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[Official Mamamoo Thread] MAMAMOO & MOOMOO Forever

Which universe you prefer?  

47 members have voted

  1. 1. Solar's universe you prefer?

    • Princess
    • Boxer
    • Rockstar
  2. 2. Moonbyul's universe you prefer?

    • Music video director
    • Choreographer
    • Entertainment CEO
  3. 3. Whee in's universe you prefer?

    • Environmentalist
    • Painter
    • Indie artist
  4. 4. Hwasa's universe you prefer?

    • Mother
    • Musical actor
    • President
  5. 5. Favorite MAMAMOO member?

    • Solar
    • Moonbyul
    • Whee in
    • Hwasa
    • OT4

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I've been lurking for too long


Mamamoo is my favorite girl group right now <3


I can't wait for their album :ahmagah: 2015 is going to be a great year for them, I can feel it!

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Welcome to the light.They will never disappoint and keep on entertaining you (in many possible ways)





Wow a lot of new members coming straight to this thread  :ahmagah:  :ahmagah:





Welcome! Hope you post more in the future  :ohla:



Thanks for the warm welcome guys~  :chu: 


I'll definitely be posting here more, esp after Immortal Song airs. I hope they do something like what Luna and Amber did. That performance blew my mind :raep:

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I admit one of my favorite "Born Hater" parts came from Bobby (the delivery of his opening line was cool), but the things I'm reading about him turns me off big time.  Maybe it's an unfair thinking on my part since I don't know him well, but things can change.  There are other Hip-Hop/rap (I use them separately) artists Mamamoo can collaborate with.  We've mentioned their names before.  Personally I'd like to see Mamamoo collaborating with artists who have positive images.  Yeah, so no Zico and the likes.  They can do much better as growing artists in the industry.

I do to but... I feel like that ship has sailed with Bumkey though :hurr:


Tbh, his non-showering-high-fiving-hep-hap tendencies aside, I love Bobby's energy and charisma on stage, and I would love to see that collab happen one day. Also Miryo and Moonbyul, but I think the world would implode if Mamamoo and BEG ever share the same stage.


Solar high-five-ing everybody fit Bobby's description of hiphop. *swegg* unfortunately i think all mamamoo members did shower before going to school



:rlytearpls:  :rlytearpls:  :rlytearpls:  :rlytearpls:


It says "Gaon Chart K-POP Awards".

Since the trend is that you don't get invited unless you've won something, are my #teamrookieaward hopes coming true???

Gaon was my last hope for a rookie award. Please let this mean that they're getting one.  :rlytearpls:  :rlytearpls:  :rlytearpls:

Oh god please don't get my hopes up. I'm seriously gonna cry if they win :rlytearpls: My babies....

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Hwasa giggles like a little schoolgirl whenever WheeIn jokes around and does her 'aegyo' lmao. Do these two have a pair name? I think I remember them calling themselves "2Young" in the latest Meet&Greet :lol:


I think all the members are very well-rounded and talented, but here's my ranking for now:





I think Solar is the most stable out of the four? I've seen a couple of performances where WheeIn sang a bit flat at times (not too drastic but still.) I also think it's pretty amazing Solar hasn't botched any of her high notes yet lol WheeIn's vocal tone is beautiful, though. Her voice is actually my favorite <3





WheeIn is easily the best dancer. Moonbyul is a pretty good choreographer, but I find her a bit stiff when doing girly/graceful dances. Maybe if they did hiphop more, I'd appreciate her dancing more.





This was so difficult omg

It's always hard to gauge how good a rapper is when it's in another language because a lot of the brilliance of their lyrics gets lost in translation. I would know; I attempted to translate to English this popular battle rap video in Filipino, and 5 minutes into it, I gave up. The expressions and wordplay were practically impossible to translate.


In general, Hwasa is just a much better & more experienced lyricist, so I suppose she would easily win this.... BUT I looooove Moonbyul's delivery and style so much! Ugh. And I'm sure she's getting a lot better now with writing (we need someone to translate her rap parts, I can't find them anywhere T.T) So I gave them tie~


Stage Presence



They all have amazing stage presence, so the ranking is pretty irrelevant. But kween Hwasa slays me hard Every. Single. Time. That girl oozes fabulous from her pores.


Variety Skills (because they're still idols and this is important)

Who knows, they've barely appeared in any :derp:

This is my best guess:



I really don't know :lol: They've all had a lot of funny moments, but I think the maknaes are the ones who actually make funny jokes, while MoonSun are busy being wild and stupid and doing ridiculous things *ahem* to each other *ahem*

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Do we have streaming links for IS2? :)


One thing to keep in mind about Whee In singing "flat" is that it's designed that way.  She has an old blues/R&B style, and it may not seem like she's hitting the notes she's supposed to, but she is. 


I'm talking about stuff like in 1:13 though. I'm no music expert, but that didn't sound right to me.

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She just missed it a little bit, it happens.  Mamamoo is VERY good live overall though.

Totally agree. I'm just saying that it seems to happen less often with Solar than with WheeIn and Hwasa, that's why I ranked her first.


BTW, I looooooove your mv reviews :ahmagah:

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It's really interesting to see that we can practically compare 3/4 of a group vocally and actually talk which one is better where the deciding factors are almost detailed comparisons of their lives. I wonder how many other groups have this sort of talks about them haha ... Mamamoo are definitely a powerhouse! :)

I was just thinking the same thing lol I've been in fandoms where most of our discussions about music pretty much boil down to "Who is the least terrible singer?" and screaming "omg ____ sang in tune this time!!1!1! asdfghjkl" :lol: Oh, my pre-Mamamoo fangirl life....


It sounded like Whee In was an octave lower than the vocal track, yet still in key?  After listening it several times again it sounds like she was in a different key, and that it didn't sound right IMO because it was not consistent with the track.  I could be wrong. 


How about a radio performance like the one below?



Or an acoustic like her "Lay It Down" cover. 






Actually it happens to Solar quite often.  In every "Love Lane" performance (and even the studio recording), some "Mr. Ambiguous" and "Piano Man".  In "Love Lane" it's because of the notes (you can hear her strain in the bridge every time as an example).  In the other two it's because she belts out more than what she can do at the time.  It's an issue that Taeyeon and Jessica also have, although they're good singers.  It's one of the things that stops the two from becoming true vocalists (as opposed to idols).  Personally I think Solar has the most mainstream sound among the four.


In Hwa Sa's case, she generally stays in her range.  She'll go off pitch if she's too low or at higher notes.  Or when she's put on the spot (like Pink Panties in Rising Star).  I noticed when she sings acapella she starts off in a lower note than with music.  It's not a negative or positive, but an observation.  It might be what she's most comfortable in.  One example can be seen when she sings "Piano Man" in Rising Star.  She was not in the same note as the other members.

I based mine only on stage performances though. I've heard some good singers with angelic voices sound like they were having an asthma attack when attempting to sing and dance at the same time. Granted, Mamamoo's choreography isn't all that rigorous as compared to other groups, but I'm pretty sure it still affects their singing. Maybe it's because I haven't seen enough of their performances (perfect excuse for me to go on a Mamamoo live marathon), but from the ones that I've watched, I definitely noticed that Solar was the most stable. And about the Love Lane part... I really can't tell :lol: I blame my complete lack of musical expertise.


I seriously Love this Group .. they are one of the groups to watch for :)

Welcome to the thread! :meow:

I'm also very excited to see what's coming for mmm this year.

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I got everything I wanted and more from IS2:


A fun and exciting performance that showcased their vocal talent

Pretty makeup and costumes

Plenty of backstage cuts

Solar's epic reactions (her expressions were seriously so funny)

Hilarious freestyle dance

Sunbaes praising them left and right

Winning twice (and beating the incredible singer that came before them omg)

Group hug

Mamamoo trending #1


God bless this show :rlytearpls:

BTW, does anyone know what they were talking about regarding Hwasa? They were laughing so much :lol:

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Here is the single version that's on Melon

(Also btw Piano Man got a boost...but it's probably temporary, the song has been dying down since promotions ended)



And here is the full episode on dailymotion


There's a funny moment of them dancing at 26:00 mins

Mamamoo's segment starts around 43:00 mins

And the part where they win a second time starts around  1:07:00

Thank you for sharing this!

My stream was soooooooo LQ I wanted to cry.

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Copy-pasting this from the other thread because I want to discuss it further:


They actually made me realize that Mamamoo tends to break a lot of idol stereotypes.


"Visual = talentless pretty face", and yet we have Solar killing everybody with her beautiful voice.


"Rapper = useless member who can't sing", and yet we have celestialgoddessMoonbyul choreographing their dances, singing the low harmonies, and actually being a legitimate rapper in an industry where idols get to be called rappers for simply talking funny while someone else writes their lyrics for them :derp: Seriously, the girl writes her own stuff and raps so smoothly it hurts. Appreciate.


I think Solar and Moonbyul are kind of in an unfortunate position where they can be quickly judged, simply because of all the stigma that surrounds the group visual and rapper (especially for girl groups). It's kind of a shame really, especially for Moonbyul, because she is one of the two three female idol rappers that I actually like.... Hell, she's one of the two three female idol rappers that I can actually call rappers :unsure:


Edit: I forgot to count Hwasa... *sprays self with holy water*


to change the topic
Moonbyul posted this in the fancafe:

I'm just gonna sit here and cry because they're too pretty :rlytearpls:

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Yoongi, you're awesome! I'm always so grateful for your work :chu:


have you seen this mnet poster that seems to be a show about female rappers?



What I would do to get either Hwa Sa or Moonbyul on that show. But mainly Moonbyul because she hasn't had a solo schedule yet and she's overdue for one.

Mnet's Unpretty Rapstar is interesting.


Soompi Source






Oh god, the way the way it's translated as a "battle rap" show is so misleading :lol: :lol: :lol:

It's pretty much Show Me The Money - Ovaries Edition.


For a second there, I thought it was going to be like a televised King of the Dot exclusively for female rappers lmao

Thank god it's not... I don't think I'm ready to witness Moonbyul spitting bars about ripping someone open and dragging the b*tch out of them :derp:


I really hope either Moonbyul or Hwasa will be able to participate. Even if they don't win, I'm sure they'll be able to learn a lot from competing against great rappers. And I really want more exposure for Moonbyul too. I'm desperate to hear her rap/sing more.


I'm just a wee bit concerned because from what I can tell, a lot of people seem to have a very distorted view of hiphop -- even very talented rappers (Bobby, I love you with all of my being but LOLWHUT). There's this ridiculous notion that rap = hip hop = bling, grills, gangbanging, uncomfortably low cargo pants, not showering, etc. And I would hate to see Byuli and Hwasus on stage looking like Zico in Tough Cookie (mind you, he's a great rapper too) because of the style and theme of the show. One of the reasons I love those two is that they're talented kids who love to rap without needing to ooze pretentiousness like a few other idol rappers. I appreciate that, and I want them to stay that way. 


In other news, I read on twitter yesterday that Moonbyul mentioned Krystal as her ideal type :har:

Not sure if it's true or if that person was just trolling, but people went nuts lmao

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I'm curious about the "missions" the contestants will go through each week.  The way it's pitched it sounds like the TV show Survivor.  I hope it's not like that.  The PD mentioned that he wants to give female rappers their time to shine so I hope the show puts these girls in good light.  I love the idea of a female rap compilation though. 


TBH I think most people who listen to rap have a distorted view of what Hip-Hop is.  I don't expect the listeners to know the history and all that detailed stuff, but those artists who are in the business should have an understanding.  I'll give "idol" rappers a pass, but those who dedicate themselves to the art (like Bobby and Zico) have no excuse.  If Moon Byul and Hwa Sa get a chance to be on the show I think they'll be fine.

I'm confused about the format of the show. Will they have different contestants per episode? Because if it's a fixed cast and there will be a winner chosen each episode, what if someone doesn't even win once during the course of the show? :unsure:


And I'm curious about the "intense missions" too although honestly I think it will just be stupid stuff like "rap about your favorite vegetable" or something


I think the two of them will be fine too... I just have my reservations about how they will be portrayed in a reality show like this.


I guess! I'll definitely take it. I hope it continues to stay there for a while.


Also trending on MelOn



edit: I think WAEnt may be media playing because a bunch of new articles about old news have appeared.


(Also it has an effect of burying articles about that stupid inkigayo upskirt drama that were being reposted with immortal songs attached to the end).

What upskirt drama??? :horror:

And omg I've been following you on twitter for a while without even realizing that it's you :lol:

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Saw this whee in gif on the fancafe. ill put it in a spoiler in case your internet is whack









I can't see it either /tears






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You're welcome!  Yes, my interview will be FULLY subbed in english AND korean (my parts are spoken in english, subbed in Korean, and Mamamoo is spoken in Korean, subbed in english) so anyone who speaks either language should be comfortable watching! 

We spent a LONG time getting the translations to be accurate and flow well, so I think everyone will be able to understand what they are really saying / meaning.  And the people over at Idology.kr who I have teamed up with for these interviews are AWESOME.  They do an amazing job, especially with the translating both ways.

You're an angel :rlytearpls: Really, thank you so much for this. I'm already mmm-deprived, and it has only been a couple of days after Immortal Song...

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and solar was like 'no, i am not a prize to be fought over'


but Moonbyul running game on Whee In at 0:26 is also a classic. She needs to be stopped before the jokes about a Moonbyul harem come true lol.


this was just posted in the fancafe, idek what's going on there anymore. :lol:


Real Lady is my Moonbyul fangirling anthem :datass:


All the members sound beautiful of course, but etherealqueenofthenightMoonbyul really shines in this song. Not only does she get to rap a lot, but she sounds SOOOOOO DAMN SMOOTH AND FLY. Ugh. Slay me with your flow bb. I'm dying to know what she's actually saying though. This song convinced me that we need more rap-heavy tracks in their next album.


Add to that the all-black outfit, the "gurl i know i'm hot" demeanor, and the casual flirting with the members and BAM! I'm dead and gone. Please tell Mamamoo to attend my funeral.


And what animal is that??? :lol:


still can't pick a bias yet. all of them are amazing in their own way. why no OT4 option in the poll?? xD

Hey there! :)


I feel your pain. I can't pick a bias either.

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What kind of flapping bird of heaven is that?


Looks like a wild Articuno mated with a wild Hwasa.


It happens.

Edited by ArtOfProcrastination

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Thank you for the interview!! :chu:


My grandmother could've guessed that Solar would answer Ariana Grande :lol: I saw that coming from a mile away


Mehehehehe I love how honest Solar and Hwasa were regarding their dancing. These cuties~

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Now that they've mentioned it a couple of times already, I'm really curious as to what a Mamamoo x Hyorin collab would be like! I'm sure it would be nothing short of awesome.


And WheeIn's cute little laugh was just too precious <3


That bit about Solar's pre-celeb life was so juicy though...

I think my fanfic idea about Solar being a former most wanted fugitive is slowly coming true :ninja:

I'm really glad that she was able to push through the hard times in her life. Now she has a fulfilling job where she is able to help other people who are also going through their own hardships :)


We are absolutely planning to do many more interviews.... got some more groups in mind already :stud:

Once you've decided on the next one, drop us a hint okay? :hurr: My guess is Purfles.

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Hiiii~~~~ I'm New Here! (I actually just made OH acc solely to join this forum)


Just fell in love with Mamamoo esp Rapper-nim Moonbyul~

Actually have been liking them since Mr. Ambiguous but not really follow them closely, then this happen



And I just ;A;


Moonbyul's rap just gives me feels, that I've never felt for any other girls


Welcome! I also initially made an account just to join the conversation in this thread :lol:


Oh, and welcome to the queen-byul-got-me-questioning-my-sexuality club. Embrace dem feels.


BTW, can anyone help me out with the hanggul of my name? My name is Ayie (ah-yee) and google translate isn't very helpful. I'm trying to level up in the fancafe but I can't finish the application :._.:

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I believe it would just be 'ì•„ì´'.

:D Yeah I'll just have my fun in the club and fingerling over the queen with all my might. Hahahahaha


It should be ì•„ì´ for your name :)

Thank you!! :chu:


I have a question

So far I've only heard their songs : Mr. Ambiguous, Piano Man, Gentleman, Baton touch, Don't be Happy, Peppermint Chocolate, Hihihaheho, Hwasa's solo, Pink Panties


And their cover : A real lady, Love Me, Save me from myself, One Night Only, Wait a minute


Is there other song or performance I miss?

They covered 'See Through' by Primary:



They also sang Love Lane, an OST for the drama Marriage Not Dating:




^The girls cried because of the signs the fans held up <3

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This one took a lot of effort; I hope you guys enjoy it  :smile:

Your welcome everybody!  :ohla:


Doing subs has helped MMM gain fans, so I'm happy to do it~

i-fans would be so lost without you :chu:  Great job as always~!


Also nice to know what Sonnet Son was going on about lol. I'm glad to see that they didn't try to hide the fact that Hwa Sa is the youngest there like they've sometimes done in the past. If people are going to make those comments anyways you might as well embrace it and turn it into your thing.

I nearly fell off my chair at Hwasa's response :lol: She's such a badass

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A bit longer fancam: MoonSun ship sail strong at the end of vid. Whee In being the shortest looked so adorable

lol how high are Solar's heels? WheeIn looks so tiny next to her.


ugh she's sooooo freakin cute I wanna keep her in my pocket~



Star News is teasing a Davichi vs. Mamamoo showdown on Immortal Songs (which will air on February 14th btw)


Like dang lol. Davichi are really really good, it's so weird to see them compared to seniors like that.


But I think Mamamoo could win that match up depending on the right song. If both groups sing ballads I'd give the edge to Davichi, but Mamamoo could beat them doing something super upbeat and fun like their first performance. 


This netizen comment makes me laugh though 




If I'm correct they are saying "Mamamoo...are not idols...(they're) divas!"


You go on ahead and stan them, random netizen :lol:

ohmygod Davichi and Mamamoo on the same episode :rlytearpls:


I hope they stick to what they do best and deliver a fun, exciting, and dynamic performance. I don't think they have much of a chance if they do a ballad tbh :._.: (also, ballads bore me hehe)


Random question: what's so funny about the Solar's real name? Is Yongsun supposed to be a guy's name or something?

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I can swear in an interview she mentioned something about how it's a really old fashioned name. But can't remember where I read that lol.



DragonLine :lol: :lol: :lol:


I'm so naming my squirtle that next time I play pokemon.


Also is2g MoonSun was so damn touchy during that meet & greet :hurr:

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Woah the subbing team is on a roll :smile: As always, thank you so much for all your hard work!


And omgomgomg they look so sparkly and fabulous :ahmagah: :ahmagah: :ahmagah:


I'm already teary they haven't even won anything yet


I don't think I'm ready for this


I need to lie down

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