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The Official Skincare Thread (Read the OP)


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On 9/29/2019 at 8:36 AM, Bekki said:

I’ve always just accepted the fact I’ll never wear backless dresses or feel completely confident about my back (I’ve been quite lucky and never really suffered from spots on my face, if I get stressed they would only appear on my back for some reason). Anyway, I was reading a trashy celeb magazine and some actress swore that Micellar oil and water pretty much cleared her back up and it’s still something she swears by today. So I thought “ehh I guess it’s worth a shot” since it wasn’t THAT expensive. Turns out she was spot on, I am shocked at the difference after only a couple of uses 😭 😭

Might be able to wear a cute backless dress for Christmas if this keeps up whew 

i dont have spot but i have some scars and would like to try this. what product is it and how did you get it to reach your back? 

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