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SNSD " Into the New World " use to protest !


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Today 4000 University students protest marched against President Park Geunhye sing SNSD's "Into the New World.




Due to this "Into the New World " was at #1 on MelOn Search and on Heat-Seeking Rising Song Chart 



Earlier this year, Ewha students used "Into the New World" to protest against the university's recent decision.


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Woah what does ITNW have to do with the Geunhye scandal? 

Some of the lyrics can be interpreted as acknowledging current difficulties and uncertainties, but encouraging the listener to keep walking/working towards a better future. The PGH scandal has a lot of citizens feeling very discouraged so it seems sort of motivational I guess? 


"Don’t wait for a special miracle
There’s a rough road in front of us
With unknowable future and obstacles, I won’t change
I can’t give up"
"I leave behind this world’s
Unending sadness
In the many unknowable paths
I follow a dim light
It’s something we’ll do together to the end
Into our new world"
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At first, I thought they just sang it, like all other songs that have been played on radio that day. But wow they chose SNSD & Big Bang songs to be their anthem. It's incredible! SNSD & BB, impact are the best I've ever seen, they really have a major influence on the public

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