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[Official Mamamoo Thread] MAMAMOO & MOOMOO Forever


Which universe you prefer?  

47 members have voted

  1. 1. Solar's universe you prefer?

    • Princess
    • Boxer
    • Rockstar
  2. 2. Moonbyul's universe you prefer?

    • Music video director
    • Choreographer
    • Entertainment CEO
  3. 3. Whee in's universe you prefer?

    • Environmentalist
    • Painter
    • Indie artist
  4. 4. Hwasa's universe you prefer?

    • Mother
    • Musical actor
    • President
  5. 5. Favorite MAMAMOO member?

    • Solar
    • Moonbyul
    • Whee in
    • Hwasa
    • OT4

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Hi, i thought maybe it's time i join this thread. Mamamoo caught my interest with peppermint chocolate and i've only liked them more with every release and performance i've watched, and since piano man i'd consider them one of my absolute favourite groups. Moonbyul is my bias, but i love all four of them (i mean, how could i not?)


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Welcome aboard!






thank you  :chu:




Since you're talking about the next title track, i'd like if they stuck to the sound they've done so far. It suits them, and since they're still quite new i think a consistent sound will help them create an identity as a group and stand out. But at the same time, i'd also like seeing them stretch the style a bit and try to add in new things. And it'd be nice to hear more of their writing or composition on their next album.

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Here are some better gifs from the preview 



they look so good, omfg!

i couldn't be more excited because it sounds like the song will be absolutely awesome as well 

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Hwa Sa: Hello. It’s been a while since I came here, so [here’s a photo] of me glaring at MooMoo.



gorgeous, i'm dead  :stare:

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I love the song, and the lyrics made it even better. They have so much attitude in the singing, and Esna too, that really brings out the best of the song. Moonbyul's rap was great! The MV fit the style and feeling of the song perfectly, and it's fun and pretty.

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Just ordered the album! (that's the first kpop album i've bought in almost a year...)

The lyrics give me the feeling that they had a lot of fun writing them, i love that. The MV is definitely going to be epic.

Now off to watch the full event fancam!

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I love Um Oh Ah Yeh, and all the songs from the album that i've had time to listen to so far. The music bank performance slayed, they never disappoint live!


on the MV controversy/whatever you shoud call it


I enjoyed the MV, i don't find it offensive. Of course the characters, mainly Hwasa and Solar's, aren't exactly setting a good example of how to act - but they're not intending to do that either. They're not implying that their behaviour is right, rather the opposite (espeically Hwasa's character is portrayed as quite sleezy and unlikable), they're not encouraging anyone to act like that, and i don't see any bad intentions behind the MV. It's not a moral lesson, it's just a silly storyline with silly characters. You could read a lot into it and get worked up about it if you just wanted to, but i think people should realize that just because something contains certain behaviours/values/issues it doesn't mean that it promotes them. If some people have a problem with the MV then that's fine, but i think we all need to see that there's no clear right or wrong in how to feel about it.


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