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[Official Mamamoo Thread] MAMAMOO & MOOMOO Forever


Which universe you prefer?  

53 members have voted

  1. 1. Solar's universe you prefer?

    • Princess
    • Boxer
    • Rockstar
  2. 2. Moonbyul's universe you prefer?

    • Music video director
    • Choreographer
    • Entertainment CEO
  3. 3. Whee in's universe you prefer?

    • Environmentalist
    • Painter
    • Indie artist
  4. 4. Hwasa's universe you prefer?

    • Mother
    • Musical actor
    • President
  5. 5. Favorite MAMAMOO member?

    • Solar
    • Moonbyul
    • Whee in
    • Hwasa
    • OT4

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Aw you guys male moomoos are so cute 😆


*returns to my lurking mode*

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As a female moomoo is it not awesome to see the males? I love all the guys tbh hahaha

Lol yes! I'm fascinated with their existence alone [emoji16] even fancams where I can hear male fanchants - I need to listen to it twice in case I misheard it lmao
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Can I ask all of you what are your favorite side tracks from all their albums? (for Melting you can choose 2 if you want due to the fact that it have a lot of tracks)


And between them what song is the 1 that you would have loved to have as a single?


for me


Hello: ooooh it's hard...Baton Touch or I do me....uhmmmmm...I love them both.....the struggle is real....okay...I chose Baton Touch because I would have loved to have a video music about them all dancing like they did during the Moosical...or even how they first performed the song, with silly individual dances


Piano Man: well Love Lane deserved a proper MV in my opinion...but all things counted I have to choose Gentleman


Pink Funky: damn so many side tracks....I love all the songs so much....how to choose...maybe I should have put the 2 tracks option also here....okay today I choose No No No but take in mind that tomorrow I would have probably go for another track


Melting: another really hard one....oh thank me..I can choose two tracks LOL....uhmmmmm...still hard.....okay...I choose Cat Fight....annnnnnnnnnnnd......uhmmmmmmmm...... Funky Boy


Memory:....well I can not not choose Moderato LOL



And between them all I would have loved to have Cat Fight as a proper single...to see it performed on shows and have a MV....aaaaaaaaaaaah.....my dream




LOL I wanted to add this thread on the fancafe but someone else had my same idea....we moomoos think in the same way :derp:


Hello: Baton Touch, Peppermint Chocolate

Piano Man: Gentleman. Byul's rap and Esna's voice are stairways to heaven

Pink Funky: Aah Oop! to me. It's one of the reasons why I became a Byul's stan

Melting: 우리ë¼ë¦¬, Funky Boy

Memory: Memory, New York

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