute submission haha.6,5/10
Sailor Mars:This is the first Wonder Girls song outside of Why So Lonely that I've listened to... This song is interesting! It has a club atmosphere and I feel it! The beat is awesome! I like it! Girls Night Outttttttttt loves it7/10
HIGHLIGHT:Yes we love a feminist anthem. But in all seriousness, this song ain't great. I don't know if it's because my headphones aren't picking up all the synths but I'm just not feelin it. Also, their voices bug me, they don't seem to fit with the song. Overall an effort.
chaebaby: WTH with these queens, I am so sad for the news. huhuh TT. Yeeun wwas inspired to write a club song so this is definitely a club song. Is it a banger? lowkey yeah. Target for? You guessed it! GIRLS. GIRL NIGHT OUT!. No major breakdown in the songs, just full on girls night out. God I miss them. 7.5/10

Total Score : 35/50



Old-school 70's club music style, no need for electronic builds or breakdowns when a robust vocal harmony can get the job done even more effectively.

Sophrosyne:Let me be reborn in the 70s and tell you how I feel... Error, apparently I haven't figured out how to travel back in time. There's no nostagila attached either... 2/10
Hyuksang: I'm... confused. The song is jazz-y, I could see how someone would dance to the verses, in some way, in a club or a party, but the chorus and the rest is very girlsband-y and cute I wouldnt see this be put in a club, at all.. nothing much to add, honestly 5,5/10
Sailor Mars:Hmmmmmmm I can see people dancing to this at parties and if it was remixed I could see it played at clubs. Moon raps so well and I love her part in this song! I'm not a huge fan of this song and I hate the way Hwasa is singing lol This song just needs a remix to really be a club banger! I would have went with 1cm than with this song. 5.5/10
HIGHLIGHT:If by club banger you mean bangin on my emotions then here we go! However, that's not our aim here. A jazz club, perhaps? It's too bad, this is such a good song but it just doesn't work.3/10
chaebaby: This song is on my playlist and I play it a lot. But this is definitely not a club song. It has a burlesqueqy vocals/ chicago-esque style. Don't get me wrong I love Mamamoo, but this is not the type of song people lose themselves in the dark to with my blood pumping.6.0/10

Total Score : 22/50

Sana♣ - Btob


This playful song is full on dance. It is a song that is easy to sing along to and have fun on the dance floor. What do you want more? It screams "Let's have fun". "I don"t care who sees, Paparazzi or police. Cuz tonight we're all gonna be wild and free". Even without knowing the lyrics, the beat and already the start of the song is an invitation to dance!

But honestly any Btob song is a banger for me. Play one of their ballads and I’d be doing backflips!

Sophrosyne:The mess at the beginning.... Just why? And then it gets slower! I would want my time and money back if this was played at a club. 1/10
Hyuksang: :(((( I wouldve given a 2 if it weren't for the part after the rap that has some sort of energy/induction to it. The song itself is.. not good. The chorus is tragic.3,5/10
Sailor Mars: this song is completely bad. This was a horrible song choice that I have to question whether you are trolling? I cannot see this song being played in the clubs at all.... This was low key a bad attempt at Fantastic Baby, poor BTOB Oppas. Hyuksang won't give you a 2 but I will. 2/10
HIGHLIGHT:What is this hh. Ngl I was lowkey boppin but like… this is a CLUB banger round. Also I can't tell if the boppin was ironic.. Oops. You should have sent in Thriller or Wow or something I'd be up outta me seat dancin away! 4/10
chaebaby:Now I love BTOB and wish them all the success in the world, but damn that's just wooo. It left me speechless to be honest. I'm like woahhhhh. Like its so hyped. I don't know. But you know what you get points for entertaining me. That's the most important thing. But sadly this is not a club song, just a banger lol.5.5/10

Total Score : 16/50

damn krystal + f(x)


f(x)'s 'Mr. Boogie' from their first EP, 'Nu ABO'

Sophrosyne: Too much pop, doesn't get me in the mood to jump or dance around.. It's a good song, that sober me appreciates... 4/10
Hyuksang: The beat as it starts is informing of good positive stuff to come up. The verse comes in, the vocals are awkward and cut-through but it's doing it effect wise. This could suit in as a club song, the instrumental is definitely catchy, but the song overall is not that wow, sounds repetitive and medium-quality production wise, nothing special that would catch me and make me want to really shake and move.7/10
Sailor Mars:I love this song but it would be boring in a club atmosphere honestly! I can still see it being played in clubs that want a more trippy feel, i guess. This song does it's job.6.5/10
HIGHLIGHT:I'd say similar to what I said to Mikey or to what Mila said to you, this would suit if they were having a chill moment or if they were going more trippy, but for regular club it's not what I would imagine. Not ideal but it can work. Also I'd like to point out that this is a fave from f(x), I see you krystal6.5/10
chaebaby:Starts out strong but that's it. It doesn't change too much and sticks to the same beat and tempo throughout. Mr. BOOGIE. Very repetitive but catchy chorus. Mr. Boogie, ni geu chumi geu momi hot ddeugeo ddeu ddeugeowo neo. Um I wish you chose Electric shock tho. But maybe you'll save it for later? I actually marathoned f(x) after this song, so thanks.7/10

Total Score : 31/50

Fish Tank + Justin Bieber


A song that you can't resist dancing to, perfect for a club!

Sophrosyne:Pop: yes. Nostalgia: a little. Clubs: Can't really see it. 6/10
Hyuksang: I literally was waiting for this song, I couldnt think of anything else to fit in than this and good job at it! I love the beat, it's very tropical, poppy and energetic. His vocals are kind of throwing me off with how thin and light he sounds but the song overall makes up for it. I love how the prechorus starts off on a soft dynamic transition to falsetto and then it builds up very gradually to hit the chorus that is unexpected, very synth-y and contagious. Ah the days when this was released, Nicki Minaj's addition in the bridge is more or less non significant. Ah he's very lame, the cringe.8/10
Sailor Mars:NICKI MINAJ JUSTIIIIIIIIIIN yaaaaaaaas I love it! I love him so much! This song fits the club atmosphere and Nicki's rap slays! Body rock ooooh i want to feel ur body rooooock I love it! Good song choice!8.5/10
HIGHLIGHT:NOOO. NOT THIS SONG. My friends and I went so hard to this back in 2012 and tbh I'm still goin hard now!! ‘We gonna party like it's 3012 tonight’ like yes bitch idk what it means but you go off qurl!! I'd go to a club just to dance to this tbh. The Selena line still triggers me though.8.5/10
chaebaby:hhhh I kinda knew this was going to be picked. I can't argue you got the right choice for a a club banger. Does Justin have a smug ass look on his face? Yes. Does it make me want to kick it in? Yes. Did the song make me want to move? Yes. I wish you had picked his newer stuff to be honest. But maybe you would be saving it for later so I will anticipate it well. I hate to say this but this song is another nostalgia filled anthem of the 2012-2013 even when I hated him that time. I can't deduct you for that. Great song, but doesn't get me hyped like his other songs.8.0/10

Total Score : 39+1/50 = 40/50

Sillycone + Gwen Stefani


Rich Girl is a classic and it still makes you wanna dance the night away. Eve's featuring compliments it nicely imo. Fun fact: Gwen went to Broadway to completely grasp the idea that 'even if you're poor and you have love, you're rich'.

Sophrosyne:It's just not something I would want to hear from the DJ at a club. So it's just meh... 4/10
Hyuksang:Nostalgia! I used to listen to this when I was younger, was iconic to some extent. But would this be played in a club? yes. Would people dance to it? no. It sounds like it could be mixed or re arranged to be played in a club party, especially with the oriental/belly dancer influence in the track progression6,5/10
Sailor Mars:omg my 8 year old fave song, I used to have this on repeat!!! Gwen was my inspiration as a little kid! I'm not sure if this song would be played in clubs, Eve's part would def be played in the clubs but Gwen's? With NO remix? I don't think so lol I think Luxorious would have been a much better choice for this theme, I hope you are saving that song tbh because i'm lowkey disappointed it wasn't your song choice. I love this song though 5/10
HIGHLIGHT:I never liked this song but I'll admit, I was tapping along to the beat the whole way through. Not what I'd imagine in a club at all but it's still dance friendly. But omg why is half the song about the Harajuku Girls can you let them LIVE4.5/10
chaebaby: I love Gwen but his song uses the same beat throughout most of the song. It just doesn't change for me, it would be played in the club but it's not a banger per say I can get myself lost in. I am really hoping you pull through because Gwen is a great artist. Now if they only allowed to use No Doubt songs, you would definately be in the finals. for sure. You better play Cool later on or else.6.5/10

Total Score : 26.5/50

shawnee + Mariah Carey


People like Obsessed, right? I like it. I went with this song because it's crazy catchy and the beat is hot, perfect for a club, and that's all you really look for in a song when you're in a club dancing.

Sophrosyne: Meh... Maybe R&B night... But really I feel I still couldn't dance to it, nor would I attempt to sing along to it.. 3.5/10
Hyuksang: I love Obsessed, the instrumental and her vocals go so well. The thing is that it's not very.. suiting. The tempo is slower than what you would expect for a club song, usually the song gets remixed and upbeated to be played in parties, although yeah the song overall is just great, the 'Obsessed' repetitions in the chorus are addicting, obsessing indeed.6,5/10
Sailor Mars: I love this song so much you don't understand! The chorus is so beautiful and I'm in love with it! It's Like That would have been PERFECT for this round, you must be saving that song for another round, I digress. Obsessed does it's job on getting people hyped and I'm not sure if it's because of the song itself or the fact she released a diss track.... Still love it and it does qualify for this round. 6.5/10
HIGHLIGHT:RnB night at the club is goin off! This isn't the electronic stuff you'd associate with the term ‘club’ but it still works. I imagine this to be the kind of stuff they'd be playing in an RnB club. And of course I totally love it as the Mean Girls stan I am!7/10
chaebaby: Great diss track that's no lie. Yes it is a club song but not the type where you get hyped. I'm looking for BANGERS. But this song won't get me moving much, maybe swaying side to side and nodding my head. I had to find a better video because the bass was so weak on YT. But I wished you picked a diferent song for her. Maybe saving the juicy ones for other rounds? Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah OH Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh UH OH7.0/10

Total Score : 30,5/50

le youth + Infinite


The hard-hitting beat and SUPER catchy chorus makes 'Bad' the perfectly infectious song to dance to at a club/party.

Sophrosyne: Party, maybe, club, definitely not. The chorus is definitely the most sutiable part; it's a little too repeitive though... But the rest of the song... 3/10
Hyuksang: No, no, no and no. This isn't a club song, this isn't a dance song, and it's not even a song that'd get you on your feet. It's a very nice song, but it's just pop. Not suitable, at a l l.4/10
Sailor Mars: Bad song choice. You wouldn't dance to this at clubs or parties, at all. Hyuksang is right when he says it wouldn't get you on your feet. I LOVE this song but it does not suit this round and you honestly should have saved it. 3/10
HIGHLIGHT:Oh bro you didn't… I guess you're saving Back for another round? Honestly, this could still kinda work for another one of those chill moments I've been mentioning but even then it's only the chorus that would work… and that's not even that much… Also may we be reminded of the little paino-y bit before the chorus, because no.3.5/10
chaebaby: I Love Infinite and love Hoya. Just this is not a club song. I just didn't feel it, not one joint/muscle in my body wanted to move. I'm going to pull through for you though since Infinite does have some good songs. We'll see what the other judges decide. 5.5/10

Total Score : 19/50

Ice- - Katy Perry


Ummm explicit lyrics. Listen to this with headphone is recommended. Or just play with high volume on your speakers.

Sophrosyne:Cheer leading music is my first thought... A little part of me is like maybe it can be played at a club, but then the cheerleading effects come in again and I'm like no... It's not even a great Katy Perry song. There are certianly parts I enjoy, but those parts are short and the moments I don't like are long..3/10
Hyuksang: omg Peacock. Definitely a song I'd wan to hear be played in a club, it's fun how she starts singing and the beat gets more synths in after a while. But then, as the song gets in, I'm more "hell wait, this isn't very a Club song", the chorus is unrelated, and the repetitions of "Peacock" in the postchorus are awkward and irrelevant. It's mainly the verses and the prechorus that are fitting, but not that suitable either.5,5/10
Sailor Mars:I am pretty sure Katy has other club bangers in her discography.... Why this one? I can see this played at parties and clubs though so it's not like it doesn't fit. I just really don't like this song, I hope you are saving her other songs for more suiting themes.6/10
HIGHLIGHTThis seems to poppy to be the kind of thing you'd hear in a club. It feels more like a song you'd hear playing in shopping centres because the shop owner didn't know what she was talking about, tbh.:5/10
chaebaby: I've heard this at a club only once in NYC and never abroad and many people took a pee/smoke break. I have heard it while shopping at the children's section for my niece and felt cringe. Won't lie I had my head bopping. I honestly have never seen guys dance to this or get turnt up. I guess it's because of the subject matter and maybe women relatable to women? I don't know, I just can't feel it, I do like the guitar phaser effect in the bridge. I wished another Katy Perry song was used like Dark Horse because she has a great selection of club bangers. Maybe you'll use other of her songs in the next round, I'm pulling for you.6.5/10

Total Score : 26/50

Tayenne + Placebo


I personally jam in clubs only to hiphop, latino and rock songs. So I present to you one of my fav rock songs. The fast beat and energy gets me everytime and guarantees to make everyone who likes it to go wild. It fits even better since the theme is clubbanger and well you can bang your head perfectly to this song.

Hyuksang:I can only imagine this be played in a club if it was fastened or re arranged,like there's potential.. but the song itself and the vocals all throughout are anti-climatic club songs wise, the song gets very repetitive as well, nothing special that would bring you up to "dance"5/10
Sailor Mars: This doesn't fit the club that I'm imagining but I assume there are clubs out there that would be played at parties and local events. It has a nice beat and I would have loved this song back when I was 13. I can actually bop to this tbh! 6/10
HIGHLIGHT:This certainly has potential, however in the state it's in during the video I'm gonna have to give this a pass. I can see your intentions in choosing this song, though4/10
chaebaby: Placebo is a very special band to me especially during my teen angst year. Their discography was my bible and their debut album, Without You I'm Nothing, and Sleeping With Ghosts all played on different seasons. They have played such an impact in my life as the soundtrack to my teen years for first love, break up, depression, etc. We sang this shit in the streets with a guitar. I admit I haven't listened to them in a while since I'm older now, but I'll never forget them.

That said I have to remain objective. It can be played at a a club venue for rock songs/ musicians, but not for the general masses. I remember actually the first time I heard this and me and my ex weren't feeling it but our best friend kept playing Sleeping With Ghosts on heavy rotation. I HAVE SEEN THEM PLAY IT LIVE in the Bowery Ballroom in NYC and the crowd was lit jumping up and down and into one another. I remember getting bruises that day. Good times I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but it's an acquired taste. Brian Molko (one of the sexiest bi men of all time, but shit hair here) sounds like Rush's Geddy Lee with his nasally sometimes annoying voice so it can turn off people. But his vulnerable lyrics really captured me (when I was young), Great rock song and I assure you this gets the venue hyped. I am really surprised listening to this again, I hope to see more. Nostalgia trip. ***Fun fact for musician's, they are very hard to cover since they have their own tuning F#A#D#G#CC, And I can't be arsed to always tune my guitar so there was always one guitar with this tuning when our band covered them. This song is no different.

Total Score : 25,5/50

Creepyunicornz + 2ne1


2ne1's the only best song for the club banger round, the way the song start with CL's voice is like telling you to get yourself ready before the bomb explose . This song is gold so you cant say no to this song except you're deaf enough. Have fun

Sophrosyne: Ahh the time when 2NE1, covered everything in auto tune... And I hated it.... Still kind of do.. Can I see it at a club? Some of it, but it's still too repeitive..4.5/10
Hyuksang:Definitely fitting this round, I could even see this song be played in western clubs. Very intense instrumental and it gets emphasises as the vocals get in. The verses are kind of floaty but it gets nicer as it goes, following up to the undiscussably famous chorus with their signature repetitive line "naega jaeil jal naga". I could say this is the best song 2ne1 has ever released.8,5/10
Sailor Mars: Not CL with the WWE championship! Idk why i laughed so hard at that lol Anyway this is def a club banger! I hate it so much though I find it so horrible but I'd bop to the chorus! I love it in the hamster commercial (was it that commercial the one w the hamsters and the car?) Anyway good song choice8/10
HIGHLIGHT:Omg you went STRAIGHT IN. You can tell as soon as it starts it's gonna be a banger and to strap your seat belts in. Not the most poppin song but it's definitely one to dance to.7/10
chaebaby: SOTY 2011. Sorry IU. This song solidified 2NE1 as THE top girl group. This was such a badass song with a badass beat. CL declares it right away and you know the song will be lit. I remember it being played all over Asia in the TV sections to restaurants to computer shops to clubs. It got me pumped. FOREVER IN MY HEART OT4! TT9.5/10

Total Score : 37,5/50

#2223 T O P H


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Posted 11 January 2017 - 09:22 AM

uh oh

#2224 SailorMoonlight



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Posted 11 January 2017 - 09:24 AM (Edited by PrincessXBowsGirl, 11 January 2017 - 09:25 AM.)

HHHEEYYY!!! I'm just a lurker. I wish I would've known about this before it started. I would've slayed with Ariana Grande or FOURTH Harmony.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

#2225 Sam


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Posted 11 January 2017 - 09:26 AM





we'd like to say sorry to Infinite, Btob and IU, sounds like the road to this industry was tougher than they couldnt pass the main entrance 

#2226 le youth

le youth


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Posted 11 January 2017 - 09:27 AM



rooting for rihanna

#2227 T O P H


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Posted 11 January 2017 - 09:29 AM

omo i'm joint first, a slay kek





rooting for rihanna


not you being out so early  :ohpressor:

at least i have your support 



#2228 Fish Tank

Fish Tank

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Posted 11 January 2017 - 09:30 AM

not infinite going out first round smh

#2229 sillysone


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Posted 11 January 2017 - 09:31 AM

I pulled through but barely  :imstupid:


RIP Kingfinite  :rlytearpls:

#2230 le youth

le youth


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Posted 11 January 2017 - 09:32 AM

not infinite going out first round smh

also before the supposed retro round too

what a shame

#2231 Sam


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Posted 11 January 2017 - 09:32 AM

please listen to the IU song

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Posted 11 January 2017 - 09:34 AM (Edited by Tayenne, 11 January 2017 - 09:35 AM.)

The drama definitely has started dQwpTKd.gif

#2233 Moon.


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Posted 11 January 2017 - 09:34 AM

What happened to lay-z though ?

#2234 Fish Tank

Fish Tank

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Posted 11 January 2017 - 09:35 AM

if the next round actually is retro i'm doomed

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Posted 11 January 2017 - 09:35 AM

retrograde girl.....


i'd hear this iu song in a child's party tbh


you should've chosen 23 producer version  :ohpressor:

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Posted 11 January 2017 - 09:35 AM

How the fuck did I pass? Lmao fhana has literally no club songs but for jazz Im ready with songs

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Posted 11 January 2017 - 09:35 AM

Sana you did really well

Btob has great discography, just not a club boys so it was a bit unfair


#2238 Sam


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Posted 11 January 2017 - 09:35 AM

What happened to lay-z though ?


he couldn't judge for this round, he's nowhere to be found :(

#2239 NARA.


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Posted 11 January 2017 - 09:36 AM


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Posted 11 January 2017 - 09:36 AM (Edited by Jaewoo, 11 January 2017 - 09:36 AM.)

What happened to lay-z though ?

i think she only did the graphics? idk



Up, Up and Away!