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The Jany

VOGUE Japan's women of the year & GQ Japan's men of the year

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[ARAMA] Vogue Japan Announces Their “Women of the Year†for 2016

2016 is coming to a close in less than two months. With that we will be seeing entertainment outlets (including our own here at Arama!Japan) release their top picks for the year. One of the first to let their opinions be heard is Vogue Japan with it’s list of “Women of the Year“. Having overwhelming success in their fields, these women have inspired Vogue Japan readers with how they handle their lot in life with grace, beauty and determination. Previous recipients of this award include BabyMetal, Chitose Abe, Suzu Hirose, and Fukumi Shimura. The list of influential women who made the cut this year is posted below.



Yuriko Koike â€“ Tokyo Governor 

Yoshino Kimura â€“ Actress

Sayaka Murata â€“ Writer

Sakura Ando â€“ Actress

Rina Fukushi â€“ Model

Rie Kaneto â€“ Swimmer

Naomi Watanabe â€“ Performer

Mitsuki Takahata â€“ Actress

Akane Takada â€“ Ballet Dancer


All recipients will be featured in Vogue Japan‘s January 2017 issue that includes interviews and photo spreads that include the shots you see here.
Via Vogue Japan
Source: http://aramajapan.com/news/fashionnews/vogue-japan-announces-their-women-of-the-year-for-2016/67423/



[ARAMA] GQ Japan Release Their Picks for 2016’s “Men of the Yearâ€

Hot on the heels of Vogue Japan releasing their list for 2016’s “Women of the Year†is GQ Japan and their picks for “Men of the Year“. Under the theme of “Seize the Day- Set the Pace“, GQ Japan chose the men that they felt did just that. In doing so the men’s magazine says that the recipients of this title have ushered in a new age of style. The list of those who’ve shined in 2016 is below.



Via GQ Japan
Source: http://aramajapan.com/news/fashionnews/gq-japan-release-their-picks-for-2016s-men-of-the-year/67445/

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Suda, Mitsuki and Ando!!!

I'm glad to see Yoshino Kimura in the list too. Her role as Maria in the drama Boku no Yabai Tsuma is my favorite this year.

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