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[Official Mamamoo Thread] MAMAMOO & MOOMOO Forever

Which universe you prefer?  

47 members have voted

  1. 1. Solar's universe you prefer?

    • Princess
    • Boxer
    • Rockstar
  2. 2. Moonbyul's universe you prefer?

    • Music video director
    • Choreographer
    • Entertainment CEO
  3. 3. Whee in's universe you prefer?

    • Environmentalist
    • Painter
    • Indie artist
  4. 4. Hwasa's universe you prefer?

    • Mother
    • Musical actor
    • President
  5. 5. Favorite MAMAMOO member?

    • Solar
    • Moonbyul
    • Whee in
    • Hwasa
    • OT4

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Hello! I'm a new fan. I discovered them in IS2 last week and they slayed me hard with their Wait a Minute performance. That's the start . I had to watch all other performances (from mr.ambigous to ahh oop on music shows). Every show is worth watching and I only got an hour of sleep because I had to wake up to watch their MMMtv too, to know their personalities! I fell in love. It's not enough, I had to watch reaction videos too especially those from mrjkpop :) I still can't get enough, I check every pages of mamamoo trans.c0m.  And lastly, I had to join this forum!!! yup I am whipped.  :ahmagah:

hi welcome! have you checked out beagle tv? also mamamoo trans, subbed videos found here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-FIfPAHtmwhy5enab-T0Zg




Guys, I saw this was up, and I wondered if any of you would like to apply.  It's an application for KCON fanclubs.  I'm going to both LA and NYC conventions, and I really think we should get their name out there and cement ourselves as a fandom.  Do any of you think this would be a good idea?  Are any of you going?  I guess I'll post this in MMC too...


I'm thinking of going to kcon this year. I think it will be a good idea, but I idk how many people would be part of it. Maybe its better to join a mamamoo fanclub already going? idk about these things, this year will be first at kcon 

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MamaSistarGeneration could possibly happen backstage :imstupid:  (They probably going around greeting sunbae and giving their CDs and then snapping pics together)


As much as I want the interaction, I don't want them to be overshadowed. RBW please find a perfect timing


I'm bored so I'mma spam Moonbyul's pic attempting to wink but end up crinkling her nose instead




Still cute :hurr:  I love you and your nose, Moonbyul.




Oh oh oh.. What's this? MoonSun ship in danger :shock: :shock:




Still love you, you flirty Moonbyul :troll:


credit: adoreSolar


moonbyul and her harem! 


she looks so pretty handsome here! 


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They changed their fancafe layout with lots of pastel lips!




Moonbyul's body peek tho :rlytearpls: :rlytearpls:  I shall change my sig pic


And this thumbnail though:



Solar being weird again:





lmao she's imitating a white radish omg she's so weird i love her!!

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Hi,just stopping by to say Um Oh Ah Yeah is a total bop. Its soooooo good, I love it. Currently replaying the mv non-stop. Oh gosh that bed scene tho xD I don't blame Solar, Moonbyul oppa is hot af!

chiki nice to see you here! 


Ahh I love the live version! They all look and sound amazing and I love the participation backstage!  :ahmagah:

Also all that free promo....everyone loves Mamamoo  :rlytearpls:

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can someone tell me whats with the radish with mustaches plushies? xD

is it their "light stick" lol





Mamamoo was on the radio in Missouri. Random  :derp:

#GlobalSuperstars #WhenWillYourFaves #JustKidding




lmao but really random tbh....a radio dj in missouri is a moomoo i see  :imstupid:

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