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Property of Goddess Irene

✴ From the Mountains of Alarodia - East Anatolian/Caucasus People ✴

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A crossroads of the world and cradle of civilization, Eastern Anatolia and the Caucasus is home to many diverse ethnicities, languages, religions, and cultures. Yet what we all have in common is the link to the ancestral homeland. Religious and folk stories talk about the survivors of the great flood landing their ship in the mountains of this land, called in various sources Alarodia, Ararat, Armenia, and Urartu. 


Join this thread if you belong to the greater Alarodian group or if you have something to share about it.




64jb.png★ Georgia  42uh.png ★ Armenia  tix8.png  ★ Eastern Anatolia Turkey



8p20.png ★ Azerbaijani People  m3b6.gif ★ Zaza People 98jx.png ★ Kurdish People

q28b.jpg ★ Yezidi and Alevi People


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