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[Official Mamamoo Thread] MAMAMOO & MOOMOO Forever

Which universe you prefer?  

47 members have voted

  1. 1. Solar's universe you prefer?

    • Princess
    • Boxer
    • Rockstar
  2. 2. Moonbyul's universe you prefer?

    • Music video director
    • Choreographer
    • Entertainment CEO
  3. 3. Whee in's universe you prefer?

    • Environmentalist
    • Painter
    • Indie artist
  4. 4. Hwasa's universe you prefer?

    • Mother
    • Musical actor
    • President
  5. 5. Favorite MAMAMOO member?

    • Solar
    • Moonbyul
    • Whee in
    • Hwasa
    • OT4

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don't shout out, or else they gonna know this account called moomoo is a thirsty hoe for moonbyul 1.0


Your fate is already sealed sadly. 


The good news is that Moonbyul is now aware of how much people thirst for her, so she won't be caught off guard.


Just don't ask her about her drama  :imstupid:

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IMO if they do a date in US South, Atlanta >>>>>>>>> Houston.


Speaking of the organization, how was it? Even though the fanmeeting was announced last minute, it seems like things went without any problems. (Also do you have an estimate on how many ppl actually showed up?)


So far mymusictaste seems to be legit, and that's good because there are a lot of campaigns for mamamoo taking place right now.


The only hiccup was that the event took a little longer to get started than anticipated. But once the event actually kicked off, things went without a hitch. The Mamamoo staff was kind, laughed at all the crazy Moos and filmed us while we waited in line. We had to give our gifts to a member of the RBW staff and there was another staff member standing behind the girls waiting to translate and asking us exactly how we wanted our items signed. That part was smooth as butter.


Honestly even if the venue staff was fine. They were pushy, but they had to be and they retained their sense of humor throughout. 


Even the ban on filming was obviously not strongly enforced, and Esna gave us a "wink wink nudge nudge" moment when she told us not to be so open with our filming.


I'd say several hundred people showed up. I was number 105, and you saw how relatively close I was. There were at least seven or eight more rows of people behind me.


Oh, nobody will mention it so I probably should. They handed out tickets for a raffle to win a special event with Mamamoo.


The event was Mamamoo giving out their special items. In order


Wheein - She gave away lipstick...that she applied to her lips right in front of us. That minx!

Hwasa - Gave away one of her favorite rings

Solar - Gave away a T-Shirt she wore that day.

Moonbyul - Gave away a beanie that she modeled for us for a split second before taking it off out of embarrassment


YamaChan- Won nothing



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i hope she makes an account and ask for my kik and pics 1.0

idk what to do if i legit get to see moonbyul tho, like i probably can't mutter any words  :rlytearpls:


It's funny. I thought I would do the worst interacting with Moonbyul and Solar, but I hit a homerun with Moonbyul and literally anyone can talk to Solar and she'll get something out of you. I expected to roll through Wheein and Hwasa easily, but I had nothing consequential and didn't even remember to say token Korean phrases of adoration to them. Next time.


If you're a Moonbyul stan, I will say she is everything you envision her being...except probably a little cuter and shyer. Lol. She's so humble too. She shakes her head if you try to call her pretty and hides in embarrassment if you bring up her drama. I would've imitated a banana, but I felt sorry for her lmao


Can I also say that some groups are accused of not looking as glamorous in person, but for Mamamoo it's the exact opposite? They are all gorgeous in person and yet as cute as a beagle puppy at the same time. 



I'm really glad to read this! I was worried about organization especially considering mymusictaste doesn't really have a track record. And this was all organized during fan outrage at the promoters who handled BTS's concerts.


It's also good that RBW had their stuff together. I wouldn't have thought of having someone there to translate for fans/mamamoo (but I guess that's why RBW doesn't pay me).


Finally, I was also worried that they'd have a turn out of like 10 people, so I'm glad a lot of people decided it was worth paying 50-100 bucks to check mamamoo out. It's really cool to realize how ahead of the pack they are in terms of fanmeetings and what not. A little more than a year and they've already had a domestic and international fanmeet. I'm hoping that increases the chances of a solo concert happening in the near future. 


No complaints from me, given the occasion. It was a standing room only and a little hot, but I didn't have to go up on stage and perform and interact for nearly three hours either. The turnout was amazing.


So we started out by hopping in a line that stretched for half a block and around a corner...only to be escorted to a VIP line that literally occupied the other half of the block on the other side of the theater and stretched around another corner. 


I don't think Mamamoo was quite prepared for how turned up we would be. I was hoping Esna would be MCing the event and she did a great job eroding the language barrier for us all. 


Oh, and can I say how much I swelled with pride seeing this as an obviously huge MooMoo:



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*rises from the dead*


That jetlag is real. My first time ever experiencing it


Do you have exact figures of how many people attending? I heard they sold 800 in standing area, but not quite sure


I hope they could organize more Moo Party outside Korea, it's such a fun event. And I could tell from the fancam, it's held in such intimate and friendly condition - it simply give you enjoyable and comfortable vibe ( albeit the hotness and had to stand there for 3 hours) 


and i wish if they do make another event outside Korea, don't pick shady organizer - like what happened to certain group's tour. 

mymusictaste seems to be reliable


I was told 800 seats were sold. It looked and felt like it. Like i mentioned earlier, there were enough of us to cover an entire long block and then wrap around both corners to cover another half block. 


The MooMoos were out in force.


I'm going to post a few videos I don't think I've seen posted yet. Here at least. I'm not checking youtube, so you get it Yama style!



The only thing that irked me about Sunday's little party, was the guy in the middle with the big mama moo sign...


I get it. You're a big fan, but for others stuck in the middle, you can't see anything when the damn sign is lifted up in the beginning and mdidle of the group's performances. Geesh.


Man...if you look at the earlier videos I posted, there was this one girl with a pink sign who would periodically block my view. And I let her sit there too, because I'm nice and didn't want to bully teenagers. 


That girl is a wizard, I swear. I saw her heading to the general admission line, yet someone shouted out her name and there she was near the front of the fanmeet with that damn pink sign again. 


Damn you, sign girl! Damn you! Unless you post here...If you do, tell me how you pulled those strings.


Does anyone want to know anything else about any members, like my impression of them?

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RBW even thought that they could only sell 500 seats in Korea's Moo Party.. They must have low target for this event as well, they must be surprised. But its better to aim low but get high, rather than the opposite


Oh yeah.. spill the tea. What's your impression of them? All of them 


I'd be more than happy to. Just a warning! I am verbose, so this may run a little long, but I want to leave out no detail so you all can feel like you were right there with all of us. Also, I accidentally cleared out everything I typed right before I hit the post button, so this is truly a labor of love! I had to retype everything from scratch. Tears. Okay, here we go


Solar - She's simply Ms. Personality. If you walk up to Solar wondering what on Earth you're going to say or behave like in front of her, you'll walk away from her with a huge smile on your face feeling like you just had a great time hanging out with one of your best friends. That's really the best way to describe Solar. She is SO friendly and inviting.


When I walked up to Solar, her face lit up and we exchanged several high fives. She even made an effort to ask me for my name and then tried to pronounce it, since it sounds extremely close to a very common name. I was touched that she even asked and then even tried. 


Solar is a definite bias wrecker, when you meet her in person. She took the time to wave at our group when we were waiting in line and you can tell how much she cherishes her fans. The best way for me to describe Solar is that she's aggressively affectionate. You can't not fall in love with someone who treats her fans so preciously.


On the stage, Solar was a total goofball. There was a segment where each member said where else they'd like to visit. Solar chose Egypt, but when Esna asked her to explain why in English, Solar literally had Esna sound out every word of "I want to go to Egypt because I want to see the pyramids" one at a time and then hung her head in shame.


I now know why the other members call her the vitamin of the group


Moonbyul - It may be strange to say this, but she is definitely the cutest member of the group when you meet her in person. The first person to come to mind for that may be Wheein, but Moonbyul is just so shy, kind and gracious when you meet her in person. I honestly didn't expect her to get so embarrassed (but thankful) when I wished her the best on her drama. I didn't have it in me to hit her with a banana impression like i planned. 


But Moonbyul really is so adorable! She's almost always smiling and waving at her very, very passionate fangirls (and fanboys) and she will shyly deny any compliment you pay her--"No, no! I'm not beautiful! You're pretty!" But don't let her shyness fool you. There's another side to Moonbyul.


She's by far the most playful and naughty member of Mamamoo. Not even Esna was safe from the Moonbyul butt tap! I saw Moonbyul run her fingers through Solar's hair, grab Hwasa's tail and chase her around during their Gee performance and sneak up behind Wheein and cover her eyes during another song. Moonbyul is a little prankster  :imstupid:


But she's so sweet. If you're a Moonbyul stan, nothing you've seen online can prepare you for how stanworthy she is in person.


As an aside, I found it hilarious that with Wheein rooted to her chair, it was up to Moonbyul to hold the performances together while having to deal with the Queen of Adlibs, Hwasa, and "Where am I supposed to be? Oh, screw it. Time for my high note!" Solar. 


Wheein - A queen. Really. She just has this aura about her. And she's just stunning in person. That may be part of the reason I was so speechless in front of her, but she still was kind enough to tell me she liked my ___ (I don't know what it was! This will haunt me for the rest of my life!). Wheein really has no chill whatsoever. If you saw the introductions, you heard how much English she used. I think she honestly spoke twice as much as the other three members combined! 


And she has so much stage presence! Even when confined to a chair, Wheein was still rocking the stage. She really shined during all of the talking segments--she gave so much energy to the crowd! Wheein loves to tease her fans too. She knew exactly what she was doing when she applied her lipstick right after it was announced one of us would receive it as a gift! Seriously. All of us were like  :omg:


What you see from Wheein on MMMTV and their Weekly Idol is just how she is in person. There's not much she doesn't pick up on from the crowd by the way. Seriously. Go watch my Piano Man video again. I'm not the one actually filming that particular performance and Wheein and I have a moment if you watch 1:23-1:26. My theory is that she noticed I was the only one following the exact Piano Man choreography in the crowd. Made my night! The moment didn't even last a second, but it happened! Wheein knows fanservice. 


Just a beautiful person. They all are!


Hwasa - Stunning. No, really. She is gorgeous! And she knows it. Hwasa is fully aware of her femme fatal status. When Mamamoo introduced themselves, they all waved and said hello before speaking English to us. When it was Hwasa's turn, she flipped her hair, posed and said "Hi" in a sultry tone. She is just too much. Lmao. 


But Hwasa is so damn chill as well. When I spoke to her, I had nothing of much value to say. But it didn't matter to her. We fist pumped. We gave each other a high five. She signed my copy of Pink Funky. No words really needed. Hwasa really made some fans' lives during the autograph session. 


I already mentioned it, but the most memorable moment of the fansign was when Hwasa told a girl how much she liked her braided her, prompting the girl to dash away from the table screaming "SHE SAID SHE LIKED MY HAIR!" Hwasa connected just as well with the fanboys


Do I need to say anything about Hwasa on the stage? She killed it like always. She melted a lot of hearts at the fanmeet with all the times she snuggled with Wheein on her chair. And Hwasa did not help the "No filming..kind of!" policy, with all the times she spotted fans with phones out and kneeled down to sing to them and give them a good shot. 


Hwasa's dream was to perform in LA. You could tell she loved every moment of it.


Phew! I think that about covers it. I'll end with another video. I have one more upload of the underrated jam Freakin Shoes to upload later. I hope that description helped paint a good mental picture for you all, even though it's still a poor substitution for the real thing.





This was awesome

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Oh and Hwasa's thighs, are they really deadly? o_o

Did their bodies look healthy? (bc idk they might be as thin as cardboards in person, just checking)

Watching them live, is it really true that the stage feels 'full' even though there's only 4 of them?

Could you rate/compare their live vocals as compared to the fancams of their performances in korea?

Out of 10 points, how would you rate mymusictaste and rbw's handling of the event?


Hwasa's thighs were even deadlier in person.


Their bodies looked fine to me. They are extremely beautiful in person. No exaggeration. 

The stage feels full even if only one of them is on stage honestly. With all 4, it's almost overkill. For example, Wheein was killing it in a chair. They did a great job integrating her into all the high energy performances.


Their live vocals are seriously astonishing. They sound just like the tracks. Literally. Except there's a lot more power and projection to their voices live. Usually you worry about the backtrack overpowering the vocals of the singer, but with Mamamoo it was the other way around. 


As for ratings, I'd give mymusictaste a 5 for the initial handling of the events with things like giving us the wrong website address to purchase tickets, but I'll nudge them up to a 8 or so due to the general success of the venue. RBW gets a 10--all of their staff were super nice and once the girls hit the stage it was endless fun.


The lack of picture taking was unfortunate, but at least we got footage. On that note, here's probably my last clip.


Freakin Shoes and the start of No No No. There were Moos on every side of me, so you'll have to deal with some commentary here and there.




I probably could've filmed the whole thing honestly, but I wanted to focus on enjoying Mamamoo with my eyes and not by looking through my smart phone, and I knew other Moos had it covered anyway. I saw them.


And one last piece. I want to give a shout-out to Esna. She performed too! And she really kept things loose and upbeat with her MCing. There was even a segment where each member told us what Esna meant to them. She really is the Mother Hen and the unofficial fifth member of Mamamoo. She had to be the MC and the translator, for us and Mamamoo, and knocked it out the park. Esna gets a 10+

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I'm not even going to lie. Mamamoo is ruining watching K-Pop performances for me. They've raised my standard for repeat viewings far too high.


At first, I used to watch every group's live performance through at least one full week of music shows, but now I find myself struggling to do that, because Mamamoo spoiled me. 


I expect ad libs, I expect members breaking choreography to interact with fans or each other, I expect lines to be swapped between members, I expect the gestures and skinship one can sometimes only spot with a subtle attention to detail.


I feel like I'm watching a slightly different performance. That's why I'm still watching UOAY stages MONTHS later. I don't even do that with my other favorite groups. 


That's what Mamamoo was going for though. Mission success.

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For the Mamamoo stat nerds out there, today/yesterday Mamamoo officially has the second most likes on the Melon top 100 among girl groups, passing APink and behind only SNSD's Party whose days in the top 100 are numbered, despite being released after UOAY.


I'm thinking 70,000 likes by year end might not be impossible. 

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Yamachan...are you the same Yamachan from GFAQS? :ohpressor:


GFAQs? Whatever could that place be? Is it some gaming website? Is there another YamaChan there with a remarkably stellar reputation?  :imstupid:



That video is a really good example of what I meant  :lol: Their confidence seems to have gotten a huge boost lately and it translates to their performances.


Rather then having it ruined for me, I just never managed to find a group that could make me watch so many of their performances after Big Bang.. I didn't quite know what I was looking for in a group but Mamamoo has it all (and tbh, they share a lot of similarities with Big Bang, which is probably what attracted me to them..). It was that hit medley performance on Sketchbook that made me a fan lol


70-75k I think. The likes are going up really steadily, much like their fancafe #s


Big Bang, 2NE1 and Mamamoo. That's it for me at the moment. Big Bang is getting close to army service time and i don't know when I'll ever seen 2NE1 on stage together again, so Mamamoo is going to be it for me for the foreseeable future. 


By the way, I woke up at an awkward hour and figured what better way to spend my time than to go back and read the first 50 posts in this thread. I was thoroughly entertained. 


People thought Wheein and Hwasa were twins. Everybody was losing their minds over their pre-debut projects and covers. So many interested could-be fans coming in because they were hooked by the hotness of Hwasabi. Yoongi hoping for Mamamoo to have an appearance on Immortal Song. And the thirst for the debut that finally happened in June. 


In a little more than a year, the group and fandom has come such a long way. At the start of the thread, we were lamenting the small initial figures for their fan cafe...now look at them. 


And I found this awesome Yoongi (who else) translated quote from Kim Do Hoon


"I've been planning to debut a girl group since 2 years ago. I picked members who could sing well and know how to enjoy the stage."

He states that he hopes the stage will have room for each member's overflowing energy. The overall feel of the title song's choreography is very musical-like. 
"There is a code to what the general public likes, of course. If you examine the history of a hit song then you will find the answer to some degree. You'll find that this kind of rhythm, lyrics, etc. is what the public gets excited about it. What the public likes is a melody that unwinds, rhythm that encapsulates you, and lyrics that stick in your mind. For example, Frozen's "Let It Go" fits that code to a tee."
These days, the globalization of the music market has quickened. Because of the various cultures and sensitivities, composing has become even more complex. 
"Because the demand for K-Pop has gotten larger overseas, we must reflect upon the feelings of other countries as the market is presently becoming bigger and more diversified."
Looking at where the girls are now, Kim Do Hoon knows what the hell he's doing. Their success has been so historically rapid, for a non-Big 3 group, hence all these over bookings. 
And I always enjoy looking at their damn impressive debut stage
And yet they've made massive improvements since then. 
I regret that it took me until Love Lane to get hooked on Mamamoo, and I don't think I first posted until a little bit before the Piano Man era, but this really is an amazing group AND fandom. The online community is stellar, and all the Moos I met in person last week were just as fantastic and made our girls feel really at home in LA. 
Okay, I'm done reflecting. Ignore me and carry on. Just my usual sentimental rambling
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Does anyone have sort of a list of all of Mamamoo's impressive accomplishments since UOAY dropped? I know Athena can spit them out instantaneously but they may not be around tonight. 


Just throwing out this request, as I start to forage around for the numbers myself.


By the way, this is happening




Could legitimately be the highest voted girl group. Who would've thought...

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I didn't think it was going to happen, but our K-Moos are no joke.




Mamamoo has officially become the highest voted girl group for the Melon Music Awards. At least for now.


Slay a bit, K-Moos. They made up a lot of ground on APink and actually took the lead.

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Looks like it's going back and forth, just now Apink was 75 votes ahead but now it's MMM again  :lol:


Moonbyul forgetting her part's up cause she's too busy staring at Solar @ 2:42 :imstupid:




Oh Moonbyul. Not that I can blame her for being captivated by Solar.


Glad to see they're still having so much fun performing this song.I was thirsty for a comeback earlier, but it has been quenched. I just want them to get the props they deserve during awards season! 


The APink thing has been amazing to watch. They were more than 1,000 points back consistently. Then 500 for almost the entire day. Now suddenly they've taken the lead and have been exchanging it back and forth with APink!


I hope this is a sign of good things to come for our voting power. Gotta get them that music show win on their next promotion cycle.

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Seriously, people. I'm going to suffer from extreme blood loss if you keep posting all these magnificent Wheein gifs. 

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So, the girls still have chances to win a award this year?


Well I hope a top 5 finish and top girl group by the end of voting is good enough, because Mamamoo is not going to rank higher than that. 


I'm personally satisfied just with that. They're widening the gap between themselves and APink as well.

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They have to be smashing the record for most invites to immortal song in a calendar year for a girl group.


Let's get that W this time!

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Solar's weird high five :lol:


That moment when you spot yourself in the overhead shot.


And I feel a lot better knowing I wasn't the only one caught off guard by Solar's high five game. 


There was a RBW staff taking a lot of footage during the fanmeet too. I wonder if that's out there somewhere.



oh my god LMAO



I can't even with the creativity of our fandom. Perfect fans for the perfect group. 


Oh, and I could so totally see Hwasa pulling off a Charlize Theron in Mad Max type roll. If the Girl Crush m/v is anything to go by  :hurr:


Oh, and Mamamoo is totally going to top 100k votes in the Melon Music Awards today. Apink has been left in the dust. So proud!

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How many awards shows does everyone think the girls will be invited to? 


I think it's safe to say the Melon Music Awards is in the bag. Maybe an appearance at the MAMAs? 


It's not like we don't know Mamamoo wouldn't put on one of the best stages at any show they're invited to~

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MelOn, SMA, the Gayo Daejuns, Golden Disk(but idk man) & hopefully MAMA (or else I'll cry :cry:)


I hope they finish the year strong and actually win some awards to go along with awesome stages. 


These programs can't possibly ignore the Um Oh Ah Yeah craze in Korea.


No offense, but a Mamamoo collab stage with Ailee would be far more entertaining than the somewhat tragic one we got last year with Girls' Day.

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I have negative expectations for Golden Disk after their Rookie Awards snub last year. 

IMO, the award shows that take place overseas are the ones that Mamamoo has the least chance at being invited to. 


Who won the Rookie Award over them last year? Winner? AKMU? 


And I'm prepared to disregard any future credibility of the shows that exclude Mamamoo after this year. Objectively speaking, no group has had as great of a promotion cycle as Mamamoo. June and counting has been wild.



A couple of bonsangs wouldn't hurt..  :lub:

Ahh, that cover of Problem. I have since deleted that from my memory....

Ailee + Mamamoo would be vocal heaven. o_o Strangely, when I think of it now, I imagine Wheein & Ailee both sitting on stage while singing.. Lol



It's entirely possible. Ailee made a comeback this year. And an Ailee + Mamamoo stage would be such a mic drop moment. 

Edited by YamaChan
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Mamamoo wasn't even nominated and they should have been.

Golden Disk was the award show that got into hot water with TVXQ and Super Junior fans after neither group was nominated for album awards even though their sales were some of the highest last year. 

Basically, Golden Disk which claims that they are a respectable award show because all decisions are made based on sales was exposed to be liars. They cast the groups they want on the show and get companies to agree by guaranteeing an award, no matter if they have to make awards up, or just blatantly give groups awards that don't make sense.


These award shows can change at a moments notice. I want to say something like 'oh of course Mamamoo is at least going to be nominated for best female vocal in MAMA'. But MNet can decide today to get rid of that category today for whatever reason. MAMAs is one of the more legit award shows, but the awards they do give out are catered to who they want to show up.


So if I sound pessimistic, it's cause last year I was naive about which shows are actually legit and got burned by several of them. IMO, I refuse to get my hopes up about Mamamoo possibly appearing on an award show unless Mamamoo get nominated.


That's unfortunate. But surely these shows can't ignore arguably the hottest newer girl group in K-Pop...right? I mean all these festivals, as we know all too well, are fighting each other to have Mamamoo perform for them and Um Oh Ah Yeah is still hanging tough on the charts despite wave after wave of new releases. Songs that were released after UOAY from more established girl groups aren't even peaking in the top 50 any more. 


Maybe I'm a naive optimist, but I feel like Mamamoo has a lot more credibility with these award show venues than they would have a year ago. Their fanbase exploded. Their digitals are amazing. Their reputation in the industry has hit the roof. Everyone knows they're already one of the best performers in the business. 


Give them their shine, I say. 

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I'm more optimistic about the Gayos. (Which is not saying much, but I do have some expectations compared to having zero expectations with award shows).


I think there's a good chance MBC will invite them again. They have a better chance at being invited to KBS (last year no rookies attended) and SBS, but I'd feel more confident if UOAY had won music shows.


Also, some of this is on RBW. Cause Gayos expect special remixes, special staging etc, so I bet companies are lobbying the networks right now about what they can bring to the shows. So I hope RBW is planning big things for them. 


Kim Do Hoon brought us the awesome Hits Medley and is likely partially responsible for the UOAY Acapella, so I'm hopeful he can put together some impressive remixes for any awards shows the girls are invited to.


No one Mamamoo performance or stage is the same anyway, so I think mixing things up should be fluid and natural for them. Most of the time I despise K-Pop remixes of classic songs, with few exceptions (like Big Bang, 2NE1 or Suju), but I have faith in Mamamoo. 


If they get invited to the big awards shows. 


It would be a great way to cap off the year, and then we can look forward to their next (full hopefully) album, because I highly doubt we're getting new music this year, despite the girls saying otherwise.

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What is...this? Inquiring minds must know.

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Moonbyul's acting chops :happy:


It's almost sunsetttt! :)


Are we close? I'm randomly awake at an odd hour locally, but I will forego sleep if that announcement is soon!

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