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JB cries in front of fans after mess fansign event


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GOT7 would hold a special fansign at a movie theater venue, special bc it was Yugyeom's birthday. However, due to GOT7 super busy schedule and maybe organization, the boys couldn't arrive on time.


Since there was a movie session at 9:30pm, the fans and the members needed to leave the place after 45 min. 


GOT7 members felt really bad, and kept their heads down apologizing to fans. The fans who didn't have their albums signed needed to go outside, and staff placed some chairs for the members in front of trash cans.


JB felt really bad and sorry for fans and the birthday boy Yugyeom that while fans were singing Happy Birthday to Yugyeom, he cried and Mark came to console him.


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Mark kept bowing while JB was ashamed and pissed off


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JYP staff should apologize and not the members. 





Fans are really mad that GOT7 needed to apologized when it was not their fault and they even had come to the fansign without having eating nothing.


Fans were crying and the boys were really sad


picture of the place where GOT7 needed to stay



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45 minutes only? JYP do a better job with organization.

Just clarifying: since the boys arrived late, they only had 45 mins left for the reservation of the cinema, and since there was a movie scheduled to play in the theater at 9:30 pm, fans were (rudely, acc to some fanaccs) ushered out of the cinema where the boys tried to continue the fansign for those who didnt get their turn

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I just found the old drama-filled thread about freaking MAMA voting to get a better idea of the complaints.

It's so petty it's stupid.

Fans saved up for Yugyeom's birthday. How is that bot voting? And all the people who fussed about it should really find a better use for their time and energy lol

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..staff don't say a word. as per normal. 5 staff are placed behind the 6 boys during signing ensuring "max security".


boys keep apologizing to fans for being late during signing. fansign goes on for 45 minutes before they "wrap it up".


fans who haven't gotten their albums signed are told to bring their belongings outside of hall to resume it OUTSIDE.


fans who have their albums signed are told to leave. cinema audiences start complaining that their movie is delayed


line up chairs in front of trash cans for GOT7 to carry out remaining fansign and "say goodbye" to fans


these are fans who spent an INCREDIBLE amount of money to make sure they get into this fansign bc it's supposed to be special


boys can barely lift up their heads and keep apologizing. while staff stand at one corner letting the boys take the fall.


When fans were really upset in the theatre, a staff told fans to leave the hall bc movie has to show and they'll do the fansign outside


But fans were still really angry and refused to go out of the hall so (s)he went "Then you can watch the movie"


cr: haetbitmark

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For the amount of money JYPE milk out of fans, I expect at least a better management than this. These fans spend tons of money just to get into these fansigns and are treated like this?


And the boys have done nothing wrong but they have to apologize for their management team's fault?? It's yugyeom's birthday but he just kept saying sorry today. It's so upsetting that JYPE is a big 3 company yet they have such shitty management.

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