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The Official Skincare Thread (Read the OP)

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You'll never 100% get rid of acne. The stuff you see in stores are treatments-not solutions. What type of skin do you have? That affects the results of these products A LOT. (Include if it's oily, dry, combination, common breakouts on forehead, cheeks, nose, etc, and what type of acne)

I used these 3 and they all did a pretty good job. Just be careful if you buy these because these products all contain benzoyl peroxide which can dry out your skin if you use too much (even if you have oily skin). 




Acnefree company needs to be burned  :>_>:


I used it for a week recently and it made my skin worse. 

lots of redness 

burn spots

zits in places i never had them before

Lets just say my face looks like a pizza. 


I stopped using it for a few days so far the redness has gone down a little. 


Last year I used proactiv throughout the year. It barely worked. 

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How much did you use? I'd only do this as a last resort, but I heard that putting on an entire line of product containing benzoyl peroxide all over your face will cause it to be red; however, it made his acne go away. Acne Free was like the one product that helped my acne 

not much 

just the right amount in the morning and night 

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